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Comparing two CRMs: Freshsales vs. SugarCRM

When choosing between two fully-featured CRMs, you need to know which one has the features that work for you. We compare Freshsales and SugarCRM to help you find the perfect fit.

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If you’re looking for a customer relationship management software to integrate into your company, you might have already encountered Freshsales and SugarCRM.

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Freshsales vs. SugarCRM: Software overview

Freshsales is a CRM software that’s designed to keep track of customer data while solving inquiries. This tool can help find and control numerous leads that can potentially become sales in the future. With Freshsales, you can optimize sales and prioritize pipeline opportunities with its simple and easy-to-navigate interface.

SugarCRM is an open-source platform that’s dedicated to helping its users grow their customer base and create new leads. The main feature of this tool is its customizability and ability to personalize customer relationships. With SugarCRM, you can track and capture important opportunities to extend your influence to more customers.

Support features for Freshsales vs. SugarCRM 

Getting support when you need it is an important part of any software purchase. Freshsales offers support features such as online support, video tutorials, customer service, and phone support to help you troubleshoot the software.

On the other hand, SugarCRM offers its online customer service to guide and help you with problems concerning the product. While Freshsales provides more options to help you manage your software, SugarCRM’s customer service portal is quite competent enough to satisfy your needs.

Target customers for Freshsales vs. SugarCRM 

Freshsales works best for small to enterprise-level corporations. With its powerful contact management hub, this CRM tool offers different benefits to its clients. Freshsales is a great tool for those who are new and experienced in customer relationship management tools because of its unique design.

On the other hand, SugarCRM works best with medium to enterprise-level businesses. With its intuitive program and accurate account management features, SugarCRM allows users to process and analyze customer data any time and anywhere. SugarCRM can support large businesses with its multifaceted process.

Similar features for Freshsales vs. SugarCRM 

Freshsales and SugarCRM might be different CRM tools, but the main purpose of their software is still the same: to increase customer communication and improve sales. Here are some similar features that Freshsales and SugarCRM share:

Contact management

Freshsales’ contact management feature allows you to build custom reports for every contact obtained. By customizing the data of your contacts, you can create a clearer picture of how they are interacting with your products and your business. With Freshsales, you can identify trends, analyze wins and losses, and summarize the information of your contacts.

SugarCRM’s contact management feature attaches all associated information to your contact’s profiles for easier tracking. This feature allows you to edit or add files to your contacts simultaneously, eliminating the need to modify contact per contact. With SugarCRM, you can save more time in editing the details of your contacts than with most CRM tools.

Lead management

Freshsales’ lead management feature uses AI-based lead scoring to give you a 360-degree view on all conversations and relevant details. This feature doesn’t only attract leads but also manages them appropriately for you to process. With Freshsales, you can do more than just track leads, you can also secure deals with your contacts with ease.

SugarCRM’s lead management feature provides a campaign wizard that helps you create, execute, and track leads for the company. This feature doesn’t only capture and collate leads, but it can also help you create personalized web-to-load forms. SugarCRM can help you evaluate which leads need more attention than others.

Which customer relationship management software should you choose? 

If you’re still undecided about what CRM tool you’ll choose, we’ll give you a hand in solving that problem.

If you’re looking for a CRM tool that can help you attract and manage leads, then Freshsales might be what you’re looking for. With its AI-based lead scoring, you’ll have a 360-degree view on all conversations and relevant details of your leads.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a CRM tool that allows you to edit or add files to your contacts simultaneously, then we suggest that you buy SugarCRM. With its contact management feature, you can attach all associated information to your contact’s profiles for easier tracking.

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CRM Resources Freshsales vs. SugarCRM