August 8, 2016

5 SaaS Tools That Can Improve Company Culture

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Jessica Barrett Halcom
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Great company cultures are purposefully built and carefully maintained. It’s not enough to have an amazing team in place — that’s just the foundation. Though there is an important human aspect to monitoring and strengthening company culture, there is also plenty of technology out there that can make the job simpler.

Here are our top picks for SaaS software that can help make the task of creating and sustaining an excellent company culture a little easier.


For too long, overflowing inboxes and unnecessary meeting invites have plagued our office lives. Slack is a collaboration tool that puts an end to all of that. It helps team members manage day-to-day communications and move through projects whether they’re sharing a desk or a country away from each other. Sharing ideas, asking questions, solving problems, and transferring files is a snap. But Slack can also be a tool for having fun. Humor that was hard to pull off via email is augmented with emojis and GIFs. Slack lets your team move seamlessly in and out of formal and informal communications so work and play both get done.


Human resource management is a critical aspect of company culture. Cezanne has all the features you need for human resources — document management, PTO management, org charts, time tracking, and payroll integration. In addition to the basics, Cezanne offers performance management solutions including customizable forms and smart goal management. As every HR professional knows, a great culture is a culture where employees can learn and grow, and Cezanne’s tools help facilitate the development process. Their social workspaces can take the place of chat tools like Slack, offering an area to share news, discuss ideas, and collaborate.

The Receptionist for iPad

One of the best gifts you can give your team is time: free them up to do their best work every day. Particularly at smaller companies where every employee wears several hats, the more menial tasks you can take off your employees’ to-do lists, the better. That’s where The Receptionist for iPad comes in. This interactive tool acts as a stand-in for front desk staff, using PIP technology to greet guests and connect them with the proper contact. The Receptionist is east to set up, so it can have an immediate effect on your team’s free time and ability to manage office guests. 


When your week gets bogged down with meetings, one of the easiest to sacrifice is your one-on-one check-ins with your team members. 15Five is a SaaS tool that ensures no matter how busy the week gets, you and your employees are always taking time to connect. Every week, it gives team members a customized, 15-minute survey about what they’re working on, where they need help, and how they’re feeling. Managers can respond directly to the survey, and leadership can see results from across the entire organization. 15Five also creates a culture of collaboration and motivation by allowing employees to @mention each other and give “high fives” for a job well done.


CultureIQ presents your team with in-depth surveys to communicate their feelings about the company and tools to analyze the results — everything from high-level data to individual, anonymous comments. According to CultureIQ, 30 percent of corporate employees don’t feel their accomplishments at work are valued, and 60 percent rate internal communication as their company’s weakest attribute. CultureIQ helps you monitor the success of your company culture and plan for continuous improvement.  


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