Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions like Apptivo CRM and Oracle specialize in improving customer relationships through providing tools for marketing, sales, and contact management.

Apptivo CRM is a business software with tightly integrated email marketing capabilities that provides businesses with 360° view of contacts. Oracle has a CRM software that automates time-consuming data entry and task management to create more effective and efficient sales organizations. 

In this article, we’ll compare the features of Apptivo CRM and Oracle to help you determine if one of these CRM solutions is the right fit for your business. You can also use our Product Selection Tool if you want to get a free list of other reputable CRM solutions. 

Apptivo CRM vs. Oracle: An overview

Apptivo CRM is a sales-focused software ideal for those looking for a well-rounded CRM platform with user-friendly features. This CRM is best for SMBs, but is still being used by numerous large-scale businesses. Apptivo CRM offers a free plan for users who aren’t familiar with CRMs. It has low-end pricing and features such as:

  • contact management
  • lead and opportunity management
  • collaboration
  • sales planning
  • customer service ticket management
  • invoicing
  • campaign management
  • reporting
  • project management
  • mobile access

Oracle’s CRM software, called Oracle CX Sales, is a cloud-based, lead-to-contract sales solution that enables representatives to make connections, build relationships, and close deals. This CRM software is suitable for any business size. Oracle has average pricing and provides the following features:

  • email marketing
  • campaign management
  • lead management
  • opportunity management
  • forecasting
  • content management
  • sales incentive compensation
  • territory management
  • quota management

Apptivo CRM vs. Oracle: Feature comparison

Both Apptivo CRM and Oracle have features for contact management, lead management, and opportunity management.

Contact management

With the Apptivo CRM contact management feature, users can collaborate with people on the go. Businesses can have all their contacts in one centralized place. Users can create clean and accurate data, configure and customize their own duplication rules, and avoid re-entering of contacts data. Users can control whether they want to block the creation of duplicates. In Apptivo CRM, a contact can be converted into a lead or a customer, right from the Contacts App. Without the re-entry of data in the CRM system, conversion can be done in a few clicks. The contact management feature from Apptivo allows users to upload contacts in bulk from any source, through CSV files.


Oracle allows users to create contacts directly in sales applications, import contacts using import management, or use a web service to create a contact. When users create a contact in Oracle, existing contacts are automatically checked for duplicate entries. Users can utilize contact management capabilities to search for, create, update, delete, merge, and enrich contacts. With Oracle, users can extract important contact details, including job title, influence level, affinity, and buying role. This CRM software gives a complete picture of the contact, including all the customer relationships associated with the contact.

Lead management

Apptivo CRM’s lead management feature lets businesses track and manage all their prospective customers. Sales teams can gather and create leads in Apptivo through various sources. Users can create leads manually, collect leads from web forms, emails, and API. Users can assign a rank or score to each sales prospect based on the understanding of their interests and buying intentions. With this CRM’s lead scoring capability, users can prioritize the leads and concentrate on the most active and high-value leads. 

With Oracle’s lead management feature, sales professionals can use the contact time zone field to capture the preferred time zone of contacts pursued as leads. The contact time zone is based on the contact address and helps users know the preferred time to call or email a prospect or customer. In this CRM software, leads are sourced from a company’s existing contacts and sales campaigns. For each sales lead, users can assign contacts, sales team members, and products. Through the lead management feature, users can also track activities and assign due dates, attach documents relevant to the sales lead, and post notes for the sales lead.

Opportunity management

With Apptivo’s opportunity management, users can organize their opportunities and create multiple potential sales. Users can create opportunities manually or collect and create opportunities automatically from emails they receive. Sales managers can review their sales team performance to know their win/loss rates. They can also view the percentage of the conversion in different formats. Apptivo CRM allows users to manage and analyze information about opportunities, forecasts, and goals through built-in pipeline reports and graphic dashboards. 

Oracle’s opportunity management feature allows users to create, manage, and close opportunities, supporting the entire sales life cycle. This CRM integrates opportunities with leads, making it possible to convert leads to opportunities. Oracle enables businesses to maintain opportunity information. For each sales stage, administrators can create action items (process steps), task templates, recommended documents, assessment templates, and fields that are required for use in opportunities. In addition, administrators can specify a different default win probability percentage for each sales stage. Managers can assign opportunities to sales teams. Oracle has an assignment engine for rule-based or territory-based auto assignment of salespeople to opportunities. 


Apptivo CRM has pre-built integrations with platforms for productivity, collaboration, eCommerce, file sharing, and website creation:

  • Office 365 
  • Slack
  • PayPal  
  • Dropbox Business  
  • WordPress

Oracle readily integrates with applications for CRM, productivity, enterprise resource planning, project management, and eCommerce:

  • Salesforce
  • Office 365
  • NetSuite
  • Jira
  • eBay

Apptivo CRM or Oracle for your business

Apptivo CRM and Oracle can be an asset to your business and help you boost sales and increase profits. Before choosing the better-suited CRM software for your business, you might want to know the pros and cons of each software.

Apptivo CRM is comprehensive software that has a wide variety of features and capabilities. The interface is straightforward and intuitive. However, this CRM runs slow, and importing data can take a long time. Apptivo CRM also has limited integrations available, compared to other CRM software options.

Oracle is a leading CRM that has powerful capabilities. It is highly customizable, too. However, Oracle’s extensive capabilities and features can be overwhelming and impractical for smaller businesses. While the software is customizable, customization can be expensive and can only be performed by skilled programmers. 

If you’re still unconvinced, you can explore other CRM solutions. Use our Product Selection Tool to get a free list of up to five reliable CRM software vendors.