To understand human interactions and improve your products and services, your business needs a data analytics engine capable of processing large and complex data sets. The goal is to unearth fresh and actionable insights hidden beneath the complex layers of data for better business decisions. This is what Domo and Board, two competing business intelligence platforms, offer.

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Domo vs. Board: An overview

Domo is a cloud-native analytics and business intelligence suite that offers to modernize processes by connecting your business directly to data. It combines iPaaS capabilities, visualization, and a platform for building applications. It integrates all data from multiple sources, processes them in the cloud, and turns data into insights in real time.

Board is an all-in-one advanced analytics and BI solutions platform designed for better business planning and decision making. It unleashes the power of data and integrates data analytics and business intelligence into the actual work of managing a business or organization with a wide range of applicability across industries.

Customizing interactive dashboards

Domo integrates data, visualization, and live insights with its cutting edge data engine, which serves as a foundation for building applications and dashboards. It delivers an interactive and easy-to-use dashboard and a workspace that has a drag-and-drop feature to move templates, pages, and elements when building custom visualizations. You can embed analytics and dashboards into portals, apps, and platforms integrated with Domo. Thus, it is easy to create low-code smart apps and data-driven solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.


Board lets you see the big picture of your data and business. Its interactive dashboard offers a simple and intuitive user interface that features powerful, responsive, and user-friendly tools for building and sharing dashboards. You can build a Board Capsule or a custom application to perform data analytics, business planning, and strategy simulation. It lets you drag-and-drop folders, maps, spreadsheets, reports, and navigation menus within the capsule.

Consolidating data

Domo features 1000+ adaptive and bi-directional data connectors to consolidate all your data from various sources and databases, whether cloud-based or on-premise. It turns complex rows and layers of raw data sets into analysis-ready data that users can access. Domo automates its data pipeline and cloud-native query engine that offers a sub-second response time to queries and is capable of processing ultra-large data assets.

Board integrates advanced self-service data analytics with business management. It aggregates all your data and connects you to data sources, automatically discovering codes, dimensions, and hierarchies. You can review, edit, and add more data for Board to spread and calculate. Then your team can explore and analyze data, build data mining and predictive models, identify trends, generate reports, and create visualizations for business planning and decision making.

Collaboration and integrations

Domo places business intelligence at the hands of users with minimal IT experience, empowering teams to speed up digital transformation. It lets you analyze and clean data via its simplified ETL (extract-transform-load) processes. Everyone can access the same data and analytics to solve problems faster, making collaboration easy. Domo features mobile data tools, custom reminders, and over 350 native integrations to keep your team connected.

Board combines business intelligence, performance management, and data analytics to give your teams from every department a distinct advantage in moving your business forward. All data and visualization tools you need are organized in one place that’s accessible to everyone, making team collaboration easy and engaging. And it keeps everyone connected with its flexible and mobile accessibility and third-party integrations, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Analytics, Sharepoint, SAP, IBM Cognos, and Oracle.

Which platform suits your business better?

The choice will always depend on your business requirements. Domo is user-oriented, cloud-based, and fully scalable. It has a range of applicability, leveraging cloud technology in delivering quick responses and data solutions across industries. It is capable of processing trillions of rows of data and performs analytics to provide insights in real time.

However, Board focuses on the niche need of merging data analytics and business planning. It serves as an all-in-one data solutions platform to your business needs, providing a practical integration of business intelligence, enterprise planning and control, and data analytics for decision making.

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