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We compare VISIBILITY ERP and ParagonERP to help you choose the right ERP software for your business.

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions such as VISIBILITY ERP and ParagonERP can help companies plan and manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, and supply chain operations. 

VISIBILITY ERP is an enterprise solution designed to support optimization of operational management strategies of complex product manufacturers. ParagonERP is a cloud-based software offering a fully-customizable interface and is mostly used by companies that deal in products instead of services.

In this article, we’ll compare the key features of VISIBILITY ERP and ParagonERP to give you an idea of the capabilities of each software. If you want to familiarize yourself with more ERP options, you can also use our Product Selection Tool.

An overview of VISIBILITY ERP vs. ParagonERP

VISIBILITY ERP, or, is a web-based ERP solution designed for the requirements of project-based and to-order manufacturers. This ERP is available for deployment both on-site or in the cloud. Typically used by SMBs, VISIBILITY ERP is available at high-end prices. The ERP features of this software include:

  • financial management
  • project management
  • warehouse management
  • inventory control
  • purchase order
  • reports and dashboards
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • supply chain management
  • distribution management
  • mobile access

ParagonERP is a business software that is delivered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis for the purpose of making deployment and implementation as easy as possible. This ERP software is suitable for small to mid-sized businesses in all industries and offers high-end prices. ParagonERP offers features such as:

  • financials and accounting
  • human resources (HR)
  • inventory management
  • sales
  • order management
  • planning and scheduling
  • project management purchasing
  • quality control
  • supply chain management
  • warehouse management
  • shipping and distribution

VISIBILITY ERP vs. ParagonERP: Feature comparison

VISIBILITY ERP and ParagonERP have features for financial management, inventory control, and reporting and analytics.

Financial management

The financial management feature from VISIBILITY ERP offers transaction cost reporting and processing based on either actual or standard costs. With this ERP software, general ledger (GL)  transactions are processed and posted in real time to provide immediate visibility. The software has built-in and complete support for multi-entity businesses. With the ERP system’s accounts payable (AP) capability, supplier invoices can be matched with actual receipts and automatically distributed to posting accounts or manually distributed to appropriate charge accounts. With VISIBILITY ERP’s accounts receivable (AR) functionality, data entry is accelerated with pre-populated information retrieved from the customer data, system, and entity configuration settings, as well as applicable sales orders and invoices. 

ParagonERP’s financial management feature offers full accounting capability with ledgers, reconciliation, audits, and financial reports. ParagonERP provides businesses with their own chart of accounts in the ERP system with unlimited sub-accounts. Using the ERP software’s universal translator, businesses can easily import their existing chart of accounts directly into Paragon. The financial management feature allows finance teams to automatically post debits and credits to the GL. ParagonERP has live financial reporting and allows for full insight into the business’s AR and AP, as well as live inventory costing per product and location.

Inventory control

VISIBILITY ERP’s Inventory control feature comes with Lot/Serial Number Control capability that enables tracking the activity of inventory items that are sold, purchased, or manufactured. VISIBILITY ERP offers business-wide inventory control that combines planning and management of inventory at all warehouse locations. This ERP software allows businesses to handle different types of inventory, gives traceability and control, and guarantees suitable safety stock for bulk or re-order point items.

With ParagonERP’s inventory control feature, bar code scanning and stock counts can be conducted across multiple warehouses. This ERP solution keeps track of the entire inventory with live costing for first-in-first-out/last-in-first-out (FIFO/LIFO) methodologies. Whether material, product, inbound, or consignment, the inventory quantity and costing can be managed. Inventory data can be recorded across multiple warehouse locations as finished goods ready for sale, a component ready for the factory floor, or a semi-finished sub-assembly.

Reporting and analytics

Visibility ERP’s reporting and analytics feature transforms unrelated, detailed information from one or more disparate business applications into meaningful, business-focused intelligence. This feature has a Project Analyzer that allows users to view and analyze key data collected within the project accounting portion of Visibility ERP. Users can also analyze what’s driving the business with information presented using cross tabs, pie charts, line graphs, or bar charts. This ERP software has a Visibility Purchasing Analyzer that lets users explore multidimensional information by navigating through increasing levels of detail, then slice and dice to view different dimensions of the selected data. 

With ParagonERP, standard business and operational reports can be generated and visualized. Users will be able to oversee real-time reports that provide insights into all business operations. The reporting module in ParagonERP continuously updates as new units and orders are entered and shipped. These reports also indicate the dollar amount of sales, inventory, and shipping efficiency. The ERP system gives users access to filterable pivot tables. 


Third party-integrations for VISIBILITY ERP include solutions for software design, automation, engineering change management, time tracking, and marketing:

  • CADLink
  • Salesforce
  • ECx Manager
  • TimeSheet 
  • HubSpot

ParagonERP readily integrates with platforms for accounting, online payment processing, shipping, activity monitoring, and warehouse management:

  • QuickBooks Online
  • Stripe
  • Shippo
  • Ekran System
  • SphereWMS

Choosing between VISIBILITY ERP and ParagonERP

VISIBILITY ERP and ParagonERP both receive high satisfaction ratings from users all around the world. Before choosing between the two ERP solutions, there are some additional details you might find useful.

VISIBILITY ERP is highly customizable and can be configured to meet the needs of any business. The ERP system also requires little maintenance. VISIBILITY ERP is easy to learn for most users, too. However, this ERP software lacks ability to track multiple revisions of a part in inventory.

ParagonERP has a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. Managing this ERP software requires little help from IT experts. That being said, ParagonERP doesn’t have a native CRM feature, which is considered a must for most ERP solutions. The software can run slowly at times, too.

You can also explore more ERP solutions if you’re still unsure. Use our Product Selection Tool to get a free list of up to five reliable ERP software vendors.

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ERP Resources VISIBILITY ERP vs. ParagonERP