Running a business means giving equal importance to both current and potential customers. By maintaining customer relationships, businesses are able to expand and provide better services. Thanks to customer relationship management (CRM) software, this task is made easier through automation. CRM software started with handwritten notes and was patterned after the Rolodex. It evolved into databases that were stored on individual computers and launched on physical servers. Today, such software comes with lead scoring and management, appointment setting, email tracking, and sales activity.

Businesses of all sizes can use CRM systems for invoicing and billing, sales performance and activity monitoring, sales goal planning and tracking, and contract and document management. It offers aggregated information about customers to help teams better personalize marketing strategies and reach out to the right audience.

We compare two popular customer relationship management software: Five9 Cloud Contact Center vs. Centralpoint. We’ll analyze their features, pricing models, and integrations to help you choose the better product for your business. Use our free Product Selection Tool and receive five recommendations from our Technology Advisors. It’s easy to use and takes only five minutes.

Five9 Cloud Contact Center vs. Centralpoint: An overview

Five9 Cloud Contact Center, or Five 9, is an all-in-one cloud contact center solution that blends inbound and outbound capabilities. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize team effectiveness on the phone, chat, email, and web. The AI-driven Five9 Engagement Workflow uses intelligent routing to bring customers to the right agent.

Next-step guidance is given to agents before picking up the phone with Five9 Genius. The software has IVR with speech recognition for addressing common customer inquiries, freeing up agents for high-value interactions.

Centralpoint is a digital experience platform for creating and managing content, enabling user access through single sign on, and delivering data to all audiences from a unified source. It can be used for all information types including design, mobile, web pages, and documents for a unique digital experience. Centralpoint offers content and data management tools that can be installed on premise or in the cloud. It comes with modular applications that can be configured to meet specific business needs. The software caters to enterprise organizations across different industries such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and engineering.

A comparison of features

Five9 equips agents with high-tech contact management features for better customer service:

·         Smart Dialer:

The Smart Dialer predicts agents’ availability and optimizes customer requests. It helps agents shorten waiting times and ensures all calls and requests are answered.

·         Multiple call centers:

Five9 ensures agents are available in all channels that customers can reach, giving them access to inbound, outbound, omnichannel, and blended call centers.

·         Intelligent routing:

The software is an independent system that intelligently routes the right call to the right agent without interference by relying on customer history, IVR selections, and agent ability. Five9 can reroute a call in case an agent is busy.

·         Valuable CRM integrations:

Five9 allows access to customer data to resolve issues quickly. Users can easily export information by integrating with leading CRM software providers like Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite, and Zendesk.

·         Voice quality:

The software offers the best voice quality to ensure crystal-clear conversations by using voice lines from premium providers. There’s no need to purchase special hardware because everything is accessible from the cloud.

Centralpoint offers strong features for its users:

·         Knowledge management:

Users have access to discussion boards, full-text search, collaboration, content management, and a self-service portal.

·         Data extraction:

Centralpoint allows extraction of various data such as phone numbers, IP and email addresses, pricing, image, document, and web data.

·         Data mining:

Use the software for fraud detection, text mining, semantic search, statistical analysis, data visualization, linked data management, predictive modeling, and machine learning.

·         Enterprise content management:

Centralpoint comes with collaboration tools, information governance, content lifecycle management, archiving and retention, electronic signature, mobile access, and document and workflow management. 

·         Intranet:

Users within a company can communicate using the intranet. Centralpoint comes with calendar management, forums and discussions, wiki, blogs, content and knowledge base management, and activity or newsfeed.

A comparison of prices

Five9’s pricing model consists of a 3-tiered plan: Inbound, Outbound, and Blended. The Inbound plan includes ACD, CTI, IVR, historical and standard reporting, quality monitoring, and multi-channel. The Outbound plan has dialers, CTI, historical and standard reporting, chat, and social and multi-channel platforms. The Blended plan includes Inbound and Outbound features — plus IVR, speech recognition IVR, and CRM integrations.

Centralpoint’s pricing details are not publicly available. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly to ensure they get the necessary features for the right price.

Comparison of integrations

Five9 has robust, pre-built integrations with leading CRM system providers such as:

·         Oracle Service Cloud

·         Zoho CRM

·         Custom CRM Solutions

·         Zendesk

·         Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

·         SugarCRM

Centralpoint integrates with other applications such as:

·         Slack

·         PowerPoint

·         Instagram

·         Facebook

·         Paypal

·         Microsoft Word and Excel

Takeaways: Five9 Cloud Contact Center vs. Centralpoint

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Five9 and Centralpoint’s capabilities. Both software come with features that ensure great customer experience, productivity, and efficiency. However, it is important to consider their differences to help businesses make the right choice.

If you’re running a large company, Five9 is a good choice. Its Smart Dialer feature saves time and ensures no call is left unanswered. Businesses with a large customer base can ensure no customer is left behind. It has a voice quality feature for crystal-clear conversations that lead to good customer experience and feedback. The software also has intelligent routing that maximizes time by routing customers to the right agent and rerouting them if the agent is busy. It saves valuable time for both customer and agent.

Centralpoint is advantageous to small and mid-sized businesses because of the intranet feature. It is an inexpensive way for employees to communicate and collaborate using one platform.

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