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Statsbot vs. IBM Cognos

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Business intelligence (BI) solutions, such as Statsbot and IBM Cognos, help businesses plan and analyze informed business solutions, which reduce potential risks and allow a business to achieve faster growth.

Statsbot is a BI software that helps to identify anomalies and hidden patterns using machine learning as well as aid in classifying important metrics for sales growth. IBM Cognos is a leading BI platform that offers access to a wide range of business analytics functionality to help users make well-informed decisions faster.

In this article, we’ll compare the features of Statsbot and IBM Cognos to give you an insight on what each BI software can add to your company. There are numerous BI software vendors available. If you want to learn more about them, use our Product Selection Tool.

An overview of Statsbot vs. IBM Cognos

Introduced in 2016, Statsbot is considered one of the newer BI solutions in the market today. Although fairly new, this BI software is quickly gaining popularity because of its unique ability to deliver data analytics in just one click. Statsbot offers tools that allow users without knowledge of mathematical models to work on the different metrics. The main features of this software include automated reporting, dashboards, smart alerts, data visualization, issue indicators, profit analysis, trend indicators, and predictive analytics. While Statsbot is suited for all business sizes, most of its users are from SMBs. This software has average pricing.

IBM Cognos is a famous BI platform that offers businesses a full complement of essential analytics functions. It empowers organizations to generate useful reports and dashboards on demand across multiple sources. This software has an AI Assistant that learns users’ data and suggests new data joins and visualizations. It also has features for reports, dashboards, calculated fields, self service, collaboration, advanced analytics, and data modeling. IBM Cognos is best for mid-sized to large-scale businesses and offers high-end prices.

Comparing the features

Statsbot and IBM Cognos have features for multiple data sources, dashboards, and data visualization.

Multiple data sources

Statsbot works with terabytes of raw data from hundreds of data sources. This BI software allows users to pull metrics from various data sources, including Google Analytics, Stripe, and the most popular SQL databases such as Postgres, Redshift, BigQuery, and all major SQL databases.

IBM Cognos supports many different types of data sources including relational, OLAP, and XML data sources. It can pull data from different data sources including Oracle Essbase, IBM Db2, Informix, Microsoft Analysis Services, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP BW, and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise.


With Statsbot, users can create dashboards for their team to track metrics in real time. Users can build several dashboards for every department in their team. Dimension and filters can be added to dashboards. Date range and visualization type can also be adjusted. The software allows users to add names and emojis to charts. Users can utilize aggregation filters or add a completely new custom filter on the dashboard. The system makes the dashboard shareable, so individuals who need to track metrics can access it through an auto-generated link. Users can also share dashboards by casting browser tabs on TV via Chromecast.

Users can discover patterns, trends, and relationships that affect business with the dashboards feature from IBM Cognos. The dashboard gives key insights and analysis about business data on one or more pages. Users can change the visualization type or change the columns that are used in the visualization. They can add widgets such as text, media, web pages, images, and shapes to dashboards. They can also add filters to focus on one area of the data or see the impact of one column. Additionally, users can modify the colors in the entire dashboard and automatically adjust the visualization colors to match each other.

Data visualizations

Statsbot offers four types of charts for its data visualization features: bar graph, pie chart, line chart, and tables. Users can select the chart colors and add legends and symbols to dashboards. The software also lets users hide or unhide dimensions and labels.

Compared to Statsbot, IBM Cognos has a wider selection of chart types. This BI software has commonly used charts and graphs such as column, line, pie, area, and point chart. It also offers special charts including Pareto, Quadrant, Marimekko, and Microcharts. Users can change the dimensions and size of charts in IBM Cognos and can also add maps.


Statsbot has seamless integrations with applications and platforms for sales automation, web analytics, workflows, online payment processing, and chat-based team communication:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Google Analytics
  • Slack
  • Stripe
  • Microsoft Teams

IBM Cognos has native integrations with tools for digital signage content, survey management, workforce productivity, services procurement, and expense management:

  • CommandCenterHD
  • Key Survey
  • WorkPuls
  • SAP Fieldglass
  • Captio Expenses

The better BI software for your company

It’s rare to find a one-size-fits-all software when it comes to BI solutions. The better software between Statsbot and IBM Cognos would depend completely on what you want to add to your business.

Statsbot is a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-learn BI software that can help users create reports and dashboards more easily. Its simplicity can be perfect for beginners. Beginners and average users can also benefit from Statsbot’s scheduled reports feature that lets them prepare reports only once. Once data is pulled, reports will be automatically sent to users regularly. There’s no need to manually pull data, create reports, and send updates every single time — saving valuable time and effort.

IBM Cognos is an extensive BI software with full-scale capabilities for companies that need to manage and analyze large amounts of data. The software has a steep learning curve and takes a while to learn for an average user. This BI software is the better choice for you if your business has complex BI needs and you want a BI software that can do it all.

If you want to explore other BI software vendors, use our Product Selection Tool. You can get a free list of reliable BI solutions.


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