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Domo vs. Yellowfin

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Big data hides secrets about human behavior and interactions. Analyzing large data sets will reveal patterns, trends, and associations essential to understanding who we are. In short, data tells our stories. And business is all about people, which is why data analytics is a key factor in understanding markets, workforce, and the population in general. A powerful data analytics software helps businesses make informed and data-driven decisions. 

Domo and Yellowfin are two business intelligence platforms offering advanced analytics tools to unearth insights beneath rows and layers of complex data sets.

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Domo vs. Yellowfin: An overview

Domo is a cloud-based analytics and business intelligence software that connects business directly to data. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that provides access to multiple data sources in real time, modernizing the use of data in business.

Yellowfin is a data analytics and business intelligence toolkit that features a seamless integration, interactive dashboards, automated analytics, and storytelling. It automates processes and offers a customizable platform that is fully scalable to fit any type and size of business across industries.

Customizable dashboard   

Domo’s powerful dashboard is easy to use with an intuitive user interface. It has a drag-and-drop feature that allows users to move pre-built templates, pages, and elements to build custom visualizations, dashboards, and applications. You can embed dashboards and analytics into portals, apps, or platforms integrated with Domo. It combines its iPaaS capabilities so users can integrate their data, visualization, and insights in real-time, which is the foundation for creating dashboards and applications.

Yellowfin integrates machine learning, interactive dashboards, and simplified workflows to manage complex sets of information and tell data-driven stories. It provides a customizable workspace with an intuitive user interface and powerful tools that let users build dashboards and analytics solutions. With Yellowfin, you can do a lot with your data, such as creating new products, services, and revenue streams. And you can also embed operational workflows in the dashboard to streamline work and make team collaboration easy.

Automated data connectors   

Domo connects you to multiple data sources and gathers raw data assets, transforming them into analysis-ready data. It has more than a thousand adaptive and bi-directional data connectors to process any size and type of data and make them accessible with sub-second response time. You can load data from spreadsheets, databases, flat-files, and social media. Domo automates its data pipeline, and it features a cloud-native query engine with the capability of processing ultra-large data sets.

Yellowfin lets you migrate data from spreadsheets and connects you to different data sources, cloud-based and on-premise databases, and OLAP cubes. It automates data discovery and the process of transforming raw data into analytics-ready data. It also publishes data in the catalog. Its advanced AI-driven analytics tools make it easy to perform analysis, create data models, build visualizations, generate reports, and share data-driven stories.

Analytics at the hands of users   

Domo combines all your data and allows you to build low-code intelligent applications. It simplifies its ETL (extract-transform-load) process so you can easily clean your data and perform analysis. It speeds up your organization’s digital transformation by empowering your team, entrusting business analytics to the hands of users with minimal IT experience.

Yellowfin serves as a platform upon which you can perform analytics, generate reports, and create visualizations, so you can make the most out of your data. It features a storyboard and interactive charts for compelling storytelling. It offers advanced data and communication tools to modernize your reporting and presentation of data-driven insights.

Team collaboration and integrations 

With Domo, everyone in your team can access the same workspace, data, and analytics for easy collaboration. You can evaluate your team’s performance with its shared KPIs. It also features communication and mobile data tools you can customize to fit your preferences. It keeps everyone connected even on the go. Also, Domo has over 350 native integrations that simplify work and communication.

Working with your peers is more engaging with Yellowfin. It allows your team to work together in a shared workspace, letting business users and stakeholders alike explore data. The analytics workflow is streamlined for smooth team collaboration. Yellowfin has flexible integrations via its APIs, and you can deploy data both on-premise and in the cloud and on Windows or Linux.

The better choice: Domo or Yellowfin? 

Domo and Yellowfin are both cloud-based, fully scalable BI platforms that reach thousands of users and have a wide range of applicability. If you want hard-core data analytics that brings business intelligence to the people, Domo would be a better choice. 

However, if your focus is on communicating data and the stories beneath layers of complex data sets, Yellowfin commands an edge. It also has a range of applicability, from operations and finance to marketing and sales. Ultimately, the choice depends on your business needs.

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Business Intelligence Resources Domo vs. Yellowfin BI