January 15, 2021

The Best Supply Chain Management Software & Tools

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Supply chain management (SCM) is often a part of a larger ERP software, but a supply chain management software should have a full set of integrations and customization tools that adapt to your process. These features help you connect your data with those of your partners: suppliers, factories, warehouses, retailers, and transportation organizations. Finding the perfect fit can be an extensive process.

The following products are the best supply chain management software vendors for nearly every industry and need. If you’re looking for custom recommendations, we can help you there too. Visit our Product Selection Tool on the supply chain management page. We’ll match you with a list of tools that meet your needs.

Compare the best supply chain management software

Each of the software options listed in this comparison chart include modules or features for planning and demand management, warehousing, and transportation. Scroll past the comparison chart for an overview of each of the software options.

Product Lifecycle Management International finance support Labor management
Infor Logo


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yes yes no
blue yonder scm

Blue Yonder

no yes yes
Epicor ERP reviews

Epicor SCM

no yes yes
sap logo


yes no no
oracle scm

Oracle SCM

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The best SCM software of 2021

infor scm desktop

Infor SCM

Infor SCM is an enterprise supply chain management software built on Infor’s ERP and data analytics software technology. The cloud-based supply chain software is available on desktop, mobile, and tablet apps, and offers continuous security improvements to keep data safe. Connect in real-time with suppliers and consumers to synchronize efforts across the company.

Infor’s international financial tools automatically manage complex regulatory and tax needs, while deep data analytics provide the basis for forecasting and predictive analytics, features that help you plan for potential inventory shortfalls or labor changes. Supply chain, product lifecycle, and warehousing modules are available independently or as a part of the Infor OS platform.

e2open platform


E2Open provides a suite of tools for a wide variety of manufacturing and service industries. With an intense focus on collaboration and communication, E2Open’s supply chain tools help companies forecast better and respond quicker to changing conditions. With drop-shipping, inventory, invoicing, and cost management tools in a single interface, E2Open connects the moving parts through greater visibility and deep data analytics.

When combined with channel, demand, planning, and global finance modules, E2Open offers a full suite of tools to successfully streamline the entire supply chain.

blue yonder luminate dashboard

Blue Yonder Luminate

The Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) Luminate is a supply chain management software for international companies that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The Luminate platform connects partner apps through MuleSoft API connections, reducing information silos and increasing data sharing that speeds delivery.

The Luminate platform is divided into Planning, Commerce, and Logistics modules to fit any process. With data management to ensure that AI and ML applications are driven by clean data and a developer platform to ensure extensibility, Blue Yonder gives enterprise companies insights and tools that drive results.

epicor prophet 21 dashboard.

Epicor Prophet 21 with SCM

Epicor provides several different supply chain management solutions for different manufacturing industries, including retail, distribution, automotive, and lumber. The Prophet 21 ERP includes supply chain management features that bring together data from internal apps and suppliers in a single, user-friendly interface that’s accessible via web browser. Prophet 21 runs on a SQL database and is extensible through RESTful API connections.

Epicor built Prophet 21 for distribution, so the customizations, extension modules, and user experience is designed for the unique needs of distribution companies.

SAP SCM deployment.


SAP is widely known for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence data analytics platforms, so it’s no surprise that their supply chain management solution is top rated. The software is built for enterprise companies to manage product output and data in a centralized location.

Use the centralized SAP software to communicate between manufacturing, sales, service, and delivery. The advanced business intelligence solutions that employ AI and ML tools to identify improvements help companies get ahead of the competition.

oracle scm quality management.

Oracle SCM

Oracle SCM is a cloud-based software that helps companies manage both finances and operations in a single platform. Intelligent Track and Trace technology tracks products and their parts from planning through returns, giving the company deep insight into the performance of products, factories, and retailers.

Oracle’s integrated solutions mean that companies can manage workflows, internal purchasing, transportation, and manufacturing schedules in a single interface. The tools work together to find the most cost-effective and fastest solutions for emergent and recurring problems.

Choosing the best supply chain management software

Making your decision on the best supply chain management software requires a deep understanding of the suppliers, factories, warehouses, and shipping partners you’ll use throughout your product lifecycle. Documenting these needs can help you refine your search. Then research the leaders on this list and other industry-specific SCM providers to understand the solutions that are available to meet your needs.

If you’re ready to view a custom list of vendors that meet your industry and company requirements, enter your needs in the Product Selection Tool on the supply chain management page. Our unbiased Technology Advisors will match you with the best SCM vendors for your company.

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