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YAPIProduct Overview

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YAPI product overview

YAPI is an automated practice efficiency software for enhancing the business side of dentistry. It provides a comprehensive set of solutions that sync seamlessly to practice management systems. It manages everything from new patient online forms and electronic treatment plans to automated appointment reminders and online scheduling.

YAPI utilizes automation for patient engagement and intra-office communication so practitioners can do more with less effort. It maximizes efficiency and profitability for dental practices and reduces busy work and overhead to increase production.

Pros of YAPI

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  • Teams can reply to any texts from a patient in real-time from any computer in the practice. The software doesn’t require logins or portals, allowing users to send replies directly from a pop-up message.
  • Its Fast Import feature enables any practice to instantly sync all completed and signed electronic records to their practice management software in seconds.

Cons of YAPI

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  • It offers limited third-party integrations.

Breakdown of core features

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Online patient forms and electronic consent

YAPI eliminates time spent printing, scanning, and shredding patient forms. It delivers online patient forms that speed up check-ins and boost productivity. In addition, it empowers practitioners to provide new and existing patients the convenience of booking an appointment online with YAPI Smart Scheduling which syncs in real-time to practice management systems.

Dental office messaging system

Dental professionals can communicate with their teammates discreetly and without interruptions via color-coded, two-way messages with YAPI. The system also lets them summon any provider through their smartwatch.

Dental dashboard and KPI reporting

The platform allows users to see real-time actionable patient data and make better, data-driven decisions with fewer clicks through patient charts. The YAPI Dental Dashboard gives a bird’s eye view of the office. At a glance, the staff members know the patient’s readiness and priority: who is checking in, who is filling out paperwork, who is ready to be seated, who has been waiting for too long, and who is running late. This real-time information enables dental teams to optimize patient flow, minimize delays, reduce patients’ wait times and handle the unexpected.

Automatic appointment reminders and recall

With YAPI, practitioners can send automated yet personalized email and text reminders to patients. If the clinic finds itself with an unexpected gap in the schedule, they can send a mass text to patients who are due for a visit or are already on their ASAP list to fill it quickly. The software reduces broken appointments and accelerates confirmations.

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  • Online Patient Forms
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Reputation Management
  • Online Patient Bookings
  • Dental Office Messaging System
  • Dashboard and KPIs
  • Remote Access


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