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Comparing two CRMs: Agile CRM vs. Spiro

When choosing between two fully-featured CRMs, you need to know which one has the features that work for you. We compare Agile and Spiro to help you find the perfect fit.

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A competitive business environment calls for creativity and innovation to do more with less, thus increasing productivity. And one of the most significant innovations that affect how businesses engage with customers is the CRM software.

Getting a CRM for your marketing, sales, business processes, and customer service becomes a necessity to stay competitive. And speaking of competition, the CRM market itself has been highly competitive in the last decade. Two of the competing CRMs are Agile CRM and Spiro.

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Agile CRM vs. Spiro

Both Agile CRM and Spiro offer advanced software solutions to simplify business processes and better engage with clients.

Launched in 2013, Agile CRM integrates marketing, sales, and services in its platform. It delivers a simple, elegant user interface and offers affordable business solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises. Spiro introduces an engaging CRM software built on artificial intelligence. It serves as a CRM and a sales platform designed for small and medium businesses.

Marketing and sales

Agile CRM’s integration and automation of sales, marketing, and customer service in one place make it easier for you to transition between each part of the business that connects to the clients. The CRM ensures consistency in your communication with the team and customers.

You can do a lot in its dashboard that features a simple and easy-to-use interface — connect to socials, email and digital marketing, track communications, monitor benchmarks, gather and analyze customer data, generate reports and gain insights, gamify to improve sales, and personalize engagement with clients. It allows you to manage your team collaborations more effectively.

Spiro is primarily a sales tool that harnesses the power of machine learning in its platform. It integrates data analytics, automation, and marketing with sales. Connecting you to data sources, it lets you understand your client better with customer analytics to provide a better experience.

The AI-powered platform lets you automate the collection of client information and the generation of tasks, lists, and logs. It tracks all your communications like calls, emails, and meetings and self-generates reports. Spiro’s built-in VoIP capability and AI-generated call list feature helps you connect to prospective clients with the possibility of turning relationships into closed deals.

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Customer service and data analytics

Agile CRM’s innovative help desk integrates data analytics with marketing, sales, and customer service, allowing you to have better interaction with your clients. It lets you understand your customers and engage them proactively by providing personalized services, resolving queries, and empowering them with self-service features.

Spiro is not only a sales platform but also a data analytics tool with CRM capabilities. It collects customer information from across your communication channels and analyzes data for insights and unique client engagement. With its built-in tools, you can identify sales opportunities and generate leads, automate processes including notifications and reminders, detect and troubleshoot errors in your pipeline, build sales reports, strategize your sales, optimize team productivity, track activities and communications, and more.

Third-party integrations

A cloud-based SaaS, Agile CRM modernizes the CRM, combining analytics, sales, marketing, and customer service. For flexibility and ease of use, it integrates tools and apps you’re already using such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Apps, Twilio, TowerData, Zendesk, UserVoice, and RingCentral.

Spiro features Zapier integrations to link you with over 2,000 applications and productivity tools like Google suite, Google Drive, Facebook, Mailchimp, Calendly, MySQL, Salesforce, Office 365, Xero, Constant Contact, and Gravity Forms.

Which platform is better?

The better platform depends on your business needs. The market has plenty of options to choose from. But in deciding between Agile CRM and Spiro, both software solutions offer their unique approaches to the CRM. Agile CRM integrates sales, marketing, and customer service into a single, unified platform. It is priced reasonably, which is one of the reasons why it is best for small businesses.

Spiro, on the other hand, is primarily a sales platform and data analytics tool with CRM capabilities. It helps you engage and interact with your customers more proactively.

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CRM Resources Agile CRM vs. Spiro