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Industry Specialties
Banking / Accounting / Financial, Computer and Technology, eCommerce, Hospitality / Entertainment / Travel, Field Services / Maintenance, Government / Public Administration, Marketing / Public Relations, Staffing / Recruiting, Non-Profit / Public Sector, Sales, Telecommunications
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Any Sized Businesses

About Zoho Creator

ZoHo Creator is a cloud-based workflow management software that allows users to build custom applications that automate business processes and manage data. With a drag-and-drop interface specifically designed for non-programmers, users can design apps around specific business needs. 

ZoHo Creator features allow users to collaborate with team members, generate reports, receive real-time notifications, create customized rules, organize data analytics, and access from mobile and local devices. With the drag-and-drop blocks of prewritten code, users add conditional logic and exceptions to handle scenarios. Drag and drop fields collect varied data like names, email addresses, and customer feedback. Users can perform data entry checks and display error messages when incorrect data is entered into forms. The drag-and-drop features provide embedded forms on the websites, blog posts, newsletters, and social media pages. 

Data is securely share throughout the entire application, and account managers can assign user-based roles that provide access to forms and reports relevant to individuals jobs. See who has changed records and when it happened through record audit. Custom charts allow users to generate reports with relevant variables, and derive actionable data driven insights. Data can be displayed, sorted, and filtered as lists, calendars, summaries, grids, spreadsheets, and more. Custom dashboards monitor enterprise-wide performance indicators from one place. 

ZoHo Creator integrates with other Zoho’s CRM, SalesIQ, Subscriptions, Books, and Reports, allowing users to manage all data on a single platform. Other integrations include Google Apps, SMS providers, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and PayPal. 

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