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ZoomInfo SalesOSProduct Overview

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ZoomInfo SalesOS product overview

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a go-to-market intelligence platform that empowers business-to-business sales and marketing professionals to hit their numbers by pairing advanced technology with data coverage, accuracy, and depth of contacts. Its large and diversified customer base consists of over 20,000 customers from global enterprises, mid-market companies, and small businesses.

The platform pinpoints, processes, and delivers the marketing and sales intelligence the company needs— exactly when and how they need it. It allows businesses to find and connect with their ideal customer. Salespeople, marketers, and recruiters use ZoomInfo SalesOS to optimize their lead generation efforts and get access to a vast business contact database and various sales intelligence and prospecting tools.

ZoomInfo SalesOS equips sales professionals with tools to help with territory planning, lead scoring, and targeted outreach. It enables companies to understand their ideal customers and target companies who visit their websites in real-time.

Pros of ZoomInfo SalesOS

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  • The software lets marketing teams secure high-value deals and renewals. The ZoomInfo research team provides access to department org charts, decision makers’ direct dials and business emails, and curated insights about company initiatives.
  • For larger enterprise companies, the platform offers an API that allows customers to get into the ZoomInfo database for enhanced control over the data they receive. Businesses can customize the solutions they need and use them within existing workflows to increase productivity and generate more revenue.

Cons of ZoomInfo SalesOS

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  • A number of users reported that the system occasionally provides inaccurate and outdated data.

Breakdown of core features

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Contact and company data

With ZoomInfo SalesOS, companies can build an account universe based on their ideal customer profile (ICP). Teams can also reach decision-makers with the platform’s B2B contact database of over 50M direct dial phone numbers and millions of verified email addresses. The software gives access to professional profiles, including job responsibilities, work experience, education, and social media profile links. It also sends users alerts for every update of target profiles.

Conversation intelligence

The solution lets sales teams analyze customer calls, meetings, and emails to drive process changes that impact their bottom line. The Conversation Intelligence feature transcribes, records, and analyzes the content of sales calls, virtual meetings, and video conferences.


ZoomInfo’s sales workflows automate sales and marketing activities based on the target market’s buying signals. Teams can launch personalized outreach to capture net-new leads and targeted accounts. The system identifies and takes action on the contacts and companies by cross-referencing signals against the ICP using firmographics, technographics, and advanced company attributes.

Buyer intent

ZoomInfo SalesOS enables sales teams to map their ICP against ZoomInfo’s database to uncover sales-ready prospects searching for topics and keywords related to their business. Its intent engine triggers signals tracked from a network of 300,000 publisher domains and numerous new keyword-to-device pairings — all sourced monthly from over 90% of accessible devices across the U.S.

(Last updated on 07/20/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

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  • Contact and Company Search
  • Buyer Intent
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • Email and Phone Automation
  • Chatbot for Sales
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Contact Tracking
  • Workflows
  • Sales Automation


  • Slack
  • Zoho CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • SugarCRM
  • Salesloft
  • API integrations

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