Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions such as WORK[etc] and Simple Systems provide small organizations with tools for sales management and customer service to establish strong customer relationships.

WORK[etc] is an all-in-one CRM software that manages and tracks all aspects of the customer lifecycle. Simple Systems is a cloud-based CRM solution that helps SMBs organize their sales and streamline their processes.

In this article, we’ll compare the features of WORK[etc] and Simple Systems to let you know how each CRM software can benefit your business. If you want to familiarize yourself with more CRM software vendors, use our CRM Product Selection Tool. You can get a free list of up to five reputable CRM solutions.

An overview of WORK[etc] and Simple Systems

WORK[etc] is a cloud-based CRM software designed to help businesses manage leads and sales. The software also has capabilities for billing and support. This CRM software is best for small and midsize businesses and has high-end pricing. WORK[etc] comes with features for:

  • document and content management
  • sales force automation
  • contact and account management
  • marketing automation
  • opportunity and pipeline management
  • project management
  • customer support
  • billing
  • reporting and analytics
  • mobile access

Simple Systems, also known as Really Simple Systems, is a CRM software best for companies with multiple locations and people who work remotely or at home. This CRM software is specifically made for small to medium-sized B2B businesses. It has a free edition and offers low-end pricing. Simple Systems provides the following features:

  • calendar or reminder system
  • database segmentation
  • email marketing
  • lead management
  • quotes or proposal management
  • reports and forecasting
  • sales management
  • task management
  • mobile access

WORK[etc] vs. Simple Systems: Feature comparison

WORK[etc] and Simple Systems have features for contact management, lead and pipeline management, and mobile access.

Contact management

With WORK[etc]’s contact management feature, every activity and interaction with a contact is captured online. Whether it is a sales email, support ticket, invoice, or product purchase, WORK[etc] stores these events in a timeline. Users can search and filter the customer activity history by keyword, activity, or employee interaction to find what they need fast. Users can also create up-to-date smart lists from complex contact variables. WORK[etc] lets users tag contacts for quick identification and classification and sync contacts from cloud services and Google Workspace.

Simple Systems’ contact management feature allows users to find and track every customer, contact, and communication instantly, set tasks to follow up, and share with other team members. More than keeping track of names and addresses, Simple Systems records every interaction, including emails, calls, notes, and documents, arranged in a summary timeline. Users can use the advanced search across contacts, accounts, opportunities, and tasks to quickly find what they need. They can keep track of their calls and meetings by setting tasks to follow up. Users can also record all their interactions and activities to maintain a full account history and timeline. They can import documents to Simple Systems’ customer account records.

Lead and pipeline management

WORK[etc] allows users to automate and manage the sales process by tracking leads across the entire business and giving sales teams the tools to close new leads. With this CRM, sales teams can capture leads with web forms, from their inbox, or on the road. Users can create custom sales workflows for different products, industries, or customer types. They can also view their company-wide sales pipeline and drill down by employee or custom workflow.

With Simple Systems, sales teams can manage their sales leads, or prospects, from initial inquiry through to a confirmed sale. This CRM software’s lead management feature helps businesses grow and nurture their customer base through importing contacts or converting web visitors to new leads. Users can create custom fields to fit their business so they can segment the data and personalise their content. With this CRM solution, users can automatically add new leads to email campaigns and create follow-up tasks.

Mobile access

To facilitate mobile access and let users manage the business on the go, WORK[etc] has native CRM apps for Android and iOS devices. With the mobile application, users can close a sales lead, create a new project, assign a support ticket, and track time and expenses. Additionally, they can create, update, and manage contacts anytime from anywhere. Users can collaborate with team members wherever they are through the Discussions feature from the WORK[etc] mobile app.

Unlike WORK[etc], Simple Systems CRM doesn’t have native mobile applications. Instead, the CRM uses cloud technology that allows the CRM system to run on any smartphone or tablet, providing access to all business data anytime. The CRM has been optimised for mobile use using a responsive design that allows the software to adapt to any device. Simple Systems’s CRM for mobile operates in real time so the data is always up to date. Users just need to fire up the browser on their device and the CRM software will automatically adjust the screen accordingly.


WORK[etc] has integrations with tools for file storage, notes access, file sharing, accounting, and data management:

  • Google Drive
  • Evernote
  • Box
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Bedrock Data

Simple Systems integrates with platforms for  access management, accounting, cloud storage, online document creation, and team communication:

  • onelogin
  • xero
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Slack

Choosing between WORK[etc] and Simple Systems

WORK[etc] and Simple Systems both have high customer satisfaction ratings and can be great CRM software choices. Before choosing between the two CRM solutions, it’s important to note the pros and cons of each software.

WORK[etc] is a comprehensive CRM software with tools that can help manage the business, end to end. That being said, the interface of this CRM solution can be overwhelming for some users. Also, WORK[etc] doesn’t have an auto-save feature, which can be quite important for many users.

Simple Systems is easy to use, straightforward, and, as its name implies, really simple. This CRM software is also highly customizable and has robust capabilities. On the downside, some users find that the system requires too many clicks to perform simple tasks.

If you’re still unsure, you can use our Product Selection Tool to know more about your other options.