To better manage a business and its customers, companies need customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM software is a single, unified platform that connects an organization’s various departments from customer service to marketing and sales. It organizes notes, activities, and metrics into a cohesive system as well as helps companies manage sales and marketing processes, keep track of their relationships, and provide more quality service and products. CRM systems enable organizations to personalize their service in order to build better customer relationships and plan customer interactions. Users can take advantage of features such as sales activity, lead scoring, lead management, email tracking, and automatic contact updates.

More recent features of CRM software include sales goal planning and tracking, document management, contract management, sales tracking, activity monitoring, invoicing, and billing. By providing users with aggregated customer information from within its system, companies can better personalize their marketing outreach strategies in order to target audiences.

Let’s consider two popular customer relationship management software — Work[etc] and GreenRope. We’ll compare their integrations, features, and pricing models to help you weigh the advantages of each software and to help you choose the more suitable product for your business. Take advantage of our freeProduct Selection Tool to receive five recommendations from our experienced Technology Advisors and to find a customized list of CRM software options. It’s easy to use and only takes five minutes.

Work[etc] vs. GreenRope: An overview

Work[etc] is a web-based CRM software designed to help grow businesses through its integrated billing, reporting, collaboration, CRM, and help deskcapabilities. Unlike the average CRM software, Work[etc] allows users to track and manage all aspects of an entire customer lifecycle. The software offers a more affordable option than purchasing individual tools and separate software.

Users can eliminate the need to buy costly integrations and use multiple logins by providing training and support for only one system. Thanks to its real-time accountability, managers can view a detailed activity history of every customer interaction an employee has. Since the software is cloud-based, users can remotely work with team members that are geographically distributed.

GreenRope is a cloud-based CRM software that small businesses in various industries can use for aligning social media, sales, event management, project management, and email marketing activities in one platform. Companies can benefit from its user-friendly interface that puts together all features in one screen, including scheduling, contact management, marketing, and project management.

Its event management feature can assign tasks, track projects, and store documents with ease. GreenRope integrates with social media platforms and provides users with a website-building function.

Features of Work[etc] vs. GreenRope


·         Project management:

Work[etc] allows users to view projects more easily by providing timeline and tree views as well as Gantt charts. Companies can create complex projects with triggers and dependencies for easy monitoring. Its built-in project templates can help maximize productivity.

·         Operations:

Operation information privacy is secured thanks to the software’s granular access permissions. Users can only view what is important through Work[etc]’s custom fields, allowing users to save time. Because of the software’s web-based nature, organizations can build teams, workgroups, and roles online.

·         Billing and finance:

Use the billing and finance module to build product catalogues and create recurring invoices to save time. The software can automatically capture all billing events to help improve cash flow. Organizations can handle their own complex tax processes by using Work[etc].

·         Sales management:

The software comes with customized sales processes that teams can use to assign and track leads. It allows users to capture sales leads directly from web forms, mobile devices, and emails.

·         Help desk:

Experience the ease of viewing an entire customer activity history on one screen with Work[etc]. It can assign tasks and track progress through a mobile device, the web, and emails.


·         Salesforce automation:

Within this module are other capabilities that teams can use, including desktop integration, partner relationship management, contact management, and pipeline management. Salesforce automation tracks leads to reduce redundancies and improve overall efficiency.

·         Marketing automation:

Have access to lead management, campaign management, marketing ROI analytics, and email marketing with GreenRope. The software allows users to determine the effectiveness of various activities that are implemented by an organization.

·         Email marketing:

Users can create emails with an editor, save customizable templates, manage bulk emails, and create targeted lists with GreenRope. The software can create automated responses that are based on online activity, lead scores, and events.

·         Customer support:

Use the software to make customers feel valued through its customer support portal where they can get answers to inquiries as well as post service issues, place orders, and view order history. The portal is where customer support professionals can access information pertinent to a specific concern or issue.  

A comparison of pricing plans

Work[etc] has a 3-tiered pricing plan: Starter, Team, and Foundation. The Starter plan is designed to help small businesses by providing 2,000 contacts and 3GB of data storage for up to 2 users. The Team plan is for use by up to 3 employees with 15 GB of data storage and 10,000 contacts. It also comes with additional features such as social media management, accounting integration, and customer portal. The Foundations plan offers 20,000 contacts and 50GB of data storage for up to 3 users with additional features such as contractor portal, deep reporting, and everything in the Team plan.

GreenRope has a 6-tiered pricing plan: Starter, Essential, Pro, Premium, Powerhouse, and Supreme. The Starter plan has 500 contacts, unlimited users and emails, and all features, while the Essential plan has 2,000 contacts, unlimited emails, and all features. The Pro plan is equipped with 5,000 contacts, unlimited users and emails, and all features. The Premium plan has 10,000 contacts, unlimited users and emails, and all features, while the Powerhouse plan comes with 15,000 contacts, unlimited users and emails, and all features. The Supreme plan offers 25,000 contacts, unlimited emails and users, and all features. Interested users can contact the vendor directly to get more detailed information on each pricing tier.

A comparison of integrations


·         Microsoft Outlook

·         Xero

·         Intuit QuickBooks

·         G Suite

·         Evernote



·         WordPress

·         MailChimp

·         Salesforce Sales Cloud

·         Basecamp

·         GoToMeeting

·         Gmail

Takeaways: Work[etc] vs. GreenRope

There is no doubt about the advantages of using CRM software for business. Regardless of the company’s size, the software can help better manage contacts and improve customer relationships. Both Work[etc] and GreenRope are ideal CRM software, but they have differences that need to be considered when choosing your business’s software.

Work[etc] benefits businesses of any size with its project management software that offers various views, including timeline and Gantt charts. This is helpful because it gives users an easier and more convenient way of analyzing a project’s progress and addressing issues before they happen. It’s an effective tool for forecasting problems that may occur at any point of the project.

The software’s billing and finance module is beneficial for large businesses because it allows them to use only one platform for sending billing and invoices as well as for creating product catalogues and recurring invoices. Users can save time from not having to make the same invoices at every interval.

GreenRope is a good choice for startups and small businesses because its features are easy to use and understand. Its customer support portal does not only make customers feel valued, but it also provides an avenue for them to raise their issues, complaints, and questions with ease. They don’t have to wait for a customer service representative to take their complaint or concern, resulting in a positive customer experience.

We can say that both Work[etc] and GreenRope are great CRM software. Many users express their recommendations because both software are flexible, customizable, and customer-centric. Any business that wants to grow can benefit from Work[etc] and GreenRope’s features.

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