Oracle ERP Cloud vs. SyteLine ERP

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Oracle ERP Cloud vs. Syteline ERP

We compare Oracle ERP Cloud and Syteline ERP to help you choose the right ERP software for your business.

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Countless organizations all around the world rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions such as Oracle ERP Cloud and SyteLine ERP to effectively manage their important day-to-day business activities.

Oracle ERP Cloud is a top ERP software that is capable of handling large financial data and conducting root-cause analysis that covers every aspect of the business. SyteLine ERP is an end-to-end software that simplifies and automates complex manufacturing processes for discrete and process manufacturers.

We’ll compare the features of Oracle ERP Cloud and SyteLine ERP to help you determine whether one of these ERP solutions is the right software for your company.

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Oracle ERP Cloud vs. SyteLine ERP: An overview

Oracle ERP Cloud is a cloud-based ERP software system that offers a fully integrated and comprehensive platform for businesses from various industries. This software helps companies improve their brand and find ways to maximize profits. It has features for financial planning and analysis, accounting, order management, inventory and supply chain, revenue recognition, procurement, risk management, project planning and execution, and enterprise performance management. Oracle ERP can handle the needs of SMBs to large enterprises. It offers average pricing.

SyteLine ERP from Infor is an enterprise ERP platform focused on the needs of manufacturing and distribution industries. It is an ERP solution for engineer-to-order, configure-to-order and highly-repetitive processes, as well as service-based manufacturers. It has features for customer service and order management, planning, scheduling, business intelligence, production control, materials and inventory management, financial management and analysis, document management and automation, personalization framework, multi-plant or site operations, and mobile access. Like Oracle ERP Cloud, SyteLine ERP is suitable for any business size. It has average pricing, too.

Comparing the features

Both Oracle ERP Cloud and SyteLine ERP have features for financial management, procurement, and project management.

Financial management

The financial management feature of Oracle ERP Cloud offers vast capabilities. It allows financial teams to manage general ledgers, accounts payable and accounts receivables, joint ventures, and revenues. With this feature, users can take care of invoices, customer payments, bills, banking, and the lifecycle of joint ventures. The software also lets users create and manage lease operations.

SyteLine ERP’s financial feature lets teams handle general financial information, accounts payable, accounts receivable, corporate bank statements, financial statements, fixed assets, ledgers, and taxes. The software comes with an Invoice Builder feature that allows users to create invoices and credit memos for the base site and other target sites for customer order shipments and returns. It can automatically create tax transactions. With the software, users can create and maintain budgets and plans.


Oracle ERP Cloud’s procurement feature provides users with key insights and control over supplier qualifications to ensure uninterrupted operations while maximizing cost savings, enforcing compliance spending, and improving profitability. The system lets users automatically create purchase orders from approved requisitions. The software can also route requisitions through multilevel approval workflows. Oracle ERP Cloud offers guided document authoring, standard templates, and built-in collaboration for supplier negotiations. In addition, this ERP provides users with real-time visibility into transaction status and exceptions.

With SyteLine ERP’s procurement feature, users can manage vendor information, purchase orders, and multiple currencies. The software lets users create a vendor Letter of Credit. Users can also log all vendor interactions. SyteLine ERP has a payment hold feature that allows users to place vendors on payment hold if their goods or services are unacceptable. This ERP has a Goods Receiving Notes (GRN) functionality that lets users link a receipt to multiple purchase orders for the same vendor.

Project management

Oracle ERP Cloud comes with a project management feature with numerous capabilities including collaborative planning, resource management, project cost control, and task management. Through the collaborative planning functionality, teams can work together to plan and deliver projects. This ERP’s resource management capability lets users gain global insight into resource skills and availability. The software can help users with project planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Oracle ERP Cloud also has an integrated scheduling tool. 

SyteLine ERP allows users to create projects and attach specific tasks to a project. Users can add revenue and invoice milestones to these projects and track any project changes. They can also cross-reference a project resource to a job or purchase order. Users can create and manage notifications for project milestones such as project or task completion. Teams can set cost codes and schedule variance for projects in SyteLine ERP.


Aside from the built-in integrations with all Oracle applications, Oracle ERP Cloud can integrate with solutions for communication, electronic signature, task management, automation, and social networking:

  • DocuSign
  • Twilio
  • Evernote
  • Marketo
  • Twitter

SyteLine ERP has native integrations with tools for tax calculation, manufacturing analytics, scheduling, business intelligence, and data collection:

  • Vertex O Series
  • SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics
  • Tactic
  • Synoptix
  • Radley Data Collection

The right ERP software for your business

There’s no doubt that the features of Oracle ERP Cloud and SyteLine ERP can improve the profitability of a business. However, in choosing the better software, it might be helpful to consider your specific line of business.

While SyteLine ERP has powerful capabilities, most of these capabilities would be particularly useful if your business is a part of the manufacturing industry. The majority of SyteLine ERP’s integrations and features were designed for manufacturers. Oracle ERP Cloud offers more flexibility, and it can be easily used by businesses from virtually any industry. It would be easier to adapt Oracle ERP Cloud to different business sectors.

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ERP Resources Oracle ERP Cloud vs. SyteLine ERP