Business intelligence (BI) software has helped organizations improve in productivity, revenue growth, and efficiency. By automating tasks and processes, BI software ensures that users can quickly make evidence-based decisions and accurate reports by using data produced by the business instead of from outside sources. The software comes with data warehousing, data visualization, dashboards, and reporting features for aggregating, standardizing, and transforming business data into actionable insights.  

With BI software, businesses can better understand marketing trends and customer purchasing patterns and design marketing strategies that target specific customers. Business-intelligence-related tasks and processes that could only be done by advanced analytics experts in the past can now be done by anyone using BI software. Reports that usually took weeks can now be completed in minutes.

We’ll compare two popular business intelligence software: ibi vs. MPOWR Envision. We’ll look at their features, integrations, and pricing models to help you choose the software that meets your unique business needs. Our Technology Advisors can give you five product recommendations when you use our Product Selection Tool. It’s free, easy to use, and takes only five minutes.

Ibi vs. MPOWR Envision: An overview

Ibi is a cloud-based analytics and business intelligence platform designed for management teams, partners, line of business workers, and customers across different industries. Using analytical tools, documents, reports, and applications, the software collects data from various sources and makes dashboards with it. Ibi comes with predictive analytics, location intelligence, BI smart search, natural language search, and data discovery. Its data discovery tools can be used for generating reports, sharing content, and analyzing data sets.

MPOWR Envision is a cloud-based strategic planning and execution software with a user-friendly and intuitive UI designed for various business sizes. It improves communication, alignment of organizations, and transparency across departments. Use real-time reports to track staff progress, business initiatives, and activities. MPOWR Envision provides users with a color-coded sunburst chart that offers business insights so users can track progress and view project summaries. The software can be used as an execution tool that offers high visibility into performance indicators and success factors for improving accountability, transparency, and decision making. With third-party integrations, real-time reports, and summary emails, teams can better communicate and collaborate. 

A comparison of features


·         Decision support:

Make business decisions confidently by using ibi’s budgeting, data analysis, application development, performance metrics, and forecasting features.

·         Reporting:

Use ibi for quick decision making by utilizing the software’s correct insights, financial reporting, customizable dashboards, report exporting, data source connectors, drag-and-drop, forecasting, sales reports, and automated reports.

·         Data analysis:

Use the software’s natural language search, predictive analytics, query builder, data discovery, visualization, and storytelling functionalities to gather data for interpretation. With data constellations, the data presentation of 3D pie graphs, bar graphs, and histograms is easier.

·         Data discovery:

Ibi comes with self-service data preparation, visual analytics, sensitive data identification, and contextual search.

MPOWR Envision

·         Universal clarity:

The software shows project status with a color-coded sunburst map featuring red-green-yellow designations that reflect project status. These let users see which projects are at risk, healthy, and critical in order to install measures to address issues head on.

·         Mobility:

With strong mobile integrations, MPOWR Envision lets users access data and information on the go. Work on projects using any mobile device and add notes using the voice-to-text feature.

A comparison of prices

Ibi’s pricing information is not publicly available, which is common among business software vendors. Interested parties may call the vendor to request for a quote and ensure your business gets the features it needs.

MPOWR Envision comes with a 3-tiered pricing plan: Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise. The Essentials plan can be used by 5-200 users and comes with features that align team activity and plan execution, making it suitable for startups and small businesses. The Professional plan has everything in the Essentials plan and additional 10 integrations, unlimited KPIs, and critical success factors. The Enterprise plan comes with integrations, unlimited plans, SLA guarantee, and advanced user permissions. It is suitable for large businesses. Take advantage of the 30-day free trial to test the software.

A comparison of integrations

Ibi integrates with SAP Business One. It is not known to integrate with other common business applications.

MPOWR  Envision:

·         Microsoft Teams

·         Slack

·         One Drive

·         DropBox

·         Box

·         Google Docs

Takeaways: Ibi vs. MPOWR Envision

Ibi and MPOWR Envision both give users the necessary business intelligence software features such as data visualization, reporting, and data discovery. Both software promote transparency and productivity. However, it’s important to consider their differences when choosing your business software.

While ibi’s pricing plans are not public, MPOWR Envision offers a 3-tiered pricing plan that is designed with the right features for different business sizes. It gives users the option to choose the plan that meets specific needs.

You should go for MPOWR Envision when it comes to reporting and data analysis regardless of the size of the business you manage. Its color-coded sunburst map helps determine project status and allows users to address threats even before they happen. The software makes monitoring easy. However, ibi also competes in this area with its histograms, 3D pie and bar graphs, and data constellations.

In terms of third-party integrations, MPOWR Envision has an advantage. Unlike ibi that integrates only with SAP Business One, MPOWR Envision works with other business applications commonly used by organizations. It saves money by allowing users to have one software for various processes.

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