Whether you’re a manufacturer or a distributor, acquiring enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provides agility, flexibility, and adaptability in a fast-changing business landscape. The ERP market is highly competitive, offering different ERP systems, such as Visibility ERP or Apprise ERP. Visibility ERP enhances manufacturing operations while Apprise ERP streamlines distribution processes.

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Visibility ERP vs. Apprise ERP: An overview

Visibility ERP features a fully-integrated ERP platform offering manufacturers a suite of advanced software applications to optimize business effectiveness, gain insights into processes and operations, and enhance performance. It provides multiple capabilities, including business performance management, accounting and finance, operations management, material and production planning, and customer relationship management.

Apprise ERP is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning software built for importers and distributors of consumer products. It offers a platform for efficient supply chain management, ensuring a seamless flow of products from the warehouse to the customers. Apprise ERP features distribution resource planning and forecasting, import management, electronic data interchange, and chargeback management capabilities.

Visibility ERP: A manufacturer’s ERP

The features and capabilities of Visibility ERP enhance the processes and operations of a manufacturing business.

Analytics and business performance

Visibility ERP offers a focused approach to analyzing data with its business performance management (BPM) suite. You can collect and consolidate your data from different sources and organize them for easy access. Visibility ERP allows you to perform analysis and gain insights into specific business processes and operations to improve business performance.

Financial management

Monitor your financial performance in real time with Visibility ERP. It offers a financial management suite that integrates analytics and reporting, providing insights into your financials for better decisions. Visibility ERP enables you to synchronize financial processes with your company’s milestones and predict cash flows. It features project accounting, accounts payable/receivable, revenue recognition, general ledger, installment billing, product costing, cost accounting, and payroll.

Project communications 

With Visibility ERP, you can collaborate with users and teams across the enterprise. It features a collaborative product foundation offering manufacturers real-time access to information. Visibility ERP streamlines business processes, automates communication, and integrates collaboration capabilities for managing project communications, ensuring the timely delivery of products.

Operations management

Simplify the processes of your day-to-day operations and ensure the right balance between the tasks and resources. Visibility ERP features an operations management suite that allows you to align your daily activities with long-term operational tasks. It reduces excess inventory, helping you invest in the right inventories and allocate personnel and resources more efficiently.

Product lifecycle management

Visibility ERP offers an engineering and product lifecycle management suite that allows you to develop products, create detailed product descriptions, and communicate product information more effectively. It enables you to manage complex product manufacturing, offering a range of capabilities, from product data management to continuous engineering.

Material and production planning

Visibility ERP allows you to meet the supply and demand requirements throughout the entire product life cycle. It features material requirements planning (MRP) and capacity requirements planning (CRP) to increase the efficiency of your procurement and planning processes.

Customer relationship management

Visibility ERP’s integrated CRM suite lets you maximize the value of your customer interactions. It features tools for managing and coordinating customer engagement more efficiently, allowing you to interact with clients throughout the buying cycle. Visibility ERP offers a range of capabilities, from leads-building to after-sales customer service.

Apprise ERP: A distributor’s ERP 

The capabilities of Apprise ERP help consumer goods distributors streamline complex business processes and improve operational efficiency.

Analytics and reporting

Apprise ERP features executive information systems, business intelligence, and profitability capabilities in its analytics and reporting application. It allows you to perform an in-depth analysis of your data across the business and supply chain. Additionally, it lets you gain actionable insights for better decision-making. You can also share data and collaborate with your team.

Retail compliance

Engage and collaborate with customers better with Apprise ERP’s retail management feature. It provides advanced capabilities to make your business retail compliant — chargeback management, electronic data interchange (EDI), and radio-frequency identification (RFID). Its RFID integration increases the efficiency of your product tracking, letting you gain a competitive advantage.

Demand planning

Apprise ERP features a distribution resource planning application that integrates point-of-sale (POS) data, customer forecasts, sales trends, supplier lead time, and other metrics to provide you with a complete view of your business. It allows you to control your product’s lifecycle while remaining flexible and cost-effective. Apprise ERP also offers automation, purchasing, and product lifecycle management capabilities.

Accounting and finance

Ensure the accuracy of your financial information with Apprise ERP’s financial management module. It streamlines your complex accounting processes and improves your reporting efficiency. Apprise supports general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and other capabilities, keeping your company’s financial foundation solid.

Customer portal

Provide your customers with remote access to your products with Apprise ERP’s customer portal. It features remote sales orders, order status, and dynamic site creation capabilities. Customers can place orders in the comfort of their homes. They can track the status of their orders and have a personalized online shopping experience.

Sales and customer service

With Apprise ERP, you can serve your customers better, providing them with an exceptional buying experience. Apprise ERP features an integrated sales order and customer relationship management application that offers tools for maintaining strong customer relationships.

Warehouse management

Apprise ERP features a warehouse management application to improve warehouse operations, such as receiving, physical inventory, and releasing for pickup. It simplifies processes, and it offers a wireless warehouse capability that streamlines operations and boosts productivity.

Other capabilities

As a distribution-specific enterprise planning, Apprise features other unique capabilities, including cloud ERP service, supplier production monitoring, EDI solutions, product lifecycle management, light manufacturing, import management, and logistics.

Which ERP system is a better choice?

Visibility ERP and Apprise ERP are two different enterprise planning platforms built for different market segments. For manufacturers of complex products, Visibility ERP would be the best fit as it supports make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project-based, discrete, and hybrid manufacturing.

Distributors of consumer products would find Apprise ERP a perfect choice. Its capabilities are designed to enhance the business processes of retailers, wholesalers, and e-commerce operators, enabling them to connect and engage with their customers. Ultimately, your choice always depends on your business requirements and preferences.

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