JazzHR vs. ExactHire

JazzHR vs. ExactHire

We compare JazzHR and ExactHire to help you choose the right applicant tracking system for your business.

Today’s human resource tool can do more than just automate your hiring process; it can also improve the quality of employees you hire for your business. Whether you’re finding new ways to improve the quality of your employees or wanting a faster way to find recruits, HR software, such as JazzHR or ExactHire, can help you achieve that goal.

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JazzHR vs. ExactHire: Software overview

JazzHRis an HR tool that’s designed to keep track of your recruitment process and help your HR officers find the best candidates. This tool helps you make your recruitment process smoother and hassle-free. JazzHR has the right tools and features to help you quickly screen resumes and extract the most suitable profiles for your job openings.

ExactHire is an applicant tracking software that’s dedicated to automating job posts and the hiring process of your business. It helps your HR professionals and recruiters find, hire, and train qualified candidates for the position offered. With ExactHire, users can conduct skill tests and assessments to identify key traits needed for the job.

Available integrations for JazzHR vs. ExactHire

Both JazzHR and ExactHire have useful integrations to manage your data. Multiple integrations support these solutions for accessing your data on different platforms.


  • LinkedIn
  • Google Calendar
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Bitium
  • GoodHire
  • iSolved


  • Google calendar
  • OnboardCentric
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Outlook calendars
  • Apple iCalendar
  • Google

Pricing for JazzHR vs. ExactHire

Remember to check the price in comparison with the size of your business when selecting between subscription packages for JazzHR or ExactHire. The package you choose must be proportionate to your business needs and include the necessary features you’re looking for.

ExactHire offers a separate subscription-based plan for its applicant tracking and onboarding software. The price of each software is determined by the number of people employed by your organization. You can visit their website and check-in with their customer service for more information.


  • Hero
  • Plus
  • Pro

Supported features for JazzHR vs. ExactHire

While each HR software has a unique set of tools, there’s no denying there are some features that share the same end goal. However, these tools approach their shared features in different ways, which can affect your business outcomes. Here are some of these features both share:

Job application management

JazzHR’s job application management feature helps businesses manage their candidate pool with its automated program. This feature allows you to automatically send rejection emails or request interviews with possible candidates. With JazzHR’s job application management feature, you’ll be spending less time manually looking over all of the job applications received.

ExactHire’s job application management feature streamlines the application process by allowing your hiring managers to use different employment applications for different job hiring processes. This feature will give you a centralized location to manage all your job applications from various boards. With ExactHire’s job application management feature, you can maintain a positive employment brand by streamlining your application process.

Employee onboarding

JazzHR’s employee onboarding feature allows your business to personalize your training processes with consistent guides. This feature keeps your candidates and HR personnel in the loop during every step of the training and onboarding process. Your hiring team will never lose track when conducting training with JazzHR’s employee onboarding feature.

ExacatHire’s employee onboarding feature provides new hires with the equipment, tools, and resources necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the role. This feature makes sure that new employees feel welcome in the company by educating them about the potential career options available. With ExactHire’s employee onboarding feature, new hires become effective organizational members with the help of the tools the company provides

Which HR software will better improve your business?

Choosing between JazzHR or ExactHire can be a hard choice because both applicant tracking softwares have a unique experience to offer. If you’re still undecided about what software to integrate into your company, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for an HR too that streamlines the application process by allowing your hiring managers to use different employment applications then we suggest you choose ExactHire. With ExactHire’s job application management feature, your business will have a centralized location to manage all of your job applications from various boards.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an HR tool that allows your business to personalize your training processes with consistent guides then we suggest you try JazzHR. With JazzHR’s employee onboarding feature, your hiring team will never lose track when conducting training and orientation with your new hires.

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