Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has been providing companies across various industries with unique capabilities for performing business processes. Offering a single, unified platform for automating functions and streamlining workflows, ERP software integrates human resource management, customer relationship management, compliance management, accounting, inventory management, business intelligence, and project management capabilities. Thanks to the software’s applications, users can automate functions such as accounting, sales quoting, and production.

ERP software improves the way organizations handle their business resources — both staffing hours for human resources and raw materials for manufacturing. This software is designed to serve all company departments with strong business processes. ERP software used to only be popular among large businesses, but it is now widely recognized and used by small and mid-sized companies as well as startups.

Let’s consider two popular enterprise resource planning software options — metasfresh and GeniusERP. We’ll compare their features, integrations, and pricing plans to help you better understand how these software work and to help you determine the better and more suitable product for your business. Receive five recommendations from our experienced Technology Advisors when you use ourProduct Selection Tool. It’s easy to use, only takes five minutes, and offers you more ERP software options.

Metasfresh vs. Genius ERP: An overview

Metasfresh is an open-source ERP software designed for small and mid-sized fresh produce and wholesale companies. It is a friendly-fork of ADempiere that carries the support of an all-inclusive toolkit with planning reliability, quality assurance, warranties, and training for users. Metasfresh functions well with the PostgreSQL DB management system, providing a public development repository on Github.

Users of metasfresh can benefit from the program that is written in JavaScript and HTML5 development languages. The software features a user-friendly interface with clear user guidance to help organizations maximize the use of the software. Among the advantages of metasfresh are its high flexibility, scalability, and detailed functionality that feature warehouse management, CRM, inventory management, supply chain management, web UI, accounting, and distribution management capabilities.

GeniusERP is an enterprise-level project and portfolio management software designed for businesses of any size. It can help reduce costs, improve the performance of production sites, and increase productivity through capabilities that estimate project costs with greater accuracy, automate time-consuming steps, reduce shop floor bottlenecks, create quotes for jobs, and optimize production. Users can configure the software to meet unique requirements thanks to its robust functionalities.

GeniusERP allows companies to manage a product’s entire lifecycle while integrating with third-party applications for numerous project types in the financial, manufacturing, government, and health services sectors.  

Features of metasfresh and GeniusERP


·         Procurement:

Use this module to subcontract orders from your customer orders to your suppliers. The procurement tool automatically uses your contractors’ usual rates.

·         Reminders:

Metasfresh ensures that organizations accurately collect payments from customers on time thanks to its reminders feature. Use it to categorize customers differently within the dunning procedure and create adaptable dunning levels. The software gives users the option to offer customers a grace period or create a dunning document when a late payment is made.

·         Invoice management:

Use the software to instantly schedule and generate invoices. Metasfresh can capture invoice data, while the accounting system automatically receives payments that are related to these invoices. The invoices are also automatically connected to their respective lines before being scanned to avoid discrepancies.

·         Sales:

Import customer orders through various data sources, including EDI and Excel. With the sales feature, users can prepare an offer and record orders with just one click of the offer entry tool.

·         Shipment:

Organizations can manage their shipping processes by using metasfresh’s automated order picking, delivery planning, delivery notes, consignment bookings, and packing processes. Users can intervene in the delivery process at any time to avoid glitches thanks to the software’s user-friendly, intuitive, and graphical interface.


·         Product engineering:

Use GeniusERP to take CAD designs and transform them into BOMs and RFQs, which can help save engineering time and reduce errors in data entry.

·         Customer management:

Build stronger brand loyalty and improve customer relationships by using the software’s customer management module. GeniusERP can help businesses create accurate costs by basing prices on true labor, materials, and other costs. The software improves the buying experience by completing timely deliveries.

·         Accounting:

Users can take advantage of a unified accounting module that connects product information, payment, and finances for easy monitoring.

·         Inventory control:

Have full visibility into your company’s inventory to avoid shortages while optimizing purchasing goods.

·         Vendor management:

Save time by making price inquiries to numerous suppliers at the same time when you use GeniusERP. Users can base reordering stocks on minimum stocks and combined orders.

A comparison of prices

Metasfresh encourages interested users to contact them directly to receive full pricing information. This process helps vendors ensure that customers understand the specific needs of their business, provide them with the right features, and only charge them for the capabilities they actually use.

GeniusERP users can benefit from the software’s subscription-based pricing plan that has on-premise options. Purchasing the software provides users with access to live online and in-person training sessions, documents, free demos, and webinars to enable them to maximize the software’s features. The vendor welcomes pricing inquiries and quote requests from prospective users.

A comparison of integrations


·         DATEV Audit

·         CleverReach


·         Microsoft BI

Takeaways: Metasfresh vs. GeniusERP

If you want your business to stand apart from the competition, then implementing ERP software is the solution. This software benefits businesses of any size, allowing them to maximize their profits. Both metasfresh and GeniusERP are great software choices. However, you should consider their differences before choosing your ERP software.

Metasfresh is beneficial for businesses of any size, but more for large companies thanks to its shipment feature. It avoids confusion and enhances smooth and timely shipment of products to the right customers, resulting in positive buying experience, repeat transactions, and stronger customer relationships.

The software’s payments and invoicing management modules can benefit startups and small businesses because they help ensure cash flow and accurate payments. No dues are missed and all payments are received on time.

GeniusERP can be used by businesses as a customer relationship software that enhances customer relationships and brand loyalty.

All in all, metasfresh has more advantages than GeniusERP. Aside from the comparison above, numerous users say that the software is flexible, customizable, and adaptable to their needs. If you’re looking for more enterprise resource planning software recommendations, use ourProduct Selection Tool