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Comparing two CRMs: WORK[etc] vs. Agile CRM

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All in one customer relationship management (CRM) solutions such as WORK[etc] and Agile CRM aid growing businesses build lasting relationships with customers and eventually increase sales.

WORK[etc] is a CRM that leverages the simplicity of a single platform to manage complex business processes. Agile CRM is an integrated platform with dedicated sales, marketing, and service features.

In this article, we’ll compare the features of WORK[etc] and Agile CRM to help you make an informed decision before choosing a CRM software that best suits your business. You can also use our CRM Product Selection Tool if you want to get a free list of reliable CRM solutions and know more about your other options.

An overview of WORK[etc] vs. Agile CRM

WORK[etc] is a business management software that consolidates the capabilities of CRM, project management, customer support, and sales into a single, unified system. This software is used by organizations from various industries, including information technology, hospital and health care, and marketing and advertising. This CRM solution is best suited for SMBs and is available at high-end pricing. WORK[etc] has features for:

  • document and content management
  • sales force automation
  • contact and account management
  • marketing automation
  • opportunity and pipeline management
  • project management
  • customer support
  • billing
  • reporting and analytics
  • mobile access

Agile CRM is a cloud-based SaaS software that is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that require sales, marketing, and service automation. Like WORK[etc], Agile CRM is used by businesses from different sectors, such as computer software, marketing, and financial services. This CRM software has a free version and offers low-end prices. It has the following CRM features:

  • contact management
  • lead scoring
  • telephony
  • appointment scheduling
  • marketing automation
  • project management
  • reporting
  • landing-page builder
  • knowledge base
  • mobile access

WORK[etc] vs. Agile CRM: Feature comparison

WORK[etc] and Agile CRM have features for contact management, project management, and mobile access.

Contact management

With WORK[etc]’s contact management feature, users can instantly know everything about the customer and every interaction with that customer. This CRM software can handle unlimited contacts. It lets users browse and filter a timeline of every customer interaction. Teams can record unlimited contact details, like phone numbers and addresses. They can also link individual contacts to other contacts or to one or multiple companies. With WORK[etc], users can synchronize contacts across different devices, Google Accounts, and Outlook, and even between co–workers. The CRM software has a safe timeline tool that lets users review and correct sync conflicts.

Agile CRM’s contact management feature keeps all contacts in one place, accessible by all, with actionable data updated in real time. Teams can maintain deep insight into their customers and prospects, including their interests, behaviors, and interactions with the brand. Users can view everything they need to know about a contact on a single page that includes contact info, communication history, social media profiles, interests, points of engagement, lead scores, and related tasks and notes. Agile CRM has a built-in contact manager that lets users manage the contacts in a centralized address book. This CRM software allows users to sync up to three email accounts — including Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or any other IMAP service provider.

Project management

WORK[etc] lets users manage and deploy new projects quickly with project templates. With this CRM feature, users can view their project as a Gannt chart, timeline, or project tree. They can also filter projects by activity or employee. Team members can link timesheets, documents, discussions, notes, and contacts to their projects. The CRM lets users create dependency between tasks and assign triggers and alerts. Users can record timesheets, upload documents, create support cases, add expenses, create emails, and start discussions right from their WORK[etc] account. This CRM software enables teams to manage timesheets, labor costs, expenses, and materials.

The project management feature of Agile CRM allows teams to manage projects effectively with Agile’s drag-and-drop task list. Agile’s drag-and-drop project management tool makes it easier for users to move tasks between different sections. Users can also edit or delete tasks, and mark them as complete. Agile CRM’s project management feature enables users to sort tasks based on Priority, Due Date, Owner, or Status. Team managers can add tasks and assign them to the right team member. Additionally, they can set the new task’s type, due date, and category, and associate the appropriate contacts from the start.

Mobile access

WORK[etc] offers native CRM mobile applications for Android and iOS users to let them work anywhere. With the app, users can view important items and tasks with the smart dashboards. Users can also capture, assign, nurture, and close their sales leads. The mobile app enables users to keep track of receipts and expenses and collaborate with team members. Team members can log every hour with the timer and timesheets from the WORK[etc] mobile application. They can also create, update, and manage contacts anytime as well as provide customer support using their mobile devices.

Agile CRM’s mobile app is available for Android and iOS users, too. The Agile CRM mobile app helps marketers and salespeople acquire, retain, and service customers on the go. The app has features for marketing automation, sales enablement, telephony, and helpdesk. With Agile’s mobile CRM, users can send email campaigns, respond to social mentions, dial calls to customers, take notes after a meeting, resolve customer issues, and manage tasks. The mobile app can track sales productivity, deal management, and lead conversion rates.


Third-party integrations for WORK[etc] include solutions for file storage, notes access, file sharing, accounting, and data management:

Agile CRM has native integrations with tools for website creation, marketing automation, accounting, online payment processing, and social networking:

Deciding between WORK[etc] and Agile CRM

WORK[etc] and Agile CRM are both reliable CRM solutions ideal for SMBs, start-ups, and growing businesses. In deciding between the two CRM solutions, you can factor in the strengths and drawbacks of each CRM software.

WORK[etc] is highly customizable and user-friendly. The CRM software has strong project management capabilities, too. However, the system runs slow, according to numerous users. WORK[etc] also offers limited integrations, and its mobile application can be faulty at times.

Agile CRM is flexible, easy to implement, and comprehensive. It is also intuitive and provides a complete customer view, making it much easier to track customer activities and interactions. That being said, several users reported that some aspects of the CRM software aren’t easy to learn, such as the marketing automation feature.

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CRM Resources WORK[etc] vs. Agile CRM