Salesforce vs. Capsule CRM

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Salesforce vs. Capsule CRM

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Salesforce and Capsule CRM have proven themselves worthy of the attention they receive. The features these programs possess can boost the efficiency of your company in just a matter of days.

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship manager that has a built-in intelligence program that automates administrative tasks. Salesforce is a great tool when it comes to identifying and categorizing leads because of its dedicated features. It’s also effective in tracking customer information and converting it to useful information.

On the other hand, Capsule CRM is a simple customer relationship manager that’s dedicated to building stronger customer relationships. Its features help your company improve your products and services by gathering relevant data from your customers.

Of course, Salesforce and Capsule aren’t the only options for flexible and extensible CRM software. If these systems don’t have what you’re looking for, or you’re still looking around, use our Product Selection Tool to get a short list of recommendations based on your needs.

Pricing plans and supported platforms in Salesforce vs. Capsule CRM

Salesforce and Capsule both have flexible subscription plans for you to choose from. They provide a free trial, so you can determine if their product works for your business. To guide you on what they offer, here are their pricing plans:

Salesforce pricing

  • Lightning Essentials
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited

Capsule pricing

  • Free
  • Professional
  • Teams

Salesforce and Capsule CRM both support use on Android and iPhone mobile phones, and users can access the tools on any internet browser.

Similar features in Salesforce vs. Capsule CRM

Make more productive decisions and simplify your work experience with Salesforce and Capsule CRM. Here are some features that Salesforce and Capsule CRM both share.

Contact Management 

The contact management feature in Salesforce allows users to open a conversation with clients anywhere and anytime. This feature allows a seamless connection between you and your client. With the use of its mobile capacities and numerous integrations like Google Drive, Slack, and Mailchimp, contact management in Salesforce makes it easier.

Capsule CRM offers a different experience in their contact management feature. Their feature focuses more on creating a single space for all of your client’s data. This data can be imported to various integrations that you can view and process.

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Pipeline management 

The pipeline management feature in Salesforce allows users to predict future revenues and sales. What makes Salesforce’s pipeline management unique is that it presents the data gathered into a single graph that’s easy to understand. These graphs can alert the sales manager about future sales numbers, so they can act on those numbers.

Capsule’s pipeline management feature allows its users to use a drag-and-drop functionality. It lets you keep track of every sale clearly and enables you to move on from one stage to the next. It allows you to make quick but reliable decisions based on the data gathered.

Sales reporting

Salesforce empowers your business development and revenue by collecting useful data for your company. The sales reporting feature in Salesforce allows you to create a customized dashboard where you can view all your transactions in one place. The main focus of their sales reporting tool is to give you a real-time view of all your sales data.

In Capsule CRM, their sales reporting tool makes it possible for your employees to create individual reports from different sources. Their advanced sales reports will tell you everything you need to know about pipeline health so you can react to market changes. The sales reports this tool produces are easy to understand even for first-time users.

Which CRM is better? Salesforce or Capsule CRM?

While both CRM have features and tools you can use for your business, there will always be a customer relationship manager that stands above the rest.

Choosing between Salesforce or Capsule CRM can be a difficult choice because they both have helpful features. To help you decide on what to get, consider every element each CRM offers and compare it to the needs of your company. Choose the features that will significantly benefit your company and stick with that CRM.

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