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What is real estate CRM software?

Real estate CRM software is a tool that has become increasingly popular among real estate professionals in recent years. It provides an all-in-one solution for managing customer relationships, lead generation, marketing, and sales processes. With the help of real estate CRM software, real estate agents and agencies can streamline their workflow and focus on building long-term relationships with their clients.  At its core, the real estate business is the business of managing relationships—relationships between buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financial institutions. The complexity and longevity of the home-buying process present real estate with a set of unique challenges.

A closed deal is represented by the sale of a property, but this closure depends on a nuanced process that goes beyond the typical customer-buys-product sequence. The term “customer” includes buyers and sellers, as well as other parties, with the agent or broker acting as liaison between them. The “product” is not an off-the-shelf good or service, but rather a distinctive property with its own defining characteristics.

In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive real-estate CRM software comparison based on common features and discuss how this software can help your business gain a competitive edge.

Based on our evaluations of more than 24 titles, the best project real-estate CRM solutions are:

  • Wise Agent: Best for affordable contact management
  • Insightly: Best for integrating CRM and project management
  • Propertybase: Best for comprehensive real estate business solutions
  • Pipedrive: Best for management of sales pipelines
  • CINC: Best for lead generation and conversion
  • Follow Up Boss: Best for streamlined follow-ups and team collaboration

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July 10, 2023: We restructured the page to put our expert recommendations front and center. We also added dynamic design elements to improve the visual flow of information.

At TechnologyAdvice, we assess a wide range of factors before selecting our top choices for a given category. To make our selections, we rely on our extensive research, product information, vendor websites, competitor research and first-hand experience. We then consider what makes a solution best for customer-specific needs. By defining business needs, we can determine the essential features organizations in various sectors require, and select platforms that will cover all bases. Reputable providers known for their ease of use and customer satisfaction are added to our compilation list for further analysis. We then evaluate each solution on the list based on the features they offer, considering the platform’s usability, integration capabilities, customization options, mobile access, and any other relevant functionalities. Price plans, hidden fees, customer reviews, and customer support are also assessed in the selection process. Technology Advice writers will often take advantage of free trials and demos to get a first-hand user experience of available software. Finally, we curate a comprehensive list based on the previously stated factors, ensuring readers have the necessary tools to make an informed decision.

Our picks for the best real-estate CRM software

Wise Agent – Best for affordable contact management


  • Intuitive interface
  • Affordable
  • Excellent contact management tools
  • Marketing automation


  • No native mobile app
  • Limited reporting tools
  • Integration issues reported
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Transaction manager (dates, details, parties involved, notes, documents)
  • Day planner (birthdays, team functions, critical dates)
  • Property Lists (track properties, photos, flyers, create slide shows)
  • Two-page monthly newsletter
  • Lockbox tracking (codes, locations, serial numbers)
  • Expense and mileage tracking
  • Data import/export
  1. Monthly Plan
    • Price: $32/user/month
    • Includes: 14-day free trial, complimentary one-on-one onboarding
  2. Annual Plan
    • Price: $326/user/year
    • Includes: 14-day free trial, complimentary one-on-one onboarding, saves 15% compared to the standard monthly plan
  3. Enterprise Plan
    • Price: Custom pricing
    • Includes: White label solutions, API access
    • Note: Contact the company for more details and to discuss pricing

Wise Agent’s contact management features are intuitive and simple. All communications are logged with time and date stamps. Agents can sync their contacts with Google and manage leads on the go with the mobile web application, which just received a facelift earlier this year.

This system goes beyond basic contact management by also providing strong marketing automation features. Choose from hundreds of templates to create content, post to Facebook feeds, and disseminate with ease by using Wise Agents integrations with MailChimp and ConstantContact.Stay organized with Wise Agent’s custom, sharable task lists and appointments, call lists that sync with contact notes, and scheduled email alerts.

Wise Agent falls is specifically designed for the real estate industry. The CRM is comprised of a suite of integrated tools for contact and transaction management, scheduling, marketing, and unlimited in-software document storage. Wise Agent also boasts “mouth dropping customer support, provide by real people that actually care,” which can sometimes be hard to find in a software product.

Insightly – Best for integrating CRM and project management


  • Highly customizable
  • Deep integrations
  • Highly scalable


  • Not a dedicated real-estate CRM
  • Higher pricing for large teams
  • Quickly follow-up on new leads
  • Use “brilliant” data sets to create an opportunities pipeline
  • Use search functions to find the information they need, when they need it
  • Schedule important reminders for clients throughout the closing process
  • Use the Gmail integration to send personalized emails rather than pre-scheduled, template messages

Plus: $29/user/month

Professional: $49/user/month

Enterprise: $99/user/month

Insightly gives you a robust package of tools for recording and managing contacts and related tasks (follow-ups, signing-events, etc.). You can perform quick, intuitive searches of your contacts, create custom fields, share files, create contacts with web forms, and receive automatic notifications. Closely related are the social features of Insightly: access contacts’ social profiles on Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, Picasa, and many others without ever leaving the CRM.

Agents will find the integrated PM features particularly relevant to the property buying process, and this gives Insightly a competitive edge over other CRMs. You can specify roles, create automatic reminders, milestones, project pipelines, view reports, and attach files directly to the “project,” which would most likely be a residential or commercial property.

Insightly is one of the leading CRMs for small businesses across industries, and is a popular choice for real estate agencies because of its integrated project management (PM) features, social CRM, and mobile application. The software has three primary focus categories: customer relationship management, project management, and social CRM. For marketing automation, Insightly relies on MailChimp, which requires a separate subscription.

Insightly is cloud-based and has its own separate mobile application. It’s easy to set up and administer, and the developers even provide a one-day, instructor-led course on mastering their product. Pricing is nicely scaled — the standard plan for up to 100,000 records is extremely affordable. Think Netflix-affordable.

Propertybase – Best for comprehensive real estate business solutions


  • Industry-specific focus
  • Wealth of marketing tools
  • Comprehensive suite of tools beyond CRM
  • Highly customizable


  • Issues with MLS integration reported
  • No integrated dialer
  • Create customized workflows
  • Integrate with their email exchange
  • Integrate with web forms and listing updates on their site
  • Utilize custom reporting to analyze their now unified data
  1. Propertybase GO
    • Best for: Brokerages that want a full platform that provides office administration and promotes their agents.
    • Price: Starts at $399/month for up to 5 users.
  2. Propertybase Salesforce Edition
    • Best for: Large brokerages with a technical administrator to implement software customizations or the budget to outsource the setup.
    • Price: Starts at $799/month for up to 10 users.

Propertybase is designed to help agents manage relationships throughout the entire journey from showing to closing. Enterprise-grade contact and lead management features let you capture leads from your website and route them to the right agents, track social media feeds, create detailed contact profiles, and build custom dashboards and reports. Since it’s built on the Salesforce platform, you’ll have access to hundreds of add-ons and applications if you need additional features. For instance, Propertybase integrates with Geoppointe — a mapping and geolocation add-on that helps you plan your day and get to the right locations on time. Propertybase is also compatible with a number of other popular apps, including Dropbox, DocuSign, Skype, PowerDialer, Quickbooks, Hubspot, MailChimp, and Zillow.

Via Amazon cloud-hosted storage and Chatter, your team can store photos, pamphlets, flyers, and documentation directly in the system, as well as share and collaborate in real time.

Propertybase is one of the few real estate-specific CRMs that offers functionality specifically for commercial real estate. Brokers can track comparables in their own database, manage deals, offers, and closings, and access powerful analytics and forecasting for commissions. Propertybase also offers inventory management for real estate developers.

Propertybase is a powerful real estate CRM software built on the Salesforce platform that gives residential and commercial realtors and property developers access to industry-specific tools, as well as core CRM features. The software was developed by real estate and brokerage experts and has a huge community following. In fact, it’s the highest-rated real estate app powered by Salesforce (yes, there are others). If you’re looking for an enterprise-level real estate solution, Propertybase will likely meet your needs.

Pipedrive – Best for management of sales pipelines


  • Excellent sales pipeline management
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent integration capabilities
  • Robust mobile app


  • Limited real estate-specific features
  • Limited customizable reporting features
  • Integration with QuoteRoller (build custom, trackable property proposals)
  • Sales reporting (view results and activity goals per agent in real time)
  • Real time, encrypted data backup and secure hosting
  • 2-way sync with Google Contacts and Calendar
  • REST API for connecting with other software and data that isn’t pre-integrated
  • Programming in nine different languages and all major currencies
  • Easy data import/export from existing spreadsheets or CRMs

Essential: $14/user/month

Advanced: $29/user/month

Professional: $49/user/month

Power: $64/user/month

Enterprise: $99/user/month

Pipedrive integrates with Gmail, but you can also send and receive emails from directly within the system, which means they’ll be linked to relevant contacts and properties. There’s also a nice collection of popular add-ons that are compatible with the basic CRM, including Yesware for marketing analytics, RightSignature, MailChimp, Google Maps, and others.

Pipedrive emphasizes customizability—specifically, the ability to disable and hide features you don’t need. That means no cluttered home screens with a bunch of buttons and tabs you don’t use. There’s only one edition of Pipedrive and one price per user per month, which makes the purchasing experience pretty easy. Pipedrive is a great option for smaller teams that want clean, simple CRM functionality.

Pipedrive‘s focus on the sales pipeline has made it an attractive option for many real estate agencies. The product being sold, of course, is property, and what better way to track the selling process than with innovative visualizations and pipeline tools? The cloud-based platform is intuitive and easy to customize, whether you need dashboards, reports, filters, or custom information capture fields. The sales pipeline helps you prioritize by displaying your properties and contacts according to different stages in the sales process. You can drag and drop deals in the pipeline view and focus on specific deals by imposing filters. Or you can view deals in a timeline layout to strategize task management and scheduling.

CINC – Best for lead generation and conversion


  • Excels at lead generation and conversion
  • Excellent task automation capabilities
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Collaborative community and extensive training resources


  • Limited email marketing
  • No transaction management
  • Lead quality concerns reported
  • Client and property matching
  • Custom IDX home search sites
  • Email marketing capabilities
  • Contact and lead management
  1. Solo Plan
    • Best for: Single users looking for basic features.
    • Price: Starts around $600/month.
    • Features: Basic video messaging, lead routing, limited system integrations, and access to the CINC CRM, lead auto-tracking, and CINC Seller Suite.
  2. Ramp Plan
    • Best for: Agents in a small brokerage.
    • Price: Contact CINC for specific pricing.
    • Features: Advanced lead routing, cash offer leads, more integrations, plus all features from the Solo Plan.
  3. Pro or Select Plan
    • Best for: Large brokerages managing multiple teams or locations.
    • Price: Up to around $1,500/month depending on the service plan.
    • Features: Fully advanced video messaging, full spectrum of app integrations, plus all features from the Ramp Plan.

Unique features such as the ability to input specific showing instructions enhance client experience and optimize agent performance. Its robust lead generation, task automation capabilities, and a supportive user community make CINC a comprehensive solution for streamlining real estate workflows and improving sales efficiency.

Commission, Inc. (CINC) is a web-based real estate marketing and CRM software designed for high level agents, teams, and brokerages. Features include lead generation, lead nurturing, and client retention, and the website integrates with local MLS data. CINC offers 3 mobile apps: CINC Agent for lead management, Open Houses for capturing contact information, and Etta Homes for organizing details of your home search.

Follow Up Boss – Best for streamlined follow-ups and team collaboration


  • Automated follow up
  • Advanced real-time reporting tools
  • Advanced lead routing
  • Ease of use


  • No specific property management features
  • Limited social media integration
  • Lead source reporting
  • Automated task assignment
  • Reports on agent activity
  • Automatica call logging

Free trial available

  1. GROW Plan:
    • Cost: $69/user/month
    • Features:
      • Connect any lead source and website
      • Customize lead distribution
      • Organize leads with Smart Lists
      • Automate follow-up with Action Plans
      • Call, text, and email directly from Follow Up Boss
      • Sync your calendar & email
      • Report on agent & lead source performance
      • Mobile app
    • Optional: Add dialer for an additional $39/user/month
  2. PRO Plan:
    • Cost: $499/month for 10 users
    • Additional users: $49/user/month
    • Includes everything in the GROW plan, plus:
      • Unlimited calling & texting for all users
      • Team inboxes
      • Call reporting
      • Enhanced support & training
      • Personalized onboarding
  3. PLATFORM Plan:
    • Cost: $1000/month for 30 users
    • Additional users: $20/user/month
    • Includes everything in the PRO plan, plus:
      • Teams within teams feature
      • Enhanced onboarding
      • Dedicated Success Manager
      • Priority support

Support is included in any package, and is available any day of the week. Follow Up Boss also offers a 2 week free trial, and has 3 triers for pricing: Grow, Pro, and Platform, billed monthly or annually. Even the basic plan includes automated drip email campaigns and several options for lead distribution methods.

Higher level plans give the option to integrate phone calls into the CRM, allowing agents to send and receive calls from within the application. This option provides individual numbers for each agent and provides the option to record calls for training purposes.

Follow Up Boss is a simple sales CRM designed for small real estate teams. Automatically import and distribute leads from over 200 sources such as Zapier, BombBomb, and CINC. New lead and inbound calls from your website listings are put into action with automated emails and texts, and you can categorize types of buyers and prioritize which need contact.

Find your Real Estate CRM Software

The real estate CRM software market

Though the housing market is infamously volatile, the Real Estate industry has always fed from a steady stream of customers. In 2013, only 9 percent of homeowners sold their homes without professional real estate services, and 88 percent of buyers made their purchase through a realty firm. People will always need homes, and businesses will always need offices, which means there will always be a need to build relationships with professionals to find and purchase the best property.

Despite the longstanding practice of relationship management in Real Estate, business IT systems have traditionally seen low usage. Nearly half of active realtors rarely or never use a CRM system or transaction management software. This could be attributed to a predominantly older population of agents and brokers—research puts the median realtor age somewhere around 57. But as a younger generation enters the workforce, and as buyers and sellers buy and sell earlier in life, we expect an industry-wide move towards technology-driven selling.

Why use a CRM for real estate?

CRM gives realtors an efficient way to manage contacts, schedule tasks, monitor their pipelines, and stay organized as they conduct business. In that sense, CRM is the scaffolding from which agents build successful relationships and close deals.

Realtors benefit from some of the same core CRM features as other industries:

  • Task management and scheduling
  • Lead management
  • Contact records
  • Sales pipelines
  • Marketing Automation
  • Integrated communication tools

Some agencies choose a generic CRM software and customize it to fit their operational goals, while others choose a CRM for real estate that gives them out-of-the-box functionality. This guide will compare examples of each.

Making the real estate CRM investment

A recent study revealed “rich” real estate agents (those who make over $100,000 per year) are 87 percent more likely to use CRM software than “poor” agents (those who make under $35,000 per year). While this doesn’t necessarily prove the intrinsic value of CRM, it does represent a strong correlation between financial success and selling property on the shoulders of good technology.

Choosing the best software for real estate CRM

Ready to start your project management software comparison? Our Technology Advisors are here to help you find the perfect tool for your company’s projects. Call for a free 5-minute consultation, or complete the form at the bottom of this page for fast, free recommendations based on your needs.

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