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Metasfresh vs. BrightPearl

We compare Metasfresh and BrightPearl to help you choose the right ERP software for your business.

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When it comes to managing a business, using fewer applications prevents confusion and delays while enhancing productivity and efficiency rates. With enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, organizations don’t have to purchase separate software to perform various businesses processes. ERP software offers a unified platform that comes with project management, customer relationship management, human resource management, inventory management, risk management, business intelligence, and accounting capabilities. Users can choose from its four types according to implementation, including on-premise, in the cloud, open source, and hybrid ERP’s.

At the core, ERP software’s main function is to serve as a centralized database for various business processes, providing users with streamlined workflows while reducing manual labor and redundancies. Later versions of this software give users access to modern technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Let’s look at two popular enterprise resource planning software — metasfresh and BrightPearl. We’ll compare their integrations, features, and pricing plans to dissect the software’s advantages and to help you determine the product that meets your business’s needs. Use our freeProduct Selection Tool to find more ERP software options and to receive five recommendations from our experienced Technology Advisors. The tool is easy to use and only takes five minutes.

Metasfresh vs. Brightpearl: An overview

Metasfresh is an open-source ERP software designed to help growing companies through its vertical features such as handling units and attributes management. It is suitable for wholesale and manufacturing companies that want an ERP software with high flexibility and high-performance data processing capabilities.

Metasfresh offers features, including accounting, billing, manufacturing, CRM, sales, and procurement and is assisted by mass document creation and multi-threading functionalities. Small businesses and startup companies that operate in the trade, wholesale, service, and food industries can benefit a lot from this software. Thanks to metasfresh’s intuitive user interface and clear user guide, companies can easily get the software up and running after purchase.

Brightpearl is designed as an ERP software for businesses of any size, and it offers real-time reports, cash flow, and product profitability capabilities. Targeting wholesalers and retailers, the software can automate back-office operations, helping merchants focus their attention on growing their business. Thanks to logistics, warehouse, sales order management, inventory management, customer relationship management, and financial management features, BrightPearl’s back-office solutions can ensure smoother and more efficient business processes.

The software can also help omnichannel merchants manage their businesses using a single system while aligning their online and offline sales with other processes that are part of running a system. BrightPearl allows clients to access real-time reports to help them understand their business’s performance across all channels.

Features of metasfresh and BrightPearl


·         Sales:

Companies can ensure accurate sales and profits by using metasfresh’s sales module. It allows users to import customer orders through various data sources such as Excel and EDI. Prepare an offer with just one click by using the offer entry tool while recording orders through the quick entry tool.

·         Invoice management:

Use this module to capture invoice data and allow the accounting system to automatically receive payment details associated with specific invoices. Instantly schedule and generate collective invoices by using metasfresh. The software allows users to create invoices, link them to their respective invoice lines, and scan them to avoid discrepancies.

·         Shipment:

Metasfresh can help organizations manage shipping processes through its order picking, delivery notes, packing, delivery planning, and consignment-booking capabilities. Users can intervene at any point of the delivery process should a problem occur, thanks to the software’s user-friendly and graphical interface.

·         Payments:

Easily manage incoming and outgoing payments with metasfresh that allows users to import payment slips as well as balance payments received with bank statements. Use the software to automate issuing payment orders, assign payments, generate payment assignments, and export them in SEPA format.

·         Incoming goods:

Companies can use the scheduling and POS features to manage incoming goods. Users can have the option to integrate any number of weighing scale systems with ease. Booking of incoming goods and delivery confirmation documentation wrap up the handling process.


·         Financial management:

BrightPearl offers retail and wholesale businesses real-time financial insights, including purchasing, inventory, and sales. It enables companies to track their products on a daily basis as well as identify the channels and products that earn money.

·         Sales order management:

The software comes with efficient order workflows through advanced workflow automation, real-time order creation, and integrated shipping capabilities. Companies can use BrightPearl’s warehousing management, purchasing management, inventory management, real-time sales profitability, flexible returns management, and integrated POS system functionalities.

·         Customer management:

BrightPearl’s integrated CRM system provides users with real-time tracking capabilities for order history, email, and customer call notes. The same system offers companies 360-degree views of contacts and customer interactions in real time.

·         Warehouse and fulfillment:

Businesses can access an integrated warehouse management system that supports flexible fulfillment options for retail and wholesale businesses. This module comes with barcode scanning and efficient inventory counts. Its integrations include inventory management, sales order management, and purchase management solutions.

A comparison of prices

Metasfresh does not make its pricing information public, which is a common practice among software vendors. It allows them to determine if they have the features a specific company needs while ensuring that they only charge customers for the actual capabilities they use. The vendor welcomes quote requests and pricing inquiries from interested users. Contact them directly.

BrightPearl offers a three-tiered pricing plan to its users: High Growth, Enterprise, and Brand Leader. The High Growth plan is suitable for companies that have a Gross Merchandise Volume of $500,000 to $2 million annually, two to five sales channels, more than 2,000 monthly orders, and at least two warehouses. The Enterprise plan is designed to meet the needs of businesses with a Gross Merchandise Volume of between $2 million and $5 million annually, 5,000 monthly orders, 30 workers, two to five sales channels, and 3 warehouses. The Brand Leader plan is suitable for companies that employ more than 30 workers, have multiple warehouses, receive 5,000 monthly orders, and operate through at least five sales channels. It is designed for companies with a Gross Merchandise Volume of at least $5 million annually.

A comparison of integrations


·         CleverReach

·         DATEV Audit


·         Walmart

·         SPS Commerce

·         Shipstation

·         Vend

·         Shopify

·         Amazon

Takeaways: Metasfresh and BrightPearl

ERP software’s contributions to growing businesses are undeniable. From only being popular with large companies to being widely recognized and used by small and mid-sized businesses, ERP software is every business’s indispensable tool. Both metasfresh and BrightPearl are great products; however, it’s important to consider their differences.

In terms of integrations, BrightPearl has the advantage because it works with more vital and common third-party applications. This makes the software more practicable and economical because users can integrate it with some of their existing applications.

Businesses of any size can benefit from BrightPearl’s customer relationship management module. By allowing users to track customer interactions, including call notes, email, and history, businesses can have higher lead conversions.

Metasfresh is beneficial for businesses of any size thanks to its invoice management module that ensures payments are made on time and accurate invoices are sent every time. These can result in stronger cash flows and profits.

Metasfresh’s shipment module is especially beneficial for large companies that have to deal with large numbers of deliveries. Users have visibility throughout the delivery process, allowing them to intervene at any time should any issues arise. As a result, customers have a positive buying experience.

Though both software are great ERP options, metasfresh’s advantages outrun those of BrightPearl. Many users report it being flexible and easily customizable, allowing the software to meet their changing needs.  If you’re looking for more enterprise resource planning software recommendations, use ourProduct Selection Tool

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ERP Resources Metasfresh vs. BrightPearl