SAS vs. MicroStrategy

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SAS vs. MicroStrategy

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As our daily lives are increasingly intertwined with digital technology, today’s economy is largely data-driven. Businesses make decisions based on evidence, personal information, and accurate analysis of data. Harnessing the power of data through advanced business intelligence (BI) technologies keeps companies competitive and more impactful to the community. And the market is not lacking in data analytics and BI platforms. Two of them are SAS Analytics and MicroStrategy, which compete in providing companies and organizations with tools to unleash the power of data in transforming businesses and communities.

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SAS Analytics vs. MicroStrategy: an overview

SAS Analytics was founded in 1976 as a project for agriculture research. Today, it has become a recognized innovator and provider of data analytics and BI platforms to different businesses across industries. It offers the latest tools for data visualization and team collaboration in its platform. 

MicroStrategy is one of the pioneers in business intelligence. It was founded in 1989 and transformed into a formidable competitor in the data analytics industry. It builds on its analytics engine and mobility platforms in providing advanced BI solutions for internal and external data.

Intuitive and customizable dashboard 

SAS Analytics delivers a powerful dashboard with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It is easy to use, allowing you to customize its workspace and tools. It simplifies data preparation and streamlines complex processes with its automation in real-time environments. It also features visualization tools such as graphs and charts so you can interact with your data. 

You can easily access MicroStrategy’s impressive dashboard and powerful tools. It has an easy to use and intuitive interface that makes building and deploying applications simple. It uses dossiers or folders to bring analytics to both technical and non-technical people. It lets you easily navigate the system, and you can customize the workspace and its tools to fit your needs.

Data analytics and visualization 

As one of the leading innovators in business intelligence, SAS uses advanced algorithms in its data analytics platform. It offers powerful tools and solutions to unearth fresh insights from complex data sets. With SAS you can mine data, solve problems, analyze data sets, identify relationships between variables, spot trends, create models, forecast future outcomes, perform text analytics, create visualizations, and generate and share reports. You can also apply statistical analytics to track your operations and sales, uncover data patterns and anomalies, and detect fraud.

MicroStrategy integrates built-in data analytics, visualization tools, customizable templates, and charts in its powerful enterprise-grade platform. It helps you prepare your data sets by connecting to any data source and putting them in one place, exploring and analyzing data in detail, transforming data with its wrangling and parsing tools, creating impressive visualizations, generating reports, and discovering and sharing actionable insights. You can also drag and drop visualization templates, graphs, maps, charts, and grids to build impressive data dossiers.

Analytics and scalability 

With SAS Analytics, it is easy to deploy data in a scalable analytics environment. It promises a secure data deployment, whether on-premise or in the cloud. And scalability at an enterprise level is also a strength of MicroStrategy. You can deploy data on-premise or in the cloud or a hybrid of both. It has a unique feature that allows users to personalize and experience data with its customizable visual analytics, reports, and insights.

Collaborating with a team

SAS Analytics puts all its analytics and BI tools covering diverse areas into a single platform for easy and efficient team collaboration. Everyone can access the platform and all its data and tools. 

MicroStrategy, however, brings data to the people, allowing them to work together and interact with each other in the same workspace. They can send messages, give feedback, or receive notifications in their dossiers. And they have access to the platform anytime and anywhere on their mobile devices.

SAS or MicroStrategy? 

It depends on your needs, work style, and preferences. SAS Analytics has a wide array of applicability across industries as it covers almost all areas of analytics, capturing 30.8 percent market share of the advanced analytics market. 

However, MicroStrategy offers more flexibility, allowing users to manage applications via its self-service admin console. And it has third-party integrations such as Microsoft Azure and Power BI that share a common semantic layer.

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Business Intelligence Resources SAS vs. MicroStrategy