A Roundup of CRM Benefits

CRM Resources A Roundup of CRM Benefits

Why is TechnologyAdvice Free?

Choosing the best CRM for your company can bring up a lot of questions:
– What features are right for my company?
– How do I know the sales rep is telling the truth?
– What ROI will I see with my company?
– Is this CRM built for the type of work my company does?

While we can’t guarantee that any sales rep is steering you in the right direction for your needs, TechnologyAdvice can provide you with resources to help you make your decision a little easier. These multi-industry case studies outline the problems, solutions, and benefits that real life companies have found when implementing a CRM solution for their business.

B2B Digital Marketing Agency CRM Case Study

Problem: Pravda Media, a digital marketing agency, had thousands of contacts from over 20 years of work with little to no context or visibility for team members. They needed a CRM that would provide a single source of truth across their current database loads.

Solution: Pravda Media contracted with Nimble CRM, which provided insight into the current contact database and improved sales by 3-4 times. They ultimately improved their lead pipeline and were able to build better relationships with existing customers.

Major Benefits:
– Reduction in length of sales meetings with savings of an entire work day per quarter
– Streamlined sales funnel
– Contextual customer data including social media, live event, and contact records
Read the case study here.

Financial Services CRM Case Study

Problem: Grant Thornton LLP needed to compete with the Big Four accounting firms. To do this, they needed a single CRM solution that would provide visibility for small clients across their local outposts in 130 countries, provide cross-selling opportunities, and facilitate more personalized relationships with customers.

Solution: Grant Thornton implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in the US, Canada, and Germany. They supplemented this with SharePoint, Lync, and Yammer, collaboration and messaging apps to keep their representatives connected.

Major Benefits: About a year after implementation, Grant Thornton reported a number of measurable benefits, including:
– A 450 percent increase in the number of opportunities they manage
– A 39 percent increase in deals won
– A 36 percent increase in average deal size
– Agents can now work on the go with native mobile apps for tablets and smartphones
– “Inside View” feature provides valuable data on leveraging existing relationships
– Ability to develop custom account plans from directly inside the system
Read the full case study here.

Manufacturing CRM Case Study

Problem: Mayfield Plastics needed a customer information system that provided a single source of truth.

Solution: Mayfield Plastics contracted with Maximizer CRM to manage customer data. The centralized customer information was so useful to customer support that they provided access to the tools to all portions of the company.

Major Benefits:
– Reduction of customer response time from 3-4 days to immediate or a few hours
– Ability to enter customer requests and requirements from anywhere
– Ability to enter custom communication requirements for personalized service
Read the full case study here.

IT CRM Case Study

Problem: CCI IT Solutions provides third-party IT infrastructure and strategy for businesses of all sizes across South Africa. Their business spans small businesses to enterprise multinationals. CCI needed a solution that could centralize customer sales data alongside critical accounting metrics.

Solution: CCI chose Maximizer CRM to manage sales information, integrate with accounting software, and analyze overall customer data.

Major Benefits:
– Centralized customer data
– Reduction in double entry of sales numbers
Read the full case study here.

Sales and Lead Management CRM Case Studies

Sturtevant Inc. and Salesforce

Problem: Sturtevant Inc. has been around since 1883, but only recently realized their sales funnel was inefficient. Sturtevant needed a way to organize their current customers and incoming sales requests from any country in the world.

Solution: Sturtevant implemented Salesforce CRM, which provided the team with a unified sales funnel, mobile access to customer accounts, and focus on forecasting. They also added Pardot, Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation tool to build their first ever outbound marketing campaigns.

Major Benefits:
– Streamlined funnel
– Visibility and control over a 2-year sales cycle
– 85% savings on the cost of leads with Pardot
– Renewed focus on pipeline, revenue, and product forecasting
Read the full case study here.


Problem: DATAFIRST provides ERP software to automobile dealerships. Their lead generation model relied solely on live, in-person events, and direct mailings to lists from their accounting database. DATAFIRST needed to update their sales pipeline, add visibility across their customers for upsale opportunities, and increase their overall revenue.

Solution: DATAFIRST contracted with SugarCRM, a CRM that could manage both sales and marketing efforts and provide visibility for all sales representatives into current accounts.

Major Benefits
– Decreased sales cycle by 60 percent from 12 months to 4
– Improved lead generation by 200 percent in 5 months
– Provided visibility into customer current products which facilitated a closed upsell opportunity to 80 percent of the Ford customer base.
Read the full case study here.

Case studies can help you make your decision, but they’re no substitute for expert advice and recommendations.

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CRM Resources A Roundup of CRM Benefits