Oracle ERP Cloud vs. ParagonERP

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Oracle ERP Cloud vs. ParagonERP

We compare Oracle ERP Cloud and ParagonERP to help you choose the right ERP software for your business.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions such as Oracle ERP Cloud and ParagonERP help organizations manage various business functionalities and keep track of every part of their manufacturing and distribution process.

Oracle ERP Cloud is a complete, integrated, and modern ERP cloud application suite that manages accounting, procurement, products, and projects enterprise-wide. ParagonERP is a cloud-based ERP that aids in managing business operations from customer service, product management, sales, logistics, and human resources.

We’ll compare some of the key features of Oracle ERP Cloud and ParagonERP to help you make an informed decision in choosing the best ERP software for your business. Use our Product Selection Tool to learn more about other ERP solutions you can trust.

Oracle ERP Cloud vs. ParagonERP: What you need to know

Oracle ERP Cloud is a comprehensive software that offers the broadest and most seamless functionality across finance, HR, supply chain, and customer experience. This software offers features for document management, financial management, HR and payroll, supply chain, applicant tracking, procurement, reporting, and financial accounting. Oracle ERP Cloud is mostly used by mid-sized to large enterprises, but can be suitable for small companies, too. This software is available at average prices.

ParagonERP is a user-friendly and robust ERP system software designed to help businesses handle their daily operations. ParagonERP’s interface is intuitive, making the system easy to use without much training. This ERP features configured icons that will take users to the modules they need to access. This software has features for HR management, data analysis, accounting, purchase orders, inventory management, procurement, supply chain management, and reporting. It is ideal for any business size and offers average pricing.

Features comparison

Both Oracle ERP Cloud and ParagonERP have features for financial management, procurement, and supply chain management.

Financial management

Oracle ERP Cloud’s financial management feature allows finance teams to manage bank accounts, cash positions, and cash forecasts. Users can control supplier balances, invoices, and payments. The software enables users to track and account fixed assets. Through this feature, users can also create customer invoices as well as receive and apply customer payments. Accounting teams can effectively manage customer balances and recognize revenue.

ParagonERP has an enterprise-grade financial management feature with live, up-to-the-minute margin calculators, automated workflows, infinite layers of nested GL accounts, inventory costing, and automated inventory valuation. The software has a universal translator feature that allows businesses to easily import their existing chart of accounts directly into the system. With this ERP, users can automatically post debits and credits to the company’s general ledger. The software comes with live financial reporting for full insight into accounts receivable and/or accounts payable.


With Oracle ERP Cloud, businesses can streamline the shopping experience and control spend for team members. The software has powerful search capabilities and easy comparisons that allow users to quickly find the products and services they need and increase user adoption. Oracle ERP Cloud directs purchases to approved suppliers and leverages negotiated pricing. Teams can improve procure-to-pay processes by automatically creating purchase orders from approved requisitions and managing revisions with a complete change history. This ERP has an automated invoice matching for easy and accurate documentation.

ParagonERP’s procurement capabilities allow full control over vendors. That means users can create purchase orders (POs) to order specific quantities of materials for manufacturing or distribution. Businesses can keep an eye on the purchasing process from PO to payment, with fully integrated accounting for accounts payable. After an initial GL configuration, users can automatically create journal entries and allocate the costs to the appropriate accounts.

Supply chain management

Oracle ERP Cloud lets companies detect, analyze, and resolve disruptions within the enterprise and with key trading partners with its supply chain management feature. This ERP automates processes to make the entire supply chain more efficient. For example, the system provides early warnings to mismatched expectations and leverages available supplier capacity in the supply plans. It also forecasts supply commitments across multiple supply chain tiers. It allows users to monitor upstream supply availability and analyze supply chain activity in real time. It lets teams assess end-to-end supply chain performance. Oracle ERP Cloud provides businesses with a supplier portal to facilitate better online supplier collaboration.

With ParagonERP, businesses can streamline their supply chain management. This software has functionalities for inbound logistics, vendor performance, cross border duty management, and requirements planning. This ERP allows teams to handle the flow of goods and services, which involves the movement and storage of raw materials, purchasing, and inbound logistics. Users can get insight into the various inputs linked to their supply chain, including comprehensive inventory tracking for end-to-end traceability, reporting tools to calculate and ensure cost-effective operations, and complete inbound logistics management.


Oracle ERP Cloud readily integrates with platforms for application development, expense management, manufacturing analytics, business intelligence, and time and expense tracking:

  • Pillir EdgeReady Cloud
  • Vertex O Series
  • SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics
  • VIENNA Advantage
  • Upland Timesheet

ParagonERP has built-in integrations with solutions for cloud warehouse management, user activity monitoring, order fulfillment, shipping, and accounting:

  • SphereWMS
  • Ekran System
  • 2Ship
  • Shippo
  • QuickBooks Online

The ERP software for your business

Oracle ERP Cloud and ParagonERP offer powerful features that can help companies improve their daily business processes. In selecting an ERP for your business, you can consider the specific features each software offers and analyze which ones your company needs more.

For instance, Oracle ERP Cloud’s supplier portal can be a great deal of help if you want to ensure transparency and proper documentation for all interactions and transactions with suppliers. Oracle ERP Cloud offers plenty of useful features. However, it could take an average user a while to learn how to use the software. ParagonERP is easier to use and deploy than Oracle ERP Cloud. Additionally, it has a universal translator feature that can be invaluable in importing your company’s existing chart of accounts into the ParagonERP system.

If you’re still undecided and would like to explore more options, use our Product Selection Tool and get a free list of up to five reliable ERP solutions.

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ERP Resources Oracle ERP Cloud vs. ParagonERP