Learning management software is a unique solution for creating an engaging learning environment.

If you’re looking for a learning management software to integrate into your company, you might already encounter the names of Canvas and TalentLMS.

In this article, we will be comparing side-by-side two popular learning management tools in the market today. We’ll compare their features, price, and target consumers, and functions.

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Canvas LMS overview

At first glance, Canvas LMS might look like just any ordinary learning management software. While this might be true for the most part, Canvas provides more features than any other LMS software. Considered as one of the fastest-growing LMS software in the market today, Canvas can empower your employees and students to learn faster and more efficiently.

Pricing and support

While any industry can use Canvas LMS, its features shine more in competitive companies. The typical customers of Canvas include educational institutions and companies that require constant learning and training for their employees. Canvas works best with any sized business.

Canvas available packages

  • Quote based plan
  • Free trial
  • Free account

The Support function allows you to contact the support desk to get help in setting up their product or troubleshooting internal problems. If you’re ever lost, their support services will help get you back on track.

Canvas support services

  • Phone support
  • Online support
  • Video tutorials

TalentLMS overview

TalentLMS is a software dedicated to creating learning pathways for your business. Companies can conduct seminars, training, and lectures online through their online platforms. With TalentLMS, your business can save time and resources by creating a single tool for all your learning programs.

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Pricing and support 

When it comes to target customers, TalentLMS finds more than one area of consumers. With its unique features and easy to use programs, TalentLMS works best for freelancers up to enterprise-level corporations. Much like Canvas LMS, their features make them an excellent fit for businesses of all sizes.

TalentLMS available packages

  • Starter Plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Premium Plan
  • Starter Active
  • Premium Active
  • Enterprise

The support software TalentLMS differs slightly from Canvas in that it doesn’t offer phone support. It does, however, offer online tutorials and suctomer service.

TalentLMS support services

  • Online support
  • Knowledge base
  • Video tutorials

LMS features for Canvas vs. TalentLMS

To help you decide on what LMS will best benefit your business, we’ve compared some of their notable features.

Graphic analytics reporting engine 

The graphic analytics tool in Canvas lets you view insights in the form of graphs and charts based on the performance of your employees. This data allows users to pinpoint areas for growth and anticipate future training needs. View data clearer in graphic analytics than manual reporting via spreadsheets.

In TalentLMS, the graphic analytics reporting engine lets you customize the look and feel of your tables and graphs. It also allows you to do extensive reporting about everything within your learning process. Talent’s LMS will help you in the decision-making process when training your employees.

Real-time reporting 

The real-time reporting feature in Canvas helps you see the progress of each employee that’s undergoing training. Canvas’s real-time reporting focuses more on allowing its user to manage and process the data received simultaneously. With this data, you can compare each of your employee’s data to understand where they have improved.

In TalentLMS, the real-time reporting focuses on allowing its users to view multiple users simultaneously. By doing so, the officer in charge can compare employee performances and evaluate them accordingly. The real-time reporting feature helps you display data instantly, which is incredibly beneficial.

Which LMS works best for your business? Canvas or TalentLMS?

Always consider the needs of your company before choosing the right software. Don’t just take a learning management software because it has many features, buy it because its features are relevant to your business.

If you’re looking for an LMS that focuses on real-time reporting, choose TalentLMS. But if you’re looking for an LMS that focuses on gathering data and results from the learning programs, select Canvas LMS.

If you’re still not convinced these products can deliver on their promise, you can always find other LMS software on our website. Use our HR Software Buyers Guide.