Human capital management (HCM) is an integral component in business as it serves as the backbone and muscle that moves the organization forward. It has complex tasks and processes, and it requires more than talent and management skills, such as the tools to enhance and speed up work. The market provides many different HCM software platforms offering an overwhelming number of options. Two such platforms are HotSchedules and Everhour. 

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HotSchedules vs. Everhour: An overview

HotSchedules and Everhour are both niche platforms that offer different approaches and focus on workforce management. 

HotSchedules is a cloud-based scheduling, collaboration, and workforce management application specifically designed and built for the restaurant and hospitality industry. It offers a fully integrated platform combined with analytics for managing employee schedules, team communication, inventory, procurement, and recipe and menu.

Everhour is a web-based application that offers team-oriented time management and time-tracking solutions. It features real-time budget and cost management, timesheets, clock-in/clock-out, team dashboard, task management, customizable reports, invoicing, and payroll in one integrated application.

HotSchedules: A restaurant and hospitality business solution

HotSchedules is a niche platform that caters to a specific type of business: restaurant and hospitality. It provides a complete picture of your business by organizing all information in one place as a single source of truth, which makes it easy to access data for insights and manage your workforce with improved efficiency.

Automation and data analytics 

HotSchedules integrates analytics in its platform to help a restaurant and hospitality business harness the power of data for better decisions and enhance operations and services. It automates dashboards and reports, and it allows you to monitor labor utilization and KPIs wherever you are, anytime. You can forecast sales and track trends with precision. HotSchedules’ analytics features forecasting, POS integration, and custom-built dashboards.

Flexibility and integrations

HotSchedules offers flexibility with its mobile app, out-of-the-box dashboard, and analytics that integrates purchase-to-pay, inventory, and workforce management data for actionable insights. You can also connect to the POS, social media, and review sites to understand your business better. It features a simple but secure single sign-on (SSO) ID management and an open architecture compatible with other tools, applications, and third-party platform integrations. 

Workforce management 

HotSchedules provides a platform for finding, hiring, onboarding, training, and retaining team members to assign schedules and pay accurately for the work rendered. It features applicant tracking, scheduling and team communication, labor forecasting, employee engagement and collaboration, HR information database, training and development, payroll and benefits administration, and HR outsourcing services.

Inventory management 

HotSchedules is fully integrated as it automates the procurement process so you can buy materials or ingredients easily, track your inventory, issue electronic invoices and purchase orders, and manage recipes and menu including calculation of nutritional and allergen information and menu-nutrition publishing.


HotSchedules also offers services modified to fit the needs of a restaurant and hospitality business. It provides HR management, payroll processing, tax filing, benefits administration, training, consulting, and customer relationship services.

Everhour: A time tracking solutions provider

For your time-management needs, Everhour offers advanced solutions, including time tracking, project budgeting, visual planning, expenses, reporting, invoicing, time card calculator, weekly timesheet template, and invoice generator. 

Everhour in action 

As Everhour goes into action, it simplifies time tracking, improves team performance with better time management, enhances collaboration, and optimizes business processes, thereby saving on costs and time. You can track the time spent on projects and be more efficient in managing resources.

Tracking costs and resource planning

With Everhour, you can have a precise budget to boost revenue, track the time spent for each client or project, choose a billing option, monitor budget and costs in real time, and receive email alerts and notifications. Everhour also features resource planning to avoid overworking of your staff, calculate and track plans against actual hours, manage absences and conflicts, manage clients, and create accurate invoices.

Accurate quotes and estimates

Everhour helps you with better quotes and estimates on staffing and resources, automating time tracking processes, third-party integrations, access on the go (mobile and web browser) or within a project management tool you’re using, quick time approval, reliable time estimates, lock time editing to prevent anomalies, reminders and notifications, and auto-stop timer.

Project management and collaboration

Everhour combines project management and time tracking to organize and simplify tasks for everyone on the team. It also provides data-driven insights to understand the processes better and boost team confidence and productivity. It has pre-set dashboards and lets you know what your team is doing via its team timer, ensuring the accuracy of the time record. You can generate reports and take advantage of its analytics feature for insights and decision making.


Better reporting improves trust and transparency with clients and stakeholders. Through its live dashboard, Everhour helps you with efficient report management that allows you to visualize data and incorporate analytics in making business decisions. Its reporting toolkit includes team timesheet, dashboard, member profile, project summary, metadata, constant sync, customization, and summary emails.


With Everhour, it is quick and easy to set up, offers native and third-party integrations, and provides automatic updates. It delivers a dashboard that allows you to easily view status and availability, team timesheets, and summary charts. You can also personalize and localize its settings. Everhour integrates with collaboration and productivity applications such as Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Jira, GitHub, and ClickUp.

Which platform suits you better?

If you’re in the restaurant and hospitality industry, HotSchedules is the better choice. But if your business is in another area, and you want the integration of time and project management, you might consider getting Everhour.  

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