Apprise ERP and M1 are two of the most robust enterprise resource planning tools on the market today. These ERP software options can help you plan and adapt to the ever-changing demands of your company’s resource management. Apprise ERP and M1 offer a variety of solutions to these problems.

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Apprise ERP vs. M1 overview

Apprise ERP is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning software that provides an enterprise-wide solution for different business industries. This ERP tool provides out-of-the-box functionalities like product lifecycle management, import management, and distribution resource planning features that will significantly improve your overall business performance. With Apprise ERP, you can streamline the multifaceted distribution process and provide limitless support to your business industry.

M1 ERP is a web-based enterprise resource planning software that’s dedicated to helping businesses that focus on manufacturing products. This software is designed to manage multiple business areas such as materials production, inventory, and shipping. With M1 ERP, you can bring all your critical business processes together within a single, robust ERP system.

Pros and cons of Apprise ERP vs. M1

Apprise ERP and M1 each have their own set of features that make them unique. While the main function of these ERP tools is to help you manage your resources and sales activity, they each have other benefits that might help your business.

Apprise ERP


  • Its import management feature provides its users with built-in landed cost tracking that monitors your incoming and outgoing shipments.
  • Apprise ERP’s inventory management feature will help you streamline and optimize your business’s inventory across multiple platforms.
  • It significantly improves the loading and unloading process at the receiving dock using a wireless warehouse system that can track your products and services.


  • Apprise can be difficult to implement without the right expertise. Implementing it yourself without any background in this field can set up your organization for failure.
  • It may sometimes freeze, and you could be forced to shut down the software and lose all of your progress.



  • It accurately accounts for all of the business’s inventory data across different business functions.
  • M1 ERP provides your business with materials tracking, inventory monitoring, and automatic reordering features to help you manage the production and shipment of your products.
  • It allows its users to produce accurate reports of the value of goods received by recording and storing receipts for individual, partial, or multiple deliveries.


  • Customer support takes a long time to respond and it needs improvement. A lack of online inquiries can cause delays and problems for first-time users.
  • Some modules in M1 are not consistent with others. 
  • It can freeze up and cause errors when working on heavy loads of data.

Similar features of Apprise ERP vs. M1

Apprise ERP and M1 might be different ERP tools, but there are still some similarities in their features. They both have tools such as sales and document management that make work faster and more comfortable for your teams. Here are some similar features that Apprise ERP and M1 share:

Shipping management

Optimizing your fleet operations is a great way to reduce costs, and it helps you keep track of your products. Apprise ERP’s shipping management feature, ensures that your drivers and route management processes are as efficient as possible with the help of its Aptean Distribution ERP route management tool. With Apprise ERP, your team can choose from fixed or variable routes that enable you to define workflows for specific days of the week based on your own business rules or customer criteria.

Scheduling the shipment of your goods can help you stay on top of your shipping processes. M1’s shipping management feature provides its users with accurate and timely shipping that plays a big part in building your organization’s reputation. This feature can easily control situations that cause incomplete orders and delayed shipments by synchronizing and tracking your daily shipments.

Financial management 

Features that simplify your sales and financial processes can help your business manage, store, and process data that can easily be interpreted. Apprise ERP’s financial management feature provides unparalleled automated tracking of your resources and finances by recording each transaction that your business makes. This feature can monitor your business’s financial health and sales without the tedious tasks of manual processes.

Collecting sales data and making it readily accessible for use in reporting and analytics is the main function of M1’s financial management feature. This tool provides your business with accurate and timely financial reporting by providing you with constant and real time updates of the status of your sales. You can view your financial statements in real time through its interactive dashboards.

Which ERP software will better improve your business?

Choosing between Apprise ERP and M1 can be a hard choice to make because both ERP software have a unique experience to offer. If you’re still undecided about what software you’re going to integrate into your company, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for an ERP software that can help you reduce costs and helps you keep track of your products, then we suggest that you choose Apprise ERP. With Apprise ERP’s shipping management feature, you can ensure that your drivers and route management processes are as efficient as possible with the help of its Aptean Distribution ERP route management tool.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an ERP software that allows you to collect sales data and make it readily accessible for use, then we suggest that you try M1. With M1’s financial management feature, you can provide your business with accurate and timely financial reporting by providing it with constant and real-time updates.

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