March 7, 2024

5 Best Revenue Intelligence Software 2024

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Revenue intelligence software is a third-party solution that sales leaders and reps can use to analyze, integrate, and consolidate data from multiple sources to improve sales and revenue generation strategies. This platform is equipped with real-time dashboards, revenue intelligence features like artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics tools to ensure the accuracy of revenue insights, forecasts, and comprehensive reporting for revenue growth.

Our top 5 revenue intelligence software

We have reviewed the most sought revenue intelligence solutions in the market that highly benefit sales teams. Here’s our list of the top 6 best revenue intelligence software platforms:

HubSpot Operations Hub: Best for programmable automation


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Robust automation tools
  • Full integration and data sync


  • Limited sync documentation
  • Steep learning curve for complex customization
HubSpot logo.

Our Rating: 4.75/5

  • Programmable automation: Use this feature to save time on mindless tasks by creating customized automation actions, covering specific business processes.
  • Scheduled workflow triggers: Sales teams can better support automated processes, like sales tracking and deal management, with this feature.
  • Data sync: This customer relationship management (CRM) is capable of syncing prospect and customer contact and company information between HubSpot’s supported applications.
  • Payments: HubSpot has a built-in payment processing tool for accepting digital payments, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing potential sales.  
  • Bulk duplicate management: Use AI to detect and merge duplicate company and contact records in bulk, allowing reps to save time and effort and focus more on selling.
  • Custom objects: Store all data types, like subscriptions, in HubSpot and view custom object records, run reports, and set up workflows in custom object data.
  • Free plan and free trial available
  • Starter: $18/month
  • Professional: $720/month
  • Enterprise: $2000/month

Automating sales processes allows sales teams to focus on what they do best — selling in order to bring in more revenue to the business. HubSpot Operations Hub’s programmable automation uses JavaScript to create customized automation actions without building from scratch. Programmable automation lets you create complex sales workflows for efficiency and protect your data that can compromise the business.

Sales teams can connect and sync the data and apps they use, such as QuickBooks Online to create invoices and Stripe for online payments to save time and effort in processing revenue-related transactions using separate apps. Additionally, real-time, customizable two-way data sync ensures continuous synchronization, mirroring each of your databases and tools to track sales performance and related revenue metrics.

Pricing: 5/5

Data insights and analytics: 5/5

Feature set: 4.59/5

Usability and integration: 4.59/5

Support and community: 4.63/5

Innovation and scalability: 4.38/5

Security and adaptability: 4.38/5

Use scores: 4.5/5

HubSpot Operations Hub is an operations software program designed to assist sales teams connect and sync apps and customer and company data, as well as automate business processes with its programmable automation. Choose from the four plans available based on your budget and tools needed for revenue intelligence as well as other business operations.

Salesforce CRM Analytics: Best for analyzing sales data powered by AI


  • Robust AI tool for data visualization and predictions
  • Enough tools to run revenue analytics and build reports
  • Easy to use and organized platform


  • Learning curve for first-time users
  • Confusing plan selection
Salesforce logo.

Our Rating: 4.62/5

  • Revenue intelligence dashboards and AI: This CRM has purpose-built analytics and AI intended for sales teams to analyze vast amounts of sales data and obtain meaningful insights.
  • Sales analytics and service analytics: Sales teams can use this software’s analytics applications with pre-built key performance indicators (KPIs) like average deal size and win rate.
  • Einstein prediction builder: Salesforce’s AI, Einstein, lets you create sales and revenue predictions.
  • Einstein discovery for reports: Use this revenue intelligence tool to explore data combinations for prescriptive insights and analyze and summarize report data with insightful charts.
  • Tableau analytics: This CRM allows clear visualization and exploration of data to extract AI-powered automated insights and use intelligent predictions and flows to make better decisions.
  • Pipeline inspection: This feature highlights recent changes to close dates, amounts, forecast categories, and opportunity stages for deal health analysis.
  • Revenue Intelligence: $250/user/month (highly recommended for sales teams)
  • Other Salesforce CRM analytics editions:

Einstein Predictions: $75/user/month

CRM Analytics Growth: $140/user/month

CRM Analytics Plus: $165/user/month 

Industry Cloud Intelligence: $250/user/month

Service Intelligence: $250/user/month

We chose Salesforce CRM Analytics because it’s a powerful business intelligence (BI) software that extends its capabilities as revenue intelligence. Notably, Tableau is a cloud-based analytics and BI solution present in Salesforce CRM Analytics’ Revenue Intelligence edition. This product also includes pipeline inspection, actionable insights, and revenue analytics templates with purpose-built analytics and AI designed for sales teams. 

Salesforce CRM Analytics’ intelligent recommendations drive faster decisions, helping sales managers uncover actionable insights. They can use the sales analytics dashboard to have a 360-degree view of data for win-loss analysis, key performance indicators (KPI) calculations, and other performance monitoring tasks, boosting operational efficiency.  On the other hand, sales reps can use this CRM to connect and share data from multiple sales and revenue sources.

Pricing: 4.63/5

Data insights and analytics: 5/5

Feature set: 5/5

Usability and integration: 4.18/5

Support and community: 4.63/5

Innovation and scalability: 4.38/5

Security and adaptability: 5/5

Use scores: 3.75/5

Salesforce CRM analytics is powered by sales intelligence, empowering sales teams to deliver predictable revenue growth by harnessing AI throughout the customer lifecycle. Salesforce offers six CRM Analytics editions, including the Revenue Intelligence edition with custom-built analytics and AI for sales teams. Best for multichannel sales engagement to drive wins


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to customize sales tools
  • Generates a rich set of reports


  • Steep learning curve
  • No call-back features
  • No transparent pricing logo.

Our Rating: 4.35/5

  • Sales leaderboards: This feature presents performance data, allowing sales managers to determine the best habits of top performers and how they affect sales revenue. 
  • Real-time notifications: Sales reps receive real-time notifications or guidance during meetings and calls, prescribing the next best actions to win more deals.
  • Salesforce dashboard and reports: These features provide dependable data, allowing reps to prioritize opportunities and determine the best time to re-engage stuck deals.
  • Opportunity analytics: This feature lets you view deals needing intervention to convert new prospects into sales-qualified leads.
  • Engagement tools: captures calls, emails, video meetings, and text messages in Salesforce, allowing sales teams to turn them into actionable insights and close more deals.
  • Contact provider for pricing automatically captures all data from various communication and engagement channels like calls, emails, texts, and video meetings. Hence, this tool is the best in multichannel sales engagement, helping sales teams save time and determine the next best actions to drive more winning deals across the sales cycle. 

Another notable feature of is its dynamic sales leaderboard. This is powered by conversation analytics, providing sales managers with insights on the best practices of top-performing reps to scale them across teams.

Pricing: 2.81/5

Data insights and analytics: 5/5

Feature set: 4.59/5

Usability and integration: 4.59/5

Support and community: 4.25/5

Innovation and scalability: 5/5

Security and adaptability: 5/5

Use scores: 4.63/5 is a revenue intelligence solution that helps sales teams deliver predictable results and drive more wins through its multichannel sales management features. As sales reps engage with leads and customers, this software automatically captures every call, email, text, and video meeting, converting them into actionable sales insights and next best steps, optimizing a company’s entire revenue operation.

Clari: Best for revenue forecasting


  • User-friendly user interface (UI)
  • Mix-and-match features for customization
  • Direct Salesforce sync for centralized updating


  • No transparent pricing
  • Requires some initial configuration
  • RevDB: Clari’s revenue database is purpose-built to support sales teams in creating revenue workflows by cleaning and formatting data, running custom analytics, and acting upon consumption data.
  • Clari Copilot: This AI feature lets sales reps automate reactive parts of operations like crafting email customer responses allowing them to concentrate on strategic sales activities that drive revenue growth.
  • Clari Analyze: Clari Analyze is a purpose-built revenue activity analytics that provides a 360-degree, accurate view of current pipeline health, future quarter projections, and historical performance.
  • Clari Capture: This tool automatically captures emails, contacts, meetings, downloads, and interactions in a single dashboard while also enriching data and associating it with qualified leads and opportunities.
  • Contact provider for pricing

Clari assists sales teams generate recurring revenue by ensuring good pipeline health. Its purpose-built revenue analytics helps have more comprehensive sales performance and revenue forecasting, informing operating plans two or more quarters ahead. Its comprehensive account-based scoring and forecasting enable salespeople to stay ahead of customer churn by creating mutual action plans to take a deal to the next level like scheduling a sales demo based on historical and existing data. 

One of the best stand-out features of Clari is its conversational intelligence solution, Clari Copilot, providing reps with real-time actionable alerts to handle objections with ease. RevAI in Copilot generates conversationally formatted call summaries, next steps, and recommended actions in Microsoft Teams and Slack. Sales teams can use RevAI to automatically condense sales lengthy enablement material, enhancing efficiency, outreach, and deal management to win more sales.

Pricing: 2.81/5

Data insights and analytics: 5/5

Feature set: 5/5

Usability and integration: 4.16/5

Support and community: 4.5/5

Innovation and scalability: 5/5

Security and adaptability: 5/5

Use scores: 3.75/5

Clari is the best revenue forecasting platform that helps sales team leaders combine historical performance, deal context, agent input, and purpose-built sales predictions in a centralized view. This revenue intelligence tool promotes intelligent forecast conversations like product or service demand trends among sales teams. Clari lets you create a customized system for your sales team by offering mix-and-match features or modules, improving productivity, predictability, and revenue growth.

Salesloft: Best for creating revenue workflows


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Add multiple steps in pre-defined cadences easily
  • Customizable workflows


  • Limited native CRM integrations
  • No transparent pricing
Salesloft logo.

Our Rating: 4.25/5

  • Technology and workflow optimization: This AI-powered solution can sync lead contact and account information between HubSpot’s supported applications in a consolidated platform.
  • Sales cadence: Cadence helps sales teams win more deals with repeatable sales activities and content.
  • AI-powered forecasting: This feature provides accurate predictions across revenue segments and pressure test projections, integrating forecasts into seller workflows.
  • Rhythm: This tool tells sales reps the best time and way to act by analyzing real-time buyer signals.
  • Deals: Salespeople have access to real-time, customizable deals to track opportunities and deal progression.
  • Contact provider for pricing

Salesloft is the best software for creating revenue workflows because of its technology and workflow optimization capabilities powered by AI. Sales teams don’t have to rely on guesswork because AI provides actionable insights based on real-time data like buyer responses across all communication channels and web browsing activities like downloading your ebook. 

Salesloft assists sales managers in performance management by providing a clear view of sales activity outcomes like closed deals won. On the other hand, sales reps can check the progress of a lead in the sales pipeline. This enables them to take appropriate actions like sending follow-up emails to sales qualified leads or prospects who have received a sales pitch and are likely to convert as customers.

Pricing: 2.25/5

Data insights and analytics: 5/5

Feature set: 5/5

Usability and integration: 4.58/5

Support and community: 4.63/5

Innovation and scalability: 4.38/5

Security and adaptability: 4.38/5

Use scores: 4.5/5

Salesloft is an AI-powered revenue orchestration platform that sales teams can use to create revenue workflows. Salesloft recently acquired Drift, a conversational AI and buyer experience company. The combined features enable sales reps to orchestrate a customized, omnichannel buyer journey that increases lifetime value and maximizes revenue.

Key components of revenue intelligence software

Revenue intelligence solutions have the following key components that sales teams can leverage to gain valuable insights into performance and trends to maximize revenue generation.

Artificial intelligence

AI analyzes product or service usage and sales data, allowing sales teams to predict sales opportunities and pipeline outcomes. Sales reps can use AI to predict customer behavior and sales opportunities. It also enhances forecasting accuracy and efficiency. 

Here are the most notable AI capabilities of revenue intelligence software: 

  • Generative AI for suggesting email and chat content, summarizing calls, and condensing sales enablement materials
  • Business intelligence for actionable insights derived from AI-collected sales data to inform sales operations and boost revenue
  • Predictive and conversational AI for assisting sales reps during lead or customer interactions by providing accurate response suggestions and next best steps          

Automation tools

All revenue intelligence platforms have automation capabilities. However, not all providers offer powerful automation tools. Sales teams must identify the areas of sales operations they need to automate before choosing a solution. We recommend finding a revenue intelligence solution that provides you with automation features aligned to your needs and intended applications.

Here are the common automation features of revenue intelligence software: 

  • Predictive dialing tools for automatically logging and syncing calls, notes, and transcripts to the CRM
  • Automated workflows for creating dynamic multi-steps in sales operations to drive higher revenue 
  • Advanced sales activity and performance capture in real-time for coaching and strategic revenue management
  • Real-time notifications for sales reps to receive instant alerts when a lead performs actions that can lead to sales like downloading a whitepaper, reading a buyer’s guide, or signing up for free trial
  • Email sync for automatically logging follow-up emails from sales leads who are likely to convert
  • Calendar sync for automating the syncing of sales demos and meetings from the calendar to the CRM

Sales cadence management tools

Sales cadence or a series of lead or customer touchpoints, outlines the sequence of actions salespeople must do to close the deal. This capability provides accurate information to sales reps so they can win back lost prospects by regular follow-ups. Sales managers can create expanded sales cadences with omnichannel communications. 

Take a look at some sales cadence tools for generating more sales and business revenue:

  • Sales sequences for automating a series of timed text messages and emails 
  • Calling features like call recording to reach prospects and enhance productivity
  • Email automation for putting sales cadence management on autopilot
  • Drag-and-drop email templates for personalizing emails and SMS
  • Split or A/B testing tools for comparing two sales engagement campaign variations
  • Analytics to track sales engagement performance metrics like email open rates

CRM integration capabilities

Many CRM and sales software programs have built-in revenue intelligence tools, while some are stand-alone solutions that can be integrated into CRM. Sales teams can integrate their CRM software to third-party apps with revenue intelligence features to create a powerful revenue-generating CRM engine. 

Here are the CRM integrations to check when shopping for revenue intelligence software:

  • CRM reporting for sales activity tracking for accurate revenue forecasting
  • Native CRM integration for billing and payment processing to improve buyer experience
  • Email, telephony, social media, and calendar CRM integration for lead nurturing to convert more prospects to loyal, paying customers 

Sales revenue management tools

The best revenue intelligence platforms provide reps and managers with sales management tools like pipeline health dashboards to discover opportunities and optimize sales.

The top sales engagement platforms have the following revenue management features:

  • Workspaces for account collaboration to determine high revenue-generating sales opportunities 
  • Task management for assigning sales activities to appropriate sales reps to close more deals
  • Account-based engagement to improve lead and customer response rates
  • Activity log for generating real-time sales insights and revenue opportunities from calls, emails, text messages, video meetings, and other sales engagement activities
  • Template performance features such as call scripts and email templates for following up with sales and product-qualified leads 

Benefits of using revenue intelligence software

Revenue intelligence exists with artificial intelligence, collecting data from multiple sources and teams and integrating it into a centralized platform. Sales teams can implement a data-first approach using revenue intelligence software to gain actionable insights into sales processes, metrics, and performance, all geared toward company revenue growth. Take a look below at the benefits of using this software for sales teams.

Automates revenue data capture

Revenue intelligence software resolves siloed data, wherein data gets stored in multiple departments and devices of team members. This tool automates capturing sales data like lead prospecting and nurturing activities as well as win rates, average closed deals, and other key sales metrics affecting revenue. Real-time data capture assists sales managers and reps in making more comprehensive reports, accurate forecasts, and informed decisions.

Uncovers sales opportunities

Inaccurate data hinders sales reps from viewing sales opportunities. Revenue intelligence resolves this problem by providing sales teams insights on lead behavior patterns, buying signals, targeting data, forecasts, and other sales and revenue-generating elements and activities. CRM systems with revenue intelligence tools like AI can be used to prioritize leads and personalize customer communications, generating more business revenue.

Improves productivity

Every sales team follows a standard workflow and uses the same tools to reach common sales goals. However, the way each revenue-generating task is executed by each sales rep differs. With revenue intelligence, sales reps can improve their productivity because everything they need to know for decision making and tools to use is in a centralized platform. Hence, the execution of sales tasks is more streamlined and organized, which positively impacts sales and overall company revenue. 

Promotes seamless collaboration

Sales reps have many tasks like lead generation and onboarding new customers, aside from selling. They collaborate with marketing, customer service, and other departments to ensure a smooth buyer transition across the sales process. For this reason, transparent customer interactions are a must, which a revenue intelligence solution can provide. Sales reps can use this tool to monitor and manage customer touchpoints, such as email interactions and calls.

Choosing the best revenue intelligence software

The best revenue intelligence software for sales teams enhance the deal insights, pipeline analytics, sales activity management, and performance monitoring. The primary goal of these platforms is to maximize revenue by leveraging AI and advanced analytics to collect product or service usage data across leads, prospects, and customers.

If you’re looking for a revenue intelligence tool with robust integration and programmable automation, HubSpot Operations Hub is a smart choice. We highly recommend Salesforce CRM analytics if you need in-depth sales data analysis to find more opportunities. On the other hand, can help strengthen your sales engagement strategies to win more deals. Clari has intelligent forecast conversations to optimize sales, while Salesloft is an AI-powered revenue orchestration platform that can significantly improve your sales and revenue workflows.

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Revenue intelligence is important in sales teams because managers and reps must have accurate data like deal forecasts and performance metrics to back up decisions in sales operations.

The core features of revenue intelligence software include artificial intelligence, automation, analytics, and comprehensive reporting tools, which automate manual, repetitive tasks and enable salespeople to focus their efforts on selling to boost revenue and sustain growth.

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