Searching for an HR software solution can be frustrating and intimidating, especially for companies looking to ditch on-premises legacy systems like PeopleSoft and move HR functions to a cloud-based HR solution. If you’re looking for a more flexible, cloud-based HR solution, check out these top alternatives to PeopleSoft.

Writer’s note: This article mentions TriNet Zenefits. On December 19, 2023, TriNet issued a statement announcing the end of the Zenefits brand. Effective immediately, the Zenefits platform was absorbed into TriNet’s portfolio of products and services, becoming TriNet HR Platform.

What PeopleSoft Offers

PeopleSoft HCM is one of Oracle’s database software products that is designed for enterprises. It includes a suite of HR modules that help companies take care of compensation, benefits, payroll, and recruiting. Powered by Oracle’s database technology, PeopleSoft is capable of safely securing large volumes of employee data. 

PeopleSoft started as an on-premises solution but is now available for private Oracle cloud implementation as well. This means customers already subscribing to Oracle Cloud can run PeopleSoft. 

However, to expand its market reach, Oracle now offers Oracle HCM Cloud. This has become more popular as a cloud-based, user-friendly alternative to PeopleSoft HCM. 

Oracle has recently announced that it will continue to support PeopleSoft until 2033, which makes it sound like it’s only a matter of time before this software goes extinct. So why would a company still choose an on-prem solution like PeopleSoft?

For one, PeopleSoft is a powerful database tool. It stores large amounts of data and aggregates it across HR, accounting, and finance departments so they all have access to the same data. As such, PeopleSoft enables a company to account for HR in the company’s financial decisions and align HR with business strategy.

Moreover, as a legacy system, PeopleSoft runs on an internal server which means it provides better security and more direct control over the information stored on the server.

Why PeopleSoft May Not Be the Best Fit for Your Company

As powerful and notable as PeopleSoft is in the HR software market, it may not be the right choice for your company. The drawbacks of PeopleSoft are that it:

  • Requires in-house IT staff for hardware and software maintenance
  • Puts the burden of industry compliance entirely on your company
  • Necessitates large capital investment for implementation
  • Requires a budget for ongoing maintenance
  • Risks lost data if the system malfunctions
  • Limits the degree to which a company can scale up in storage and resources
  • Lacks customization options
  • Has a lackluster user interface
  • Performs slowly on occasion

We’ve compiled five PeopleSoft alternatives on the market, but if you find that none of them match your needs, use our HR Software software category page. After answering a few questions, you’ll get an unbiased list of software options tailored to your company’s needs.

Top 5 PeopleSoft Alternatives

Even though PeopleSoft is known for its powerful database technology, its lack of cloud connectivity makes it less nimble and cutting edge. Plus, the financial investment that it requires isn’t worth it for many companies, especially small businesses. 

Therefore, PeopleSoft may not suit your business needs. Here are some top alternatives that provide solutions where PeopleSoft falls short. 

Sage HR

Screenshot of Sage HR report view
Sage HR lets users pull customized reports, such as reports about employee time-off requests.

Sage HR is a cloud-based alternative to Sage HRMS, which is an on-premises human resources management system. Sage HR helps companies manage core HR tasks, performance, employee schedules, and more. This solution stands out from PeopleSoft with its data management and analytics capabilities.

Data management

PeopleSoft is an on-premises solution that boasts a powerful database capable of storing large volumes of data. Sage HR is a comparable, yet cloud-based solution that includes all the power of PeopleSoft’s database and the benefits of the cloud. Users mention that Sage HR’s employee database is easy to use, while PeopleSoft’s database interface is clunky. Plus, employee data on Sage HR is always up to date, since it syncs with the cloud.

Reporting and analytics 

PeopleSoft features an HR Analytics Administrator to manage the Workforce Insight and individual analytics dashboard. However, users mention that it’s difficult to use and that they’re overwhelmed with the different reporting options. Reporting for PeopleSoft’s HCM module also doesn’t appear to offer customized reports.

Sage HR, on the other hand, allows users to easily create customized reports and schedule when the system should pull reports on metrics that the user specifies. It even enables predictive modeling to test out and make more informed decisions regarding employee practices. 

Reasons to choose Sage HR instead of PeopleSoft

  • User-friendly, current database
  • Customizable reports


BambooHR dashboard view
BambooHR provides a visually appealing, user-friendly dashboard to provide the most important information at a glance.

BambooHR’s cloud-based system is a lightweight yet powerful HR platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It combines several different HR functions into one platform to help SMBs manage employees more easily. BambooHR includes:

  • A human resources information (HRIS) system
  • An applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Performance management
  • User-friendly onboarding tools


BambooHR’s onboarding tools are one of its most coveted features. Onboarding checklists ensure you don’t miss any steps when bringing on new employees. The checklists help HR staff and managers outline expectations, introduce the company culture, and build connections for new employees, so they can start contributing from day one. BambooHR also has analytics that deliver meaningful insights into your hiring process, turnover rate, and overall employee satisfaction.

PeopleSoft also offers onboarding tools, but they’re austere and mostly internally facing, compared to BambooHR. PeopleSoft allows HR staff to set up a repeatable framework for onboarding new employees. However, it offers limited assistance to new employees besides providing them with a checklist of tasks to complete. It lacks the more personalized, welcoming aspects of BambooHR’s onboarding tools. As such, PeopleSoft fails to promote a delightful onboarding experience for new employees.  

Employee record management

Like PeopleSoft, BambooHR’s system also keeps records clearly organized and all in one place. The main difference is that BambooHR syncs to the cloud automatically, making it accessible anywhere, anytime, and from any authorized device. 

Reasons to choose BambooHR instead of PeopleSoft

  • Onboarding tools and reports that are insightful and easy to use
  • Centralized database that syncs to the cloud
  • Better customer support, according to user reviews

TriNet Zenefits

TriNet Zenefits’ Compliance Assistant comes standard with all plans and helps users stay current on industry regulations.

TriNet Zenefits is a cloud-based, full-service HR solution that specializes in payroll and benefits administration. We recommend this software over PeopleSoft for companies that prioritize security and compliance because customers get some of the key benefits of an on-premises solution but in a cloud-based system.  


TriNet Zenefits includes a host of native cloud-based functionality. This reduces the need for third-party integrations that can introduce security vulnerabilities. Its cloud-based applications run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform to deliver fast, reliable, and secure functionality. 

Though TriNet Zenefits packs a lot of built-in functionality, you don’t have to part with your favorite tools, as it integrates with a lot of third-party apps. To mitigate security threats, TriNet Zenefits holds third-party integrations to high security standards and conducts frequent penetration testing. 

In these ways, TriNet Zenefits lets customers have the best of both worlds. It delivers security on par with an on-prem solution like PeopleSoft along with the agility of cloud-based software.


When it comes time to file taxes, TriNet Zenefits has a Compliance Assistant that comes standard with all Zenefits plans. The Compliance Assistant:

  • Informs organizations on how to remain ACA compliant
  • E-files 1094-C and 1095-C forms with the IRS
  • Automatically calculates taxes and offers to file and pay them
  • Creates, formats, and files W-2s and 1099s
  • Sends mandatory COBRA notices and calculates COBRA payments

Reasons to choose TriNet Zenefits instead of PeopleSoft

  • Enhanced security
  • Automated compliance

Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce dashboard view
Users can customize their dashboard as they see fit with Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM.

Dayforce HCM by Ceridian is a complete cloud-based HR platform that combines workforce management, payroll, benefits, and talent management. Because most HR functions are included in the system, you don’t have to deal with complicated integrations to make your HR processes run smoothly. Check out Dayforce HCM instead of PeopleSoft for customization and automation options. 

Customization and automation

This HR solution features a flexible rules system that allows you to customize automated functions to better fit your company’s needs. Users can customize workflows, dashboards, reports, forms, payroll, and more. 

Dayforce automates workflows, payroll, vacation entitlement increases, benefits deductions, pension contributions and any increases. PeopleSoft, on the other hand, limits automation to benefits, payroll, and HR workflows.

Because of its customization and automation features, Dayforce HCM packs a one-two punch compared to PeopleSoft, which has limited customization and automation. 

Reasons to choose Dayforce HCM instead of PeopleSoft

  • Customization options
  • More robust automation

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Screenshot of UKG Pro's employee self-service portal
UKG Pro puts employees in control of managing their own data, such as time off, benefits, and more.

UKG Pro is a comprehensive cloud-based HR platform that helps companies with:

  • Employee data management
  • Payroll
  • Compliance
  • Talent management
  • Workforce management and analytics

UKG Pro’s software stands apart from Workable because of its AI and automation capabilities.

Artificial intelligence

While PeopleSoft’s AI includes only a chatbot, UKG Pro integrates AI capabilities in nearly all of its tools to help companies optimize their processes and provide a better working experience. 

For example, you can find AI behind UKG Pro’s suite of workforce management features to intelligently schedule meetings or shifts with its built-in scheduling tool. It can also enforce work and pay rules — and their exceptions — in the time-tracking tool. UKG Pro’s HR Compliance Assist tool is an online knowledge base and alert service to help HR navigate ever-changing data management rules and regulations.


As mentioned above, PeopleSoft has limited automation capabilities that don’t serve the range of needs for today’s businesses. UKG Pro has more to offer in terms of payroll automation. Companies operating with a distributed workforce will especially appreciate its Tax Search tool that recommends the correct tax amount based on the employee’s location. 


UKG Pro also promotes employee self-service and financial planning. Employees can calculate their take-home pay based on different scenarios like withholding for health insurance or retirement. The best part is employees can do this through UKG Pro’s mobile app anytime, anywhere. With PeopleSoft, employees need to log in through a laptop or desktop that locally stores and connects to the software.

Reasons to choose UKG Pro instead of PeopleSoft

  • AI capability
  • More automation
  • Self-service

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Choosing the Right Alternative to PeopleSoft

HR encompasses a wide range of functions, so it’s crucial that your company chooses a software tool that enables HR staff to handle them all efficiently. While PeopleSoft takes care of core and strategic HR processes, this legacy system has many limitations that other solutions do not. 

All the alternatives to PeopleSoft that are listed here are cloud-based and thus come with added benefits that PeopleSoft lacks or falls short of: automation, AI, and customization, to name a few. 

Depending on the size of your company and the HR team, you may want more automated features to ease the HR team’s administrative burden. In that case, investigate Ceridian’s DayforceHCM and UKG Pro. 

For an HR solution that aligns HR processes with corporate strategy by making data-driven decisions, check out UKG Pro. 

Companies that value powerful data management functionality should consider Sage HR and BambooHR.

The security of on-prem solutions and the nimbleness of cloud software are not mutually exclusive. TriNet Zenefits delivers both with advanced security and compliance features.

BambooHR’s onboarding tools are more user-friendly than those of PeopleSoft, so if your company values the candidate and new-hire experience, BambooHR is a great alternative. Yet, if none of these matches your needs, consult our HR software category page to find the right HR software for your business. After answering a short survey, you’ll get an unbiased list of vendors for your company.

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