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BuzzBoard vs. QlikView

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Businesses produce a tremendous amount of information each day, and making sense of all this data can be challenging for organizations. Thanks to business intelligence (BI) software, this task is now possible and can be done by both advanced analytics experts and non-technical users. With data visualization, warehousing, reporting, and dashboards, the software collects, analyzes, and transforms data into useful business insights. Businesses can quickly make decisions based on evidence and take a specific course of action in no time. This software retrieves data businesses produce instead of from outside sources to allow users to see how it is performing.

With BI software, it is now possible to understand purchasing patterns and marketing trends. Users can have insights to improve growth, better resolve issues, avoid business pitfalls, and predict future outcomes.

We look at two popular business intelligence software: BuzzBoard vs. QlikView. We’ll evaluate their features, integrations, and pricing models to help you choose the software that meets your unique business needs. Our Technology Advisors can give you five recommendations when you use our Product Selection Tool. It’s free, easy to use, and doesn’t take more than five minutes.

BuzzBoard vs. QlikView: An overview

BuzzBoard is a web-based business intelligence software for analyzing data and producing profiles within a user’s target market. It is designed for small and mid-sized businesses across various industries and is equipped with report writing, data mining, online analytical processing, scorecards, and dashboards. Use the software to identify opportunities for growing a business, target capabilities for prospecting, monitor top customer accounts, and generate content for increased customer engagement by using an insights-driven technology. With mobile integrations, users can access files and data on the go.

QlikView is a cloud-based, guided analytics solution for all business sizes to use for developing interactive guided analytics dashboards and applications. Use the software to discover the latest trends that can be used to make informed and evidence-based decisions. Qlikview can consolidate information from various sources, access compressed data, enhance business decisions, improve internal communication, and streamline workflows by using the Associative Engine at its core.

A comparison of features


·         Reporting and connections:

BuzzBoard can be used to find people who can introduce the business to prospects and contacts. Use it to create reports that meet different business needs.

·         Messaging:

Send messages to contacts directly and complete business-intelligence-related tasks and processes from within BuzzBoard.

·         Lead management:

The software comes with pipeline management, campaign management, lead distribution, lead segmentation, interaction tracking, data capture, and lead nurturing.

·         Mobile integrations:

The software has mobile integrations to allow for on-the-go use. Use the software on both iOS and Android devices to open data and files anywhere. 

·         Sales enablement:

Use BuzzBoard for sales purposes through contact management, lead, presentation, content management, and collaboration.


·         In-memory storage technology:

Load data from different sources into the RAM system that users can retrieve anytime. This information is kept safe and secure by requiring access permissions.

·         Social data discovery:

Conduct live discussion sessions to harmonize the direction of business growth and profit. Use it to share individual data insights within teams or with outside groups.

·         Mobility and scalability:

Use the software on both desktop and mobile devices to allow data sharing and retrieval on the go. Mobile integrations are regularly updated for ease of access, greater mobility, and in-depth data analyses.

·         Data collaboration and connectivity:

Use QlikView’s Qlik Data Market to retrieve data from different public and syndicated sources of information. Have access to data on population, currencies, business demographics, and economic indicators.

·         Collaboration:

Involve employees in strategizing and decision making by sharing data visualization and insights with teams. QlikView sends data and information via the cloud or through enterprise servers.

·         Natural analytics and data discovery:

QlikView gives users unbiased reports throughout all data within its natural search functionality. Users can search in the most natural way without any predefined patterns.

A comparison of prices

BuzzBoard users can choose from its 4-tiered pricing plans: Solo, Startup, Growth, and Enterprise. The Solo plan provides 50 profiles and 250 searches per month, making it ideal for individual users. It can be used for finding new leads, default scoring, and building micro-segments. The Startup plan can be used by up to 3 users with 200 profiles and 1,000 searches per month. It offers personalized presentations, funnel management, reports, ecommerce, and extensions. The Growth plan is suitable for mid-sized businesses offering 500 profiles and 2,500 searches per month for up to 10 users. Take advantage of hiring, HR, digital security, and funnel management. The Enterprise plan is designed for large businesses that can be customized to meet specific business needs.

QlikView comes with two packages: QlikView Personal and Qlikview Enterprise. QlikView Personal is a free package for an unlimited time designed for startups and individual users. Enjoy nearly-full data access, app development capabilities, and manipulation, but users have to be an authorized user to be able to use the plan. QlikView Enterprise has a full set of functionalities for app management and data manipulation.

Contact the vendors for full pricing information.

A comparison of integrations


·         Salesforce

·         Salesforce Sales Cloud

·         Agile CRM

·         Zendesk Sell

·         Zapier


·         RoboHead

·         In4Suite

·         CARTO

·         Jedox

·         Devo

·         BrandMaster

Takeaways: BuzzBoard vs. QlikView

BuzzBoard and QlikView are both great business intelligence software options that come with data visualization and warehousing features. However, in terms of integrations, BuzzBoard works with more common business applications. This is beneficial to small and mid-sized businesses that use free third-party software.

If you run a mid-size or large business, you should go for BuzzBoard because it has more pricing options. Depending on the features your business needs, you can choose the best plan that provides the necessary features.

Startups and individual users should choose BuzzBoard because of its reporting and connections feature. Users can take advantage of meeting people who can help introduce the business to prospects.

Though QlikView is also a strong BI software, BuzzBoard offers more useful features for different business sizes.

If you’re looking for more business intelligence software options, use our Product Selection Tool.

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Business Intelligence Resources BuzzBoard vs. QlikView