Oracle ERP Cloud vs. Genius ERP

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Oracle ERP Cloud vs. Genius ERP

We compare Oracle ERP Cloud and Genius ERP to help you choose the right ERP software for your business.

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Top companies such as Delta Air Lines, Toyota, and Volkswagen rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to manage different aspects of their organization, including the manufacturing, finance, distribution, and human resource sectors.   

Oracle ERP Cloud is a world-renowned ERP solution that offers a fully integrated and comprehensive platform for any businesses from any industry. Genius ERP is a top-rated ERP software specifically made for SME manufacturers.

We’ll compare the features of Oracle ERP Cloud and Genius ERP in this article to give you an idea of what each software can contribute to your company. If you want to get a free list of reliable ERP software vendors today, use our Product Selection Tool.

An overview of Oracle ERP Cloud vs. Genius ERP

Oracle ERP Cloud is an award-winning ERP software that enables the workforce to achieve higher levels of productivity. It also helps businesses with their financial, HR, sales, marketing, manufacturing, or supply chain operations. Oracle ERP Cloudcan be scaled depending on what applications are needed, how many users require access, and the number of transactions that need to be processed. It has features for document management, financial management, HR and payroll, applicant tracking, accounting management, and financial accounting. Oracle is suited for SMBs and large enterprises. It has average pricing.

Genius ERP provides custom manufacturers with the tools they need to reduce costs and increase productivity. This ERP was designed by industry experts for custom manufacturers. It has features for customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, product engineering, job costing, account management, scheduling, production planning, and accounting. Genius ERP is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. It has high end pricing.

Features comparison

Oracle ERP Cloud and Genius ERP have features for accounting, inventory management, and project management.


Oracle ERP Cloud’s accounting feature lets companies manage their payables, receivables, assets, revenues, collections, expenses, and ledgers in one place. Users can create accounting systems for disparate sources and easily adapt rules as accounting policies change. They can also centralize accounting rules for their subledgers to ensure accounting policies are consistently applied. The software allows users to create and submit expense reports easily and identify and track bankrupt customers for collection purposes. Users can interact with account balances and view them from different perspectives.

Genius ERP’s accounting feature has centralized support for all manufacturing and accounting operations, eliminating double entry and the need to maintain two parallel systems. This feature offers multiple capabilities that cover standard business processes like accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, cash flow, and banking management. Genius ERP has a multi-currency exchange rate management and profit/loss calculation. It offers milestone payments/billing and revenue recognition. With the system’s accounting feature, users can access financial reporting, financial statements, and dashboards.

Inventory management

Oracle ERP Cloud offers a comprehensive inventory management feature that ensures resilience. It has an agile process orchestration that allows companies to optimize the financial and physical flows across their global supply chain. Users get real-time visibility into item quantities across internal and external locations, including goods in transit. Users can also optimize replenishment and view balances, manage status, track lots and serial numbers, perform counts, and manage stocking and handling. The software lets companies perform comprehensive costing and use multiple ledgers to manage different regulatory and management reporting requirements.

The Genius ERP system enables users to track materials by serial number and associate different statuses so that specific materials can be counted and allocated before the production begins. This software eliminates unexpected material shortages. It helps companies replenish materials based on actual on-the-job demand or inventory. Employees and teams can use mobile devices to move material, manage inventory, and eliminate duplicate data entry. Genius ERP offers warehouse and logistics operations management, too.

Project management

The project management feature of Oracle ERP Cloud enables teams to work together in planning and delivering projects. It offers intuitive and integrated scheduling tools so teams can plan all projects, from simple to complex. Users can collaborate on project and non-project tasks all in one place. Team members can interact through task conversations and annotate documents.

Genius ERP lets teams plan labor capacity utilization based on finite resources, taking into consideration efficiency, calendar, and overtime. Users can schedule hours by competencies or department. The system provides real-time visual progression captured from plans and installation sites. Users can add milestones related to the material, customer approval, and finished product.


Oracle ERP Cloud seamlessly integrates with solutions for expense management, budgeting, sales commission management, business intelligence, and lease accounting:

  • Expensify
  • Adaptive Planning
  • QCommission
  • ClicData
  • Visual Lease

Genius ERP has native integrations with platforms and tools for business intelligence, accounting, sales automation, engineering, and fashion designing:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • QuickBooks Accountants
  • Avalara
  • SolidWorks Premium
  • Inventor

Choosing the right software

Oracle ERP Cloud and Genius ERP are dependable ERP solutions trusted by countless businesses all over the world. In choosing an ERP software, consider your business size as well as the specific features that will be useful for your business.

Oracle ERP Cloud comes with a steep learning curve. Therefore, if you want the ERP software that’s easier to learn, it’s wiser to choose Genius ERP. Oracle ERP Cloud’s robust capabilities, such as its powerful tracking capacity for inventory management, are perfect for large enterprises with thousands of materials that need monitoring. Genius ERP’s visual progression feature can be a great addition for SMBs for a more effective project progress tracking.

There are plenty of other ERP solutions out there if you’re still undecided. Use our Product Selection Tool to get a list of reputable ERP software vendors in the market.

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ERP Resources Oracle ERP Cloud vs. Genius ERP