Business data discovery and analysis are important business aspects that used to lie only in the hands of advanced analytics experts. Thanks to business intelligence (BI) software, these tasks can now be done by all users with data warehousing and visualization, dashboards, and reporting features. Such software provides insights for growth, forecasts future outcomes, avoids business pitfalls, and resolves issues. Business intelligence software offers evidence of customer purchasing patterns and market trends to enhance informed business decisions.

Use BI software to understand data and transform it into actionable insights in seconds.

We compare two popular business intelligence software: Qlikview vs. Birst. We’ll consider their features, integrations, and prices to determine the more suitable software for your business. Receive five recommendations of products from our Technology Advisors when you use our free and easy-to-use Product Selection Tool.

Qlikview vs. Birst: An overview

Qlikview is a cloud-based business intelligence software designed for all business sizes to serve as a guided analytics platform. Use it to develop interactive guided analytics dashboards and applications and generate new data views with Associative Engine at its core. Uncover the latest trends to improve evidence-based decision-making processes. Qlikview provides access to compressed data anytime, consolidates data from different sources, improves internal communications, and enhances business decisions based on simplified data.

Birst is a web-based, networked business intelligence and analytics solution that improves business decision making and connects insights from different teams. Individual users and decentralized teams can use this software with their own data without compromising data governance. Its two-tiered architecture aligns back-end enterprise data with local edge data. Users can access self-service analytics through predictive analytics, mobile tools, visual discovery, reporting, and executive dashboards.

A comparison of features

Qlikview provides businesses with strong business intelligence features to better improve performance.

·         In-memory storage technology:

Load data from various sources into the RAM system that users can retrieve anytime. It offers easy yet secured access by requiring permissions.

·         Collaboration:

Managers can involve employees in business decision making by sharing insights and data visualizations with them. This is done either by sending data through the cloud or via enterprise servers for quicker access.

·         Social data discovery:

Use Qlikview to share reports and individual data insights within teams or with external groups and conduct live discussion sessions for coordinating business growth and profit direction.

·         Data collaboration and connectivity:

The software comes with the Qlik Data Market for collecting data sets from public and syndicated sources. Access data related to business demographics, currencies, economic indicators, and population.

·         Mobility and scalability:

Qlikview integrates with both Android and iOS devices for mobility and scalability. Users can access data anywhere and share reports on the go. The mobile integrations undergo regular upgrades to ensure ease of access and in-depth data analyses.

·         Natural analytics and data discovery:

Users can get unbiased reports with Qlikview’s natural search throughout all data. With natural search, users can perform data search in the most natural way with no predefined patterns. Obtain unrestricted analyses, discovery, and data search with Qlikview apps.

Birst is equipped with BI features to help businesses understand internal data better.

·         User-friendly exploration and visualization:

Birst comes with a user-friendly interface for visualization, discovery, and data exploration. Use it to create graphs, charts, high-definition reports, and dashboards.

·         Connectivity options:

Extract data with ease and access full connectivity options for a wide variety of cloud and on-premise applications, analytic databases, and flat and unstructured files. Choose from various integrations with third-party software with opportunities for developers to build their own connections.

·         Embedded analytics:

Use the software’s robust embedding tools that empower software providers to smoothly embed business analytics into applications.

·         Reliable customer support:

Birst comes with an experienced tech support team for both new and prospective users. Receive support and assistance anytime through phone and email and access training materials.

A comparison of prices

Users can choose from Qlikview’s two packages: Qlikview Personal and Qlikview Enterprise. Qlikview Personal is free for an unlimited time, making it suitable for individual users and start-ups. It offers nearly-full manipulation and data access and app development capabilities. However, users need to be an authorized user to access the plan.

Qlikview Enterprise comes with a full set of functionalities for data manipulation and app management. Contact the vendor directly to customize your plan and for more details.

Birst’s pricing details are available only upon request — a common practice among software vendors to ensure businesses get the features they need for the right cost. Contact the vendor directly to request a quote. Aside from quote-based plans, Birst offers a free trial for interested users. 

A comparison of integrations:

Information on Qlikview’s software integrations is not publicly available. However, the software integrates with numerous business applications and uses extensive APIs to ensure seamless processes for businesses. You can contact the vendor directly to request detailed information on integrations.

Birst’s integrations with the following software allows for in-depth data analyses and seamless business-intelligence-related processes:

·         MarcomCentral

·         Tableau

·         Zoopla

·         SnapLogic

·         Netsuite

·         Salesforce

Takeaways: Qlikview vs. Birst

Many businesses choose Birst or Qlikview for their business intelligence software. Aside from offering multi-tiered pricing plans and software integrations, both software have strong analytics features. However, all business sizes can greatly benefit from Birst’s superb customer support available through phone and email. If your business is a start-up, you can access training materials to ease the learning curve. If you operate a large business, you receive immediate support anytime.

If you are always on the go, Qlikview’s mobility and scalability features can greatly benefit your business. Access information and business data anytime with any Android and iOS device.

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