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About Workbooks CRM, a U.K. company founded in 2007, makes their eponymous, cloud-delivered customer relationship management software for small-to-medium businesses looking to increase sales, marketing efficiency, offer better customer service, and do so affordably.

Workbooks’ approach to CRM is both powerful and flexible. As it is a cloud-delivered product, it can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet connection — letting your team input sales and opportunity information, view activities, and more, in or out of the office. It includes all the standard CRM features like contact management, scheduling, etc., but its collaborative, operational, and analytical abilities set it apart from most of its competitors.

First, Workbooks CRM is built for collaborative teams. With included features like “queues” or group inboxes, powerful audit tracking, multiple databases (up to 5), document management, and many more, Workbooks can increase efficiency and visibility at an organization of any size.

Second, Workbooks provides end-to-end support for your sales and marketing teams. From lead, to opportunity, to sale, your team can manage each deal within a single system — billing and invoicing included!

Finally, Workbooks includes a wide variety of pre-built reports, or users can create their own reports or visualizations from within the system. Or, if preferred, Workbooks can export the CRM data into Excel via .xls or .csv

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(Last updated on 05/05/2016)

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