Like most other enterprise software, medical practice management software has evolved from separate applications run locally, with some degree of interoperability, to cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms served from the cloud.

The market size has increased and is expected to continue to do so as the software options develop further. According to Business Wire, the medical practice management software industry is expected to grow at an annually compounded rate of 9.65% between now and 2025. The demand is primarily driven by the need to increase efficiency and productivity.

When burdened with fewer administrative concerns, healthcare professionals can devote more time to examining and treating patients. Making better use of available chair time will ideally lead to better patient outcomes as well as general experiences in the healthcare industry for employees and patients alike.

In such a dynamic and fast-growing industry, it’s no surprise that competition among medical practice management software providers is fierce. Each of them attempts to stand out from the crowd.

With solutions for practices of all sizes and specialties, DrChrono has set itself apart. From independent practitioners to much larger practices involving several different specialties, DrChrono aims to help healthcare providers practice medicine rather than administration.

DrChrono is also useful for practices providing telehealth services or looking to expand to meet the meteoric rise in demand for telehealth services stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every practice is unique. Still, there are three solutions a medical practice management software like DrChrono can provide that each of them needs: electronic medical record (EMR)/electronic health record (EHR), billing, and practice management.

Integrating each of these three solutions into the same software program reduces potential redundancies and saves time for busy providers.

At a minimum, medical practice management software should allow for convenient access to electronic medical records, the ability to manage all billing needs, and a smoother workflow.

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The DrChrono EMR aims to limit screen time in favor of more face-to-face interactions with patients. The module is cloud-based and designed with mobility in mind. Physicians can order labs, prescribe medications, and enjoy the convenience of speech-to-text dictation all from a highly portable iPad.

Skeptical about the speech-to-text feature? In the past, the inaccuracy of dictation tools created extra work rather than streamlining anything. DrChrono’s tool, however, is adaptive and is designed to adjust to an individual’s speech patterns and accent.

Being cloud-based, DrChrono EMR allows healthcare providers to access the information they need from anywhere and at any time. Physicians get access to the most up-to-date records, so essential information won’t be lost or repeated.

DrChrono EMR’s prebuilt medical forms are available for multiple specialties. At the same time, customization options allow users to build forms unique to their practices’ needs.

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Billing is one of the most challenging aspects of medical practice administration because there are so many places where something could go wrong. Delays, denials, and problems with payment collection all contribute to the difficulties that negatively impact a practice’s revenue stream. DrChrono’s medical billing service (MBS) is designed to streamline the process.

DrChrono MBS is fully integrated with DrChrono EHR. Any information in the EHR is automatically passed to the billing system, saving time and reducing the likelihood of typos and other errors.

Outsourced medical billing is another feature of DrChrono MBS. Certified billing specialists often produce a clean claims rate of 96%, with a 48-hour turnaround time for denials. Analysis tools and insights are available without leaving the platform, allowing healthcare administrators to monitor improvements to their practice’s profitability.

Automation is a big theme for DrChrono MBS. HCFA 1500 forms are automatically generated, and there is a setting that allows automatic updates to a bill’s status when electronic remittance advice is received. Reports can be submitted with the click of a button.

By utilizing a combination of cutting-edge technology and certified billing professionals, DrChrono’s goal is to increase clean claim rates and payment collection while decreasing denial rates.

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DrChrono does not limit customization options to medical forms. All of the services it offers are designed with the knowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to medical practice management.

With that said, there are certain tools that most practices would find useful.

Some of the services DrChrono MPM offers for front-end management include online appointment scheduling, real-time eligibility checks of a patient’s health insurance, automated appointment reminders, and a kiosk mode useful when a receptionist isn’t present. All of these features contribute to a frictionless first experience for patients, lowering no-show rates and increasing the ease of making payments.

Staff also benefit from DrChrono’s practice management tools. Scheduling and day-to-day business operations become easier, and less time is wasted on sorting through paperwork, sending out reminders, and other administrative tasks.

DrChrono offers extensive support for new clients. When a practice purchases DrChrono’s services, they are assigned an implementation specialist to help ease the transition between systems, which lessens confusion, uncertainty, and the brief dip in productivity that follows any major change in workflow processes. Support remains available long after an organization makes the switch.

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DrChrono is a leading name in the EHR industry, and it’s the only official Apple Mobility Partner for healthcare. It has received numerous other awards and accolades since its founding in 2009. To this day, it maintains its commitment to innovation and building a world in which both providers and patients can thrive.

In addition to offering the EMR, billing, and practice management solutions necessary for maintaining business operations, DrChrono is also highly customizable. It’s HIPAA-compliant and offers a range of pricing options depending on your practice’s needs.

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