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SAS vs. Yellowfin

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As data is integrated into our digitally connected lives, it has stories to tell about people and human behavior useful not only for business, but also for understanding who we are. And the key to unlocking the narrative beneath the intricate layers of information is analytics and business intelligence software capable of processing large data sets. SAS Analytics and Yellowfin BI are two such computational analytics platforms.

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SAS Analytics vs. Yellowfin: An overview

SAS Analytics is a data management, advanced analytics, and business intelligence suite that offers a range of applicability across different types of businesses and industries. SAS was initially developed in 1966 by SAS Institute for agricultural research. Today, it is one of the leading analytics platforms, boasting a 30.8 percent market share.

Yellowfin is an automated, customizable, and scalable business intelligence solutions software for advanced analytics, dashboarding, reporting, and storytelling. It features out-of-the-box tools to interact and explore data of any type and size. Yellowfin was founded in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia.

Customizable dashboard 

SAS features a point-and-click interface that makes it easy for users to manage their data and perform a variety of complicated analytics. It has a powerful dashboard packed with customizable visualization tools such as graphs, charts, and other workspace elements you can drag and drop for interacting with and sharing data in real time.

With Yellowfin, you can build impressive dashboards for running analytics, creating and telling stories, and real-time tracking of the business. It combines artificial intelligence, interactive dashboard, and simplified workflows for managing data and creating new products and revenue streams. You can also embed operational workflows in the intuitive, action-based, and easy-to-use dashboard.

Analytics and visualization 

SAS Enterprise Miner offers a data mining technology that simplifies data preparation and the creation of data models to put into service. Data preparation is done in the cloud with SAS Machine Learning for fast access to data and speedy solutions to complex problems. A leading innovator in business intelligence, SAS takes advantage of its advanced algorithms. It provides the analytics tools to mine data and analyze data sets, identify relationships between variables, build data models and predict future outcomes, perform textual and statistical analytics, and make visualizations and reports.

Yellowfin connects you to data from multiple data sources, and its artificial intelligence automatically transforms it into analysis-ready data. The processes are automated, so it is fast and easy to discover data, spot trends and patterns, identify the relationships between variables, and perform data modeling. It features visualization tools like interactive charts and storyboards to help present stories unearthed beneath the massive volume of complex data sets. You can build visualizations, generate reports, and share data-driven insights in real time.

Scalability, collaboration, and integrations 

All analytics is scalable with SAS, and it allows you to deploy data, both on-premise and in the cloud. And it features SAS Integration Technologies to manage all its integrations through its standards-based mechanisms and APIs, simplifying the installation and upgrades of third-party platforms and applications. Thus, making collaboration easy and efficient.

Yellowfin lets teams collaborate in a shared workspace, access the same data, and communicate with stakeholders. You can share data on a massive scale, reaching a large number of people across your business. You can embed Yellowfin and its in-built actions and workflows into third-party applications. It has tight integrations through its comprehensive APIs for consistency.

SAS or Yellowfin? 

It depends on your requirements and preferences. Both platforms are scalable, yet they have distinctive offers. SAS features a comprehensive range of applicability across industries. It covers all areas of analytics that include data, textual, and statistical analytics. You can even detect fraud and criminal activities using SAS.

However, if your purpose of getting an analytics platform is to tell stories and impressive presentation of data, Yellowfin, which is a user-oriented platform, would be a better choice. You can easily communicate data to all your stakeholders and clients. And it offers a wide array of applicability, ranging from operations to finance to technology to sales.

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Business Intelligence Resources SAS vs. Yellowfin