Business intelligence (BI) software helps businesses improve data discovery and transforms data into useful insights. In the past, this could only be done by  advanced analytics experts, but with BI software, anyone can do it. BI software generates, tracks, and compiles large-scale data to improve business outcomes and identifies purchasing patterns and market trends. Users can aggregate, standardize, and analyze data to better understand customers, protect against business pitfalls, and forecast revenue growth.

BI software comes with data visualization and warehousing, dashboards, and reporting features to acquire data for evidence-based decision making. This kind of software helps organizations quickly make decisions and pulls data from within the business instead of from outside sources.

We compare two popular business intelligence software: TIBCO Spotfire vs. ClicData. We’ll analyze their features, pricing, and integrations to determine the more suitable product for your business. Our Technology Advisors can give you five recommendations when you use our free Product Selection Tool. It’s simple and takes less than five minutes.

TIBCO Spotfire vs. ClicData: An overview

TIBCO Spotfire is a BI software designed to provide clients with the necessary tools for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data. It expands to meet the needs and requirements of a growing business. Use it to speed up access to files, web services, databases, servers, and APIs to generate in-depth data. With 16 types of visual graphics ranging from bar and line graphs to pie charts and maps, businesses can better identify and interpret trends and patterns. It is available in three offerings to suit any business intelligence and analytics requirements including Platform, Cloud, and Desktop. Users can create dashboards, study and analyze data, and share these with the team in the cloud.

ClicData is a BI software and data management platform that connects, stores, and manages business data in one location using the functionalities of a data warehouse and visualization tool. It fits any business size across various industries such as online retail, consulting and public services, software development, hospitality, and marketing. Users can master the data and metrics of business operations, workforce and team productivity, and sales performance to accelerate growth and success through actionable reports and information. ClicData integrates with various sources like Facebook, Google Analytics, MySQL, Oracle, Dropbox, and Salesforce. Use the software to create live dashboards for centralizing data and setting up notifications when indicators go down.

A comparison of features

TIBCO Spotfire offers features that suit different business sizes and needs:

·         Superior analytical capacity:

TIBCO Spotfire is considered one of the best BI solutions with serious analytics capabilities, cross analysis functions, and a few scripting requirements. It goes beyond reporting by finding and analyzing features using Spotfire Data Functions and the Tibco Data Science Platform.

·         Cost savings:

Reduce business costs by allowing thousands of users to use a single database over the internet. KPIs, definitions, and notifications are delivered for mobile devices so teams can work on the go.

·         Integrations:

TIBCO Spotfire integrates with various applications to make work easier using one platform. It comes with API capability for configuring functions to meet changing business requirements. Deploy it on premise or in the cloud for flexible implementation of the software.

·         Data wrangling:

Blend, clean, and make adjustments to data within the software using sources such as Hadoop, OLAP, relational databases, and cloud applications.

·         Visual analytics:

Analyze data using tables, charts, and heat maps. Use the software to export reports in PDF and PowerPoint while adding annotations and conversations to data.

ClicData ensures businesses get the data and information they need and interprets them through features such as:

·         Data connectivity and storage:

Make use of more than 200 data sources that include databases, cloud storage apps, and business applications. Organizations can store business data history in the software’s built-in data warehouse. Use the software to combine multiple sources into a single table for easy matching of current sales numbers with sales targets and budget data with expense data.

·         Automation:

Users can schedule data refreshes to always get the latest information. Automate alerts and delivery to the team with ease. Use advanced data processing features such as standardization, fusion, combination, transformation, and data cleansing.

·         Collaboration:

Use live links to get teams updated with real-time data. With mobile integrations, users can access dashboards from any device anytime. ClicData collects data from various regions, offices, and teams and assembles them into one report that everybody can use.

A comparison of prices

TIBCO Spotfire has a 4-tiered pricing plan: Spotfire Cloud, Spotfire for Amazon Cloud Services, Spotfire Platform, and Spotfire Cloud Enterprise. The Spotfire Cloud plan is a Software as a Service with unlimited scalability. The Spotfire for Amazon Cloud Services plan has a turn-key Amazon Web Services Instance from the marketplace. The Spotfire Platform is installed on the user’s server and offers full performance control. The Spotfire Cloud Enterprise is a private service offering full control while being stored in the private cloud environment of TIBCO. The software offers a 30-day free trial for interested parties to test the software.

ClicData users can choose from a 3-tiered pricing plan: ClicData Premium, ClicData Team, and ClicData Enterprise. ClicData Premium is suitable for small businesses and includes 10 users, 5 GB of data storage, all basic connectors — plus Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter, and up to 5,000 data refreshes each month. ClicData Team is for mid-sized businesses with up to 25 users, 10 GB of data storage, premium data connectors like MS SQL Server, MySQL, Cassandra, and Oracle. It offers 15,000 data refreshes each month and has white label, single sign on, and custom domain. ClicData Enterprise is suitable for large business with up to 50 users, all connectors, unlimited data refreshes, and dedicated databases of 250 GB and higher. It has a free trial for interested parties.

A comparison of integrations

TIBCO Spotfire’s software integrations ensure businesses are more productive by using one platform for all processes:

·         LoginRadius

·         Vertec

·         Benchling

·         Workable

·         EX-MES

·         Grooper

ClicData integrates with other business applications to better provide users with needed data:

·         QuickBooks

·         Basecamp

·         Box

·         Agile CRM

·         FreshBooks

·         OneDrive

Takeaways: TIBCO Spotfire vs. ClicData

TIBCO Spotfire and ClicData are both great software options for different business sizes. They offer multi-tiered pricing plans to give users options and to meet unique needs. With free trials, users can discern if the software meets their requirements. However, in terms of integrations, ClicData uses more common business applications.

Whether you run a small, mid-sized, or large business, ClicData is better with its data connectivity and storage feature.

If you manage a small business or startup, TIBCO Spotfire is useful because of the visual analytics feature that lets users see business performance at any stage.  

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