Healthcare and medical processes often require the utilization of specialized tech tools. Whether it be for front desk administration or more advanced care technology, these systems keep the workflow of healthcare organizations running effectively to ensure patient safety. Because infrastructure technology is vital to these organizations, there is little room for error regarding equipment use or IT support needs. Read more: Healthcare Trends Private Practices Need to Watch

Benefits of Healthcare IT Services

IT services can provide support and increase efficiency for private medical practices. Medical organizations can benefit from management software solutions to improve their workflow efficiency. Payment processing, scheduling solutions, and employee onboarding; these are just a few ways IT solutions can support healthcare organizations. Managed IT services for healthcare can also help with more industry-specific tasks. For example, Electronic medical records (EMR) software systems can simplify documentation processes and help to ensure HIPAA compliance within an organization. IT solutions are also available for other medical processes, like medication and supply management, patient engagement, and HIPAA-compliant web hosting, to name a few. Many healthcare practices seek IT support services to keep crucial medical technology up and running and increase efficiency in their business processes. Healthcare IT services can support these management practices and provide a feeling of security should IT help services be necessary. Read more: How A Clinical Data Registry Can Work With Your EHR

Healthcare IT Companies, Services & Support

McKesson Corporation

The McKesson Corporation provides IT services that mainly focus on health technologies and medical supplies. They serve healthcare medical practices and organizations in various healthcare industries, including pharmacies, biopharma companies, home health agencies, long-term health facilities, physician’s offices, hospital labs, and surgery centers. They also provide home care products for consumers. Their healthcare IT services for their clients are primarily related to medical supplies and equipment, including pharmaceuticals, oncology drugs, and specialty drugs. In addition, their medical IT support involves pharmacy services and technology, biopharma resources, and pharmacy management. Examples of their managed IT services for healthcare organizations include smart tools for drug purchasing management, pharmacy management software, tech solutions for health systems, and patient adherence and wellness network resources.

Evolent Health

Evolent Health is a healthcare technology services and solutions provider that supports medical organizations by providing technology services that drive clinical and administrative success. Their solutions are designed to help payers and providers in healthcare industries like population health, pharmacy practices, behavioral health, and other clinical service organizations. Their IT services are formatted for care management, utilization management, and population health management. Evolent users can also access the Identifi platform to perform administrative tasks like auto-authorizations, prior authorizations, determinations, intake, concurrent review, and appeals and grievances. They also provide tools to support the security of users, like risk adjustment and quality analytics, and patients will appreciate their pharmacy benefits. Finally, value-based technology allows organizations to gain valuable insights from data, predictive models, and automated reporting.

Strata Decision

The healthcare IT services provided by Strata Decision can be beneficial for those who want to take a more financial-focused approach to their organization’s tech support. Strata, originally EPSi, supports health systems and even some larger hospitals. Strata is a cloud-based platform that supports its users with financial decision-making and business intelligence tools. The system can support many financial tasks, including capital planning and tracking, cost accounting, strategic pricing, contract modeling, and more. Their advisory service solutions can also help medical organizations increase their business growth, plan their future operations, and make informed decisions based on the platform’s advanced analytics.

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation

Cognizant provides IT support and business process services to private medical practices. They serve healthcare industries, as well as other unrelated business industries. Various healthcare segments can benefit from their support, including payers, medical providers, and pharmacies. The IT support team helps healthcare organizations to thrive and keep up with customer demand by offering various solutions for business management, compliance, and optimization. Healthcare practices can also benefit from their digital care and payment models, such as their Medicare/Medicaid management solutions. Additionally, they provide organizations with solutions for regulatory compliance, investigative services, consumerism, operational improvement, implementation services, health intelligence and analytics, compliance, virtual health care, revenue cycle management, and more.


AthenaHealth provides cloud-based clinical tech solutions and managed IT services for healthcare practices. They serve a variety of healthcare industry medical practices, including pediatrics, cardiology, urgent care, orthopedics, FQHC, OB-GYN, behavioral health, internal and family medicine, and more. The AthenaHealth IT support team offers solutions for electronic health records, billing, patient engagement, revenue cycle services, and advisory services. Additionally, practices that use AthenaHealth can provide virtual secure care to their patients with Telehealth and patient portals, and organizations can securely exchange clinical data across platform systems. Finally, their Epocrates tool can provide clinical knowledge to support medical decisions; it is available to healthcare professionals as a mobile app.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a large IT support provider that offers solutions for organizations in the healthcare industry. They have solutions for cardiology, radiology, oncology, orthopedics, ICU, labor and delivery, neurology, and more. Their medical office IT support services are helpful for organizational management, such as financial solutions and documentation services. In addition, using GE’s product security portal and virtual care solutions, patients can feel secure in their medical processes. Products and services that are fine-tuned to medical industry needs include specialized medical equipment; clinical accessories; and solutions for processes like advanced visualization, radiology IT, and cardiology IT to name a few. Read next: Healthcare Cybersecurity: Preparations You Need to Make Now