While Salesforce is already a household name when it comes to CRMs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right fit for every business. There is actually no one-size-fits-all in business handling. Insightly, though relatively newer than Salesforce, has also garnered positive feedback from many users since its launch in 2012. This article will compare Salesforce and Insightly to give you a closer look at what each software has to offer, so you can decide which one’s the best fit for your business. If you’re just starting your research, use our Product Selection Tool. We’ll give you five free recommendations for free that are tailored to your needs.

An overview of Salesforce vs. Insightly

Introduced to the market in the late ‘90s, Salesforce is now one of the most hailed CRMs worldwide. Small-scaled businesses to big companies use Salesforce as their main tool in lead generation, reporting and data analysis, and contact management. This CRM can be customized to meet exactly what the business needs. “Easy to use,” “Visually appealing User Interface,” and “Good selection of apps and systems for integration” are just some of the common positive comments Insightly users share. One of the strengths of this CRM is its relationship linking feature that can help businesses manage customer relationships better through ‘linking’ customer records and interactions.

Feature comparison for Salesforce vs. Insightly

In searching for the most suitable CRM for any business, checking out the features is a must. We’ll delve into the similar features of Salesforce and Insightly then compare how each CRM approaches these features.

Contact management

Organization, handling, and utilization of customer information play a crucial role in the success (or failure) of any business. Let’s check what these CRMs have to offer in terms of contact management: Salesforce’s contact management feature doesn’t just let you organize and store every interaction you have with a contact. It helps you track the history or activity of a contact through their past emails and social media. Monitoring a contact’s history will let you gain a better understanding of what your contact really wants and may be a tremendous help in finding leads. Aside from organizing a contact’s interaction with your business and tracking their social media activities, Insightly has ‘Relationship Linking’ that lets you record the relationship of one customer to another. For example, within a client’s organization, you can link a contact to their direct supervisor so you can get a clearer view of how the organization works. Better understanding of the workflow of your client could be useful in making strategic plans on how to improve your relationship with them. Great customer relations can contribute to converting leads into actual sales.

Reports and dashboards

It is essential to monitor and document how your company performs. Constant monitoring will be helpful in analyzing what needs to be done in order to generate more sales or make your business more successful altogether. Additionally, keeping a close eye on your business performance can potentially help you prevent foreseeable problems and make adjustments to your business approach, if necessary. One of the many features users like about Salesforce is its customizable reports. As a business owner, you get to decide what specific details you would like to be available or visible on the reports and dashboard. Salesforce also has an Analytical Snapshots feature that lets you record reports at a given schedule. This helps you keep track of the trends in your business, including sales, employee performance, and so on. Regarding the reports and dashboard feature, Insightly also offers a comprehensive but pre-configured report. Just like Salesforce, the reporting and dashboard feature of this CRM lets you see the trends in business, performance, and leads. Report alerts that will notify users whenever a new report has been generated are offered on Insightly’s premium plans.

Mobile app

Let’s face it, nowadays, almost everybody is on the go. Having a CRM that’s accessible through a mobile app can be game-changer for any business owner. The Salesforce mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. The mobile app lets you collaborate with your clients as well as colleagues, organize your schedule, and edit documents. It lets you view the reports and dashboards real-time. Available in Google Play and the App Store, Insightly’s mobile app offers unique capabilities. Aside from giving you the freedom to organize your tasks and schedule your meetings, this mobile app lets you scan business cards to make adding contact even more convenient. Voice Memo is also a popular feature of Insightly app. It lets you record your voice to save time while documenting any important ideas that will come to mind as you go through your day.


Another major factor every business owner should look for in selecting the ideal CRM for their business is the integration. No matter how wonderful Salesforce or Insightly is, you can’t get the most out of these software without the integration apps and systems. There are so many apps and software that can be integrated into Salesforce which gives this CRM a broader scale with regard to types of businesses it can be compatible with. You can get these integrations on Salesforce paid plans. Some of the apps and software that may be integrated with Salesforce are: G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, Quickbooks. Jira, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. By comparison, Salesforce definitely has a wider selection of apps for integration than Insightly. What makes Insightly attractive to some users are the apps and software you can integrate into it. Familiar apps such as Google Apps, Google Drive, and Outlook are available for integration to this CRM. You can display your Insightly calendar on your Google Calendar if you’re on an Insightly free plan.

Salesforce or Insightly?

Both Salesforce and Insightly can do wonders for your business. The question isn’t really whether which CRM is better, but whether which CRM is better for your business, specifically. Salesforce has its own strengths that could be an asset to some businesses, but could cause difficulties for others. For example, its customizable reports – this could be an amazing feature for tech-savvy users; however, this could be challenging for other users. In other words, what could be considered as ‘best’ for some might not be the best for you. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that cost isn’t everything. You might think that the most expensive Salesforce plan is the best for your small business because of the price – well, not really. You have to choose what’s more practical, especially if you’re just starting up a new business. Insightly offers a free plan for up to two users. You can always upgrade your plan or switch to other CRM software as your business grows. Want more CRM software options? Use our Product Selection Tool.