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Metasfresh vs. Apprise ERP

We compare Metasfresh and Apprise ERP to help you choose the right ERP software for your business.

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Managing a business requires the use of separate software to perform various business processes, including customer relationship management, human resource management, inventory management, accounting, sales, distribution, and business intelligence. Thanks to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, organizations can use a single, unified platform that is equipped with capabilities that streamline workflows and automate processes. Aside from having the basic features, newer versions of this software use modern technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance intelligence and promote smoother processes. ERP software comes with automation and synchronization features to pull reports from one system for use by any business department.

Companies can take advantage of ERP software’s customer relationship management capabilities to help them build and maintain strong brand loyalty and customer relationships.

Let’s discuss two popular enterprise resource planning software — metasfresh and Apprise ERP. We’ll consider their integrations, features, and pricing plans to understand the advantages of each software and to help companies choose the more suitable product for their business. Our experienced Technology Advisors are ready to offer five product recommendations when you use our free Product Selection Tool. It’s easy to use, only takes five minutes, and offers you more ERP software options.

Metasfresh vs. Apprise ERP: An overview

Metasfresh is the open-source ERP software for growing companies that comes with supply chain management, sales management, procurement, purchasing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and customer relationship management features. It offers a flexible, simple, mobile, and customizable web interface. The software connects to a scalable backend with a high-performance capacity to process mass data.

Metasfresh provides users with support on the most important business areas, including production, materials management, sales, CRM, logistics, and accounting. It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and offers a paid option and self-hosted system that meets a business’s changing needs.

Apprise ERP is a supply chain management and ERP solution for distributors, manufacturers, and consumer-goods distribution companies. Deployable in the cloud or on-premise, the software offers users unique tools to keep teams connected. Organizations can take advantage of Apprise ERP’s real-time features and data to enhance business processes and profitability.

Apprise ERP has physical inventory tools and cycle counting capabilities that offer insights into inventory costs, allowing users to display, compare, and update inventory in real time. The software allows users to cover retailer compliance, manage entire supply chain operations, and handle calculations, profitability, warehousing, and forecasting needs. Integrate the software with a company’s point-of-sale and historical data as well as seasonal sales to predict optimum raw material requirements.  

Features of metasfresh and Apprise ERP


·         Payments:

Use the software to manage incoming and outgoing payments through this module. Automatically balance payments received with bank statements when you use the incoming payments feature. Users can assign payments, generate payment assignments, and automate issuing payment orders.

·         Incoming goods:

The software has scheduling and POS features that can help manage incoming goods. Businesses can integrate any number of weighing scale systems with ease, while wrapping up the delivery process through the delivery confirmation documentation and booking feature.

·         Procurement:

Use this module to subcontract orders to your suppliers from your customer orders. The system automatically considers the usual rates of your contractors.

·         Shipment:

Use the shipment feature to manage shipping thanks to metasfresh’s packing, order picking, delivery planning, booking of assignments, and delivery notes capabilities. Users can intervene in the delivery process at any time and use the software’s graphical and intuitive user interface.

·         Sales:

The sales module allows users to import customer orders through data sources such as EDI or Excel. Use the offer entry tool to prepare an offer with just one click. The same tool can also record orders with ease.

Apprise ERP

·         Fully-integrated solutions:

The software’s fully-integrated solutions allow users to skip investing in add-on systems to help them increase ROI and improve business visibility. Use Apprise ERP to improve an organization’s usability, security, and data integrity.

·         Industry expertise:

The software is backed by a professional services team that is composed of consumer goods supply chain specialists, including project managers and support personnel. Apprise ERP’s focus is on supply chain management and ERP solutions that meet changing business needs.

·         Specialized import management tools:

Use the software’s purchase order, container, and shipment tracking and management capabilities to better manage overseas manufacturing and global sourcing processes. The software can determine container building requirements and shipment details by volume, value, and weight.

·         Flexible warehouse capabilities:

Apprise ERP can improve warehouse operation efficiency and space utilization through its tools for wired and wireless warehouse management. Take advantage of the software’s location, bin, and zone management capabilities.

A comparison of prices

Metasfresh comes with two pricing plans: Self-Hosted and Cloud-Hosted. The Self-Hosted plan is free and offers all features. The Cloud-Hosted plan is charged on a per user, per month basis and includes all features and releases. It is cloud-hosted and has customer support. Metasfresh also offers a free trial for interested users who want to test the software before purchase.

Apprise ERP’s pricing information is not publicly available. This is a common practice among software vendors to help them determine if they can provide the necessary features. It can also help customers ensure that they only pay for the features that they use. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly.

A comparison of integrations


·         CleverReach

·         DATEV Audit

Apprise ERP:

·         SphereWMS

·         FYIsoft

·         PowerHouseWMS

·         SmartFreight

Takeaways: Metasfresh vs. Apprise ERP

There is no doubt that companies should implement ERP software to enhance their business processes and save on overall software overhead. Both metasfresh and Apprise ERP offer users unique features that can streamline workflows and automate functions. Though both software work with third-party applications, Apprise has more integrations than metasfresh, which is an advantage. Let’s consider their other differences before finally choosing your ERP software.

Metasfresh helps businesses of any size ensure that cash flow is steady through its invoice management and payment features. Employees assigned to this task can become more efficient and accurate, thanks to the software’s automation features. Metasfresh ensures that payments are made and received on time without redundancies and errors.

Moreover, the shipment module helps companies ensure that products are delivered on time and to the right customers. Any problems encountered anywhere in the shipping process are addressed because users can intervene at any time.

The biggest advantage of Apprise ERP is its fully-integrated solutions that eliminate the need to integrate with third-party applications. Users can save large amounts of money, which they can realign for other expenses.

Implement ERP software for your business and watch it grow. If you’re looking for more enterprise resource planning software recommendations, use ourProduct Selection Tool.

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