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Comparing two CRMs: Agile CRM vs. Odoo CRM

When choosing between two fully-featured CRMs, you need to know which one has the features that work for you. We compare Agile and Odoo to help you find the perfect fit.

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Both Agile and Odoo CRM are reputable CRM software products. Agile can help businesses establish strong customer relationships with its features for sales and marketing. Likewise, Odoo offers useful features for leads nurturing, effective communication, and reporting to strengthen relationships with customers.

In this article, we’ll compare the main features of Agile and Odoo CRM to help you decide which option suits your company better. If you’re short on time, use our Product Selection Tool to get a free shortlist of CRM software recommendations in just five minutes.

An overview of Agile CRM vs. Odoo CRM

Agile is a CRM solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Its features include contact management, a calendar, reporting, telephony, mobile CRM, lead scoring, appointment scheduling, and gamification. Agile CRM is relatively affordable with a free plan for up to 10 users.

Odoo CRM’s capabilities can handle the CRM needs of any business — big or small. It’s an open-source solution with a modern user interface that offers features for contact management, lead scoring, lead nurturing, pipeline management, telephony, advanced reporting, mobile access, and dashboards. Odoo CRM has flexible pricing plans that allow you to choose and pay only for the features you need.

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Features comparison

Agile and Odoo CRM have similar features for telephony, lead generation and nurturing, and mobile access.


Agile lets you communicate with contacts through its telephony feature, which lets users make and receive calls. You can add notes during or after conversations to keep track of important call details. You can  record calls and check real-time call logs. Users can take advantage of Agile’s pre-set call scripts that are customized for multiple audiences. The call forwarding capability lets you forward business calls to a personal device when you’re out of the office.

Odoo CRM’s telephony feature lets users create a dial queue for customers or opportunities and make calls from the browser. Odoo CRM log calls automatically, open the customer form, and even automate next actions after a call. For failed calls, you can reschedule or send an email to the prospect. Add call recordings and statistics to leads and opportunities, and assign leads to calls. You can  keep track of all calls using the calls history form. Users can create opportunities from calls and auto-create leads for incoming calls.

Lead generation and nurturing

Agile helps you generate leads in a few different ways. For example, Agile has a LinkedIn Lead Capture feature that lets you select a contact and migrate them into Agile CRM along with their work details. Agile also has an email finder feature that lets you automatically search known email servers and possible email patterns for you to find a potential customer’s contact details. Agile lets you nurture leads by sending newsletters and email campaigns.  Use Agile’s pre-built email templates for sending email campaigns and newsletters.

Odoo CRM lets you generate leads using its column matching tool, which imports prospects from various sources. Odoo also offers a live chat feature. You can add this tool to your website and convert conversations into leads. This tool detects countries, states and cities of leads automatically from your visitor’s IP address and tracks the source of your leads through Odoo’s URL trackers. To nurture leads, you can create email campaigns and automatically send customized emails.

Mobile access

Agile lets you access the software through a mobile app for Android and iOS. The Agile CRM mobile app lets you access several key features of the software including contact management, telephony, deal management, appointment scheduling, gamification, email tracking, email marketing, ticketing, feedback management, and the knowledgebase. Aside from offering a mobile app, Agile also lets you contact leads by sending custom SMS messages for increased engagement.

Odoo CRM offers a mobile app for Android and iOS users, too. Odoo CRM’s mobile application works offline and includes key features such as messaging, dashboards, and timesheets. You can access and send messages and create to do lists. Users can  view  contacts and update  details using the mobile app. You can complete timesheets and view dashboards.


Agile integrates with various apps and tools for social networking, accounting, eCommerce, voice messaging, and email marketing. Some of the apps and tools that integrate with Agile are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Twilio Communications Cloud
  • Mailchimp
  • Xero
  • Campaign Monitor

Odoo CRM can be integrated with solutions and apps for online documentation, eCommerce, email marketing, contact syncing, and social networking. Here are some of the integrations for Odoo CRM:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Google Docs
  • Robly
  • PieSync
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Choosing the right CRM for you

Agile works best for small and mid-sized businesses and offers a free plan that’s good for small teams.The CRM also comes with gamification tools and supports more integrations than Odoo CRM.

Odoo CRM works for businesses of any size, and its flexible pay-for-what-you-need pricing plans make it especially attractive to smaller companies. Keep in mind that to make the most of Odoo CRM, it’s helpful to have software developers on your team since Odoo is a customizable, open-source platform.

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CRM Resources Agile CRM vs. Odoo CRM