One of software technology’s most important innovations is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It integrates various features such as project management, risk management, compliance, accounting, business intelligence, inventory management, human resource management, and customer relationship management all into one system. ERP software eliminates the need to pay for separate software, allowing companies to save on overall software overhead. Thanks to its integrations with third-party applications, users can pull reports from one system instead of maintaining separate databases and spreadsheets that have to be merged in order to generate reports.

Many businesses report increased productivity and efficiency rates with the help of ERP software, which is why more organizations are implementing it in their operations.

Let’s have a look at two popular enterprise resource planning software — metasfresh and Paragon ERP. We’ll compare their integrations, features, and pricing plans to help you better understand each software’s advantages and to help you choose the more suitable product for your business. Use our free Product Selection Tool to find more ERP software options and to receive five recommendations from our experienced Technology Advisors. Take advantage of the tool that is easy to use and only takes five minutes.

Metasfresh vs. Paragon ERP: An overview

Metasfresh is an open-source ERP software designed to help small and mid-sized businesses in the retail, food, engineering, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, e-commerce, publishing, and service sectors. The software provides users with a flexible, simple, modern, and customizable web interface. Thanks to its scalable back end, metasfresh can process mass data with high performance.

Organizations can take advantage of weekly releases and a modern technical framework to help them grow and scale their business. An unlimited number of employees can use the software for various purposes, including CRM, sales, production, materials management, purchasing, and accounting.

Paragon ERP helps small and mid-sized businesses grow through its manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, finance, business intelligence, and product management capabilities. It doubles as a customer relationship management system that can track vital customer information such as merchandise returns, sales orders, credit notes, and customer relationship management data.

Paragon ERP helps organizations grow by providing them with a modern interface and advanced functionality. Companies can use the software to meet their manufacturing needs, including work orders, equipment management, scheduling, and capacity training for multiple warehouses. Use the software for credit card processing and e-commerce systems.

Features of metasfresh and Paragon ERP


·         Shipment:

Businesses can leave shipment management to metasfresh’s automated delivery planning, consignment booking, delivery notes, packing, and order picking capabilities. Users can intervene at any point of the delivery process to address issues thanks to the software’s intuitive and graphical interface.

·         Payments:

Use this software to ensure that incoming and outgoing payments are completed in real time. Businesses can automatically balance payments received with bank statements as well import payment slips through the incoming payments feature. Through the outgoing payments feature, users can assign payments, generate payment assignments, and automate issuing payment orders.

·         Reminders:

This module ensures that businesses collect payments from customers in real time by allowing them to categorize customers within the dunning procedure and create adaptable dunning levels. The software allows users to offer a grace period for late payments.

·         Procurement:

Metasfresh’s procurement tool allows users to subcontract orders from their customers to their suppliers using their contractors’ usual rates.

·         Incoming goods:

Schedule and manage incoming goods with the POS and scheduling features. The process ends with booking of incoming goods and delivery confirmation documentation.

Paragon ERP

·         Inventory management:

Use this software to manage inventory through the software’s barcode scan picking, automatic replenishment forms, and inventory movement automation features.

·         Procurement:

Use the procurement module to have full control over your vendors. Paragon ERP allows users to easily order specific quantities of materials for distribution or manufacturing through the creation of purchase orders.

·         Costing:

Paragon ERP offers a unified system for calculating total costs of deliveries and products to help companies avoid overspending. Users no longer have to wait for annual calculations since the software can provide updated financial totals that are broken down into freight, insurance, and duty.

·         Manufacturing:

Users can take advantage of the software’s manufacturing module that has a smooth assembly-to-distribution process. Use it to create work orders for manufacturing and assembling finished goods. Users can easily take the data from the manufacturing process and place it into the accounting operations for monitoring.

·         Order management:

Paragon ERP’s order management capability allows users to easily set up the software and use its full integrations with e-commerce marketplaces. It has multi-channel order capabilities that offer visibility into quote-to-cash processes.

A comparison of prices

Metasfresh’s pricing information is not publicly available to encourage prospective users to contact the vendor directly. This is beneficial for both vendor and customer because the former can ensure that they are able to provide the necessary features, and the latter only pays for the actual features they use. Interested users can request a quote and inquire on full pricing details.

Paragon ERP has a two-tiered pricing plan: Paragon ERP and Paragon ERP Starter. The Paragon ERP plan charges on a per user, per month basis and provides full features with integrations that are revealed only after software purchase. The Paragon ERP Starter plan is designed for companies with up to five employees and can be used for up to three months. It comes with full features, integrations, updates, and software functions. The vendor welcomes quote requests and pricing inquiries.

A comparison of integrations


·         DATEV Audit

·         CleverReach

Paragon ERP:

·         2Ship

·         QuickBooks Online

·         Shippo

·         Shopify

·         Stripe

·         Ekran System

Takeaways: Metasfresh vs. Paragon ERP

ERP software has evolved from being an on-premise software into being deployable in the cloud, on-premise, and as a hybrid system to provide the best services and features to businesses. Both metasfresh and Paragon ERP are great options that are designed for small and mid-sized businesses. However, let’s consider their differences before choosing your business’s software.

Metasfresh helps businesses maintain a strong cash flow through its reminders module that keeps their incoming payments in check by reminding them of any scheduled incoming payments. This is also supported by the software’s payments module that helps businesses ensure that they meet their dues in a timely manner. These two capabilities can help foster trust between vendors and customers that ultimately results in stronger brand loyalty and customer relationships.

The advantage of using Paragon ERP is its accurate computations of total costs that eliminate the need to wait for annual computations to determine total product and delivery costs. It is a convenient and quick way to determine a business’s profits and how much a customer has to pay for a specific transaction.

Between the two software, we see metasfresh as the better one. If you’re looking for more enterprise resource planning software recommendations, use ourProduct Selection Tool.