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Tableau vs. Klipfolio

Which BI solution works best for your business?

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Running a business is all about gathering the necessary information to identify the different problem areas of your business. Whether that area needs improvement or not, gathering and processing data is an essential part of any business. Business intelligence software helps you understand the trends across your business and how you can use this information to your advantage.

If you’ve already started looking for business intelligence software for your company, you might have encountered Tableau and Klipfolio. Both of these BI software options have proven themselves to be top contenders when it comes to data discovery and processing. Taking a closer look at their features, you’ll see there are a lot of similarities in how they work.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the different tools and features that each business intelligence software provides. Not sure if Tableau or Klipfolio is right for your business? Use our Product Selection Tool and we’ll recommend 5 business intelligence solutions tailored to your needs to help you narrow it down. 

We’ll take a deep dive into Tableau and Klipfolio’s different features to find out which BI software works best for your business. Read on to know more about these business intelligence software tools.

Target business and pricing

The deal-breaker in most BI software is the price and target business. When it comes to business size, companies try to find the business software that best fits the size of their own company. Most of them believe that integrating an expensive and complicated BI will only bring problems rather than solutions to your company.

Exploring different BI software options before you make your decision is the smartest way of integrating this tool into your business. Exploring other options allows you to compare their price and features before making that critical decision. To get you started, here’s the target business and pricing of Tableau and Klipfolio.

Target business 

Both Tableau and Klipfolio BI support all kinds of business sizes. Whether you’re a freelance worker or have an enterprise-level company, both Tableau and Klipfolio will work. With their easy to use interfaces and features, it’s not a surprise that a lot of companies are trying out these software brands.These business intelligence software options are user-friendly for any level of business.

Pricing and plans 

When it comes to the price of business intelligence tools, a high price doesn’t always guarantee a stellar performance. Sometimes, what you need is something simple yet complete. When it comes to pricing and deployment, both Tableau and Klipfolio offer several options to choose from.

Tableau available packages

  • Tableau Viewer
  • Tableau Explorer
  • Tableau Creator

Klipfolio available packages

  • Starter Plan
  • Publish Plan
  • Grow Plan
  • Team Plan

Support programs 

Support programs are an essential feature you need to look for in a BI software. This feature allows you to access the product’s tutorials and customer service assistance. If you’re relatively new to business intelligence software, you might want help with setting up their products.

Both Tableau and Klipfolio have support services that can help you with problems you have with their products. Here are some of the support programs they both provide:

  • Online video tutorials
  • Online customer support
  • Knowledge base
  • Phone support

Activity dashboards 

The Tableau activity dashboard provides a clear view of all the relevant data that the company needs to maintain revenue growth. This dashboard is both powerful and intuitive, and it helps users understand and process data easier compared to most BI software in the market. Tableau’s activity dashboard focuses more on data management, and it helps you manage relevant data within your analytics environment.

Klipfolio’s activity dashboard focuses more on data visibility. With their PowerMetrics system, it allows users to view their company’s data in real-time. The PowerMetrics system also provides for a single-click filtering and data visualizations mode.

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Data visualization 

When it comes to data visualization, Tableau offers a wide range of charts and graphs you can use to visualize your data. The software includes 9 different visualization tools including charts, graphs, scatter and bubble charts, Gantt charts, and more. The charts and graphs Tableau uses focus on interaction and content discovery. This method allows its users to find the right data and analyze it.

On the other hand, Klipfolio’s data visualization tools focus on giving you automated reports based on the real-time data your company produces. This automated report is presented through a series of graphs and charts that are easy to digest. It can also display numerous data from different sources simultaneously. 

Which is the better BI software, Tableau or Klipfolio?

There are a lot of other business intelligence software options in the market today. Make sure to check out our website for a list of BI software for more information. 

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Business Intelligence Resources Tableau vs. Klipfolio