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PhoneBurner vs. WalkMe

'Compare two CRM solutions PhoneBurner and WalkMe'

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps businesses be productive and efficient through automation. Time-consuming tasks can be completed faster and with fewer human errors. CRM systems were patterned from the Rolodex and started with handwritten notes. They have evolved and are now stored in individual computers and launched on physical servers as databases.

There is a CRM system for every business that comes with sales activity, lead scoring and management, email tracking, appointment setting, contract and document management, sales goal planning and tracking, activity monitoring and sales performance, and invoicing and billing. Businesses have access to aggregate customer information to make personalized and targeted marketing strategies. The software can mine data to better fit customer personas.

We evaluate two popular customer relationship management software:  PhoneBurner vs. WalkMe. We’ll compare their features, integrations, and pricing models to better determine the more suitable product for your business. Use our free Product Selection Tool and receive five recommendations from our Technology Advisors. It’s fast and easy.

PhoneBurner vs. WalkMe: An overview

PhoneBurner is a web-based power dialer designed to boost outbound sales team productivity. It has advanced reporting features for higher sales growth. Use the software to speed up the calling process and enable sales agents to reach 80 leads an hour. Sales teams have full control over the dialing experience throughout the process and use above-standard capabilities of email tracking and contact management features. PhoneBurner has a built-in lead distribution platform called LeadStream that assigns leads to the right agents to increase chances for conversion.

The software eliminates manual dialing, automates post-call processes, and enables one-touch email sending.

WalkMe is a web-based engagement and interactive guidance solution for managers to improve customer experience in different websites. It uses automated tip balloons to direct customers to specific actions as part of the ‘walk thru’ feature. The software uses artificial intelligence (AI), guidance and automation, engagement, and analytics to help users adapt to any enterprise software with ease. Users can customize the look and feel of the software to suit website layout and screen size. They can track user interactions with the software and update the way users are guided through the site.

A comparison of features 

PhoneBurner needs no installation and gets users up and running quickly:

·         Power Dialer:

This feature doesn’t have to be installed. Users log in to the software and connect to the dialing platform through a VOIP softphone or any phone, set the caller ID, and select the contacts to start calling. The Power Dialer allows up to 80 calls an hour and streamlines tasks like email, voicemail, and workflows.

·         CRM (detailed contact records):

PhoneBurner stores data right where it’s needed. Access text exchanges, documents, call recordings, and detailed contact history with ease. Send texts and emails right from the contact record and use one-touch email templates and personalized emails instantly.

·         Workflow automation:

Get rid of manual dialing by letting PhoneBurner dial contacts for you. The software drops pre-recorded voicemails in one click if the prospect is unavailable. While voicemail is being dropped, agents can proceed to the next call.

·         Remote dialing:

Build a remote team to coordinate workflows, reporting, and lead distribution. Users can work anywhere with everything they need at their fingertips. The remote sales platform is scalable, making it fit for big and small teams alike.

·         Text messaging:

Use text messaging to successfully reach leads. Compared to emails and voicemails, text messages are read 98% of the time. Send personalized text messages to increase replies and callbacks.

WalkMe offers features to increase engagement:

·         Digital adoption platform:

WalkMe comes with in-app training, audience segmentation, content creation, launch management, and self-service tools.

·         Customer engagement:

Use WalkMe to collect feedback from leads and prospects and receive analytics reports. It has a live chat feature to address customer concerns instantly. The software comes with content syndication and churn management.

·         Customer experience:

The software enhances customer experience with analytics, dashboard, customer segmentation, knowledge management, predictive analytics, multi-channel data collection, and survey/poll management.

·         Onboarding:

Use WalkMe for document and task management. Create and distribute employee handbooks and provide workflow orientation.

Comparison of prices

PhoneBurner offers one pricing plan — Unlimited Dialing. It is charged on a per user basis and can be paid monthly or annually. The premium features include unlimited power dialing, CRM, voicemail drop, email sending, link and attachment tracking, custom dispositions, call recording and transfer, local ID, text messaging, and admin features. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly for full pricing details.

WalkMe has a 2-tiered pricing model: Basic and Custom. The Basic plan offers unlimited time along with three Walk-Thrus, 5 steps per Walk-Thru, basic online support, and 300 assists per month. The Custom plan has unlimited Walk-Thrus, unlimited steps per Walk-Thru, multiple support options, analytics, self-hosting option, full helpdesk integration, SSL support, segmentation, multi-language, and full interface control. The vendor welcomes quote requests.

Comparison of integrations

PhoneBurner has native integrations with Zapier, HubSpot, and Salesforce. It reinforces performance by integrating with other applications such as:

·         Autopilot

·         BombBomb

·         MailChimp

·         Zoho

·         Pipedrive

·         Microsoft Dynamics

WalkMe integrates with various apps including:

·         AlayaCare

·         Toonimo

·         Saba Learning

Takeaways: PhoneBurner vs. WalkMe

Both PhoneBurner and WalkMe provide users with features for enhanced engagement and sales. Though they have similarities, their differences need to be considered to make a sound choice for your CRM product.

Startups can benefit from the two-tiered pricing plan of WalkMe because it offers a choice. However, PhoneBurner’s all-in pricing plan offers unlimited features and time. Businesses of all sizes don’t have to worry about overtimes because the charge is fixed.

Whatever the size of your business, PhoneBurner integrates with many business applications, making it a better choice than WalkMe.

If you manage an enterprise business with more than 50 agents, PhoneBurner is a better option because of the Power Dialer feature that saves time and allows agents to maximize every call.

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CRM Resources PhoneBurner vs. WalkMe