Businesses with strong data discovery and analysis processes are more productive and successful. Such data is turned into insights to better understand purchasing patterns and marketing trends. In the past, this could only be done by advanced analytics experts, but with business intelligence (BI) software, anyone can do it.

BI software has data warehousing and visualization, dashboard, and reporting features that automate tasks and reduce human errors. Businesses can make evidence-based decisions thanks to readily available data collected by the software. Users can aggregate, analyze, and standardize data to improve insights on revenue growth, resolve issues, avoid business pitfalls, and forecast future outcomes. With BI software, businesses can better understand and quickly transform data into actionable insights.

We evaluate two popular business intelligence software: ibi vs. QlikView. We’ll look at their integrations, features, and pricing models to choose the more suitable product for your business. Use our free Product Selection Tool to receive five recommendations from our Technology Advisors. It’s simple and only takes five minutes.

ibi vs. QlikView: An overview

Ibi is a web-based business intelligence and analytics platform designed with applications, analytical tools, reports, and documents for business stakeholders such as management teams, analysts, partners and customers, and line-of-business workers. As a single, end-to-end data and analytics platform, businesses can integrate data and ensure it is always ready and able to deliver actionable insights every time. It comes with BI smart and natural language search, predictive and prescriptive analytics, location intelligence, and data discovery. With self-service visual data discovery tools, users can generate and analyze reports and share content. Ibi can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and allows for on-the-go use.

Qlikview is designed for all business sizes as a business intelligence software and guided analytics platform. It generates new data views with Associative Engine at its core and develops interactive guided analytics dashboard and applications. Use the software to uncover the latest trends and improve evidence-based decision-making processes. Being an API, Qlikview can easily blend into any software ecosystem without need for other systems to process data. It comes with a patented in-memory technology that decreases the need for IT support with the inference engine automatically cultivating associations within data sets.

A comparison of features

Ibi comes with features for faster data discovery and analysis such as:

·         Data analysis:

Ibi has a query builder, predictive analytics, natural language search, storytelling, self-service data preparation, and data discovery and visualization. It comes with presentation techniques such as histograms, data constellations, and 3D pie and bar charts.

·         Data discovery:

The software has sensitive data identification, visual analytics, contextual search, and self-service data preparation.

·         Reporting:

Use ibi’s scheduled and automated reports, forecasting, drag and drop, data source connectors, report exporting, financial reporting, and customizable dashboards for quick decision making.

·         Decision support:

Ibi has forecasting, application development, data analysis, budgeting, and performance metrics.

Qlikview’s features offer businesses opportunities for better performance:

·         Collaboration:

Managers can share insights and data visualizations with team members to involve them in the decision-making process. Data can be sent through the cloud or via enterprise servers for easy access.

·         Mobility and scalability:

Qlikview integrates with mobile devices for on-the-go use, allowing users to access data and share reports anytime. The integrations are regularly updated to ensure in-depth data analyses and ease of use.

·         Data collaboration and connectivity:

Use the Qlik Data Market for collecting data sets from syndicated and public sources. Access data related to population, economic indicators, currencies, and business demographics.

·         In-memory storage technology:

Users can retrieve data from the RAM system anytime. Information stays secure by requiring access permissions.

·         Social data discovery:

Share reports and individual data insights with external groups and teams and coordinate growth and profit direction by conducting live discussion sessions.

·         Natural analytics and data discovery:

Get unbiased reports from Qlikview’s natural search throughout all data. Natural search ensures data search is done in the most natural way without predefined patterns.

A comparison of prices

Ibi does not publicly provide pricing plans but is a subscription-based software. This is common among software vendors to ensure customers understand their business needs and receive the suitable features for the right price. Contact ibi directly for full pricing and product details.

Qlikview comes in two packages: Qlikview Personal and Qlikview Enterprise. Qlikview Personal is suitable for startups and individual users because it is free for an unlimited time. With nearly-full manipulation, app development capabilities, and data access, users receive outstanding software support. However, users have to be an authorized user to access the plan.

Qlikview Enterprise has a full set of functionalities for app management and data manipulation.

A comparison of integrations

Ibi does not have a lot of integrations with common business apps except for SAP Business One.

Qlikview’s integrations are not publicly available. However, it uses extensive APIs and integrates with various business apps for seamless business processes.

Interested users can contact the vendors directly for more information.

Takeaways: ibi vs. QlikView

Both ibi and Qlikview offer strong business intelligence features for data visualization and analysis. They can be used on the go with mobile integrations. However, they have differences that should be considered when choosing your business’s software.

Your startup can greatly benefit from Qlikview’s Personal plan because it is perpetually free and offers nearly-full manipulation. Using one software for various processes is cost effective.

Mid-sized and large businesses will find Qlikview’s collaboration features useful, allowing them to easily communicate within teams. It improves teamwork by involving all members in decision making.

Overall, we find that Qlikview gives you more of your money’s worth than ibi. However, if you need more business intelligence software options, use our Product Selection Tool.