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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Woopra

Woopra made their Real-Time Customer Analytics software available to the public in 2009; prior to that, their customer experience analytics suite was invite-only. Since then, theirs has been a story of rapid growth tracking over 200,000 websites for over 5,000 customers. American Express Open Forum called it “one of the smartest web analytics tools.”

Woopra’s Real-Time Customer Analytics tools allow you to track more facets of your customer’s behavior than competing packages do. Many vendors allow you to track pageviews, events — mouseovers, clicks, etc. — but Woopra’s Real-Time Customer Analytics actually allow you to understand and engage with your customer, and should be thought of as a customer experience analytics tool rather than just ordinary customer tracking software. Real-time web analytics are good, but Woopra gives you the fine-grained customer data analytics that allow you to identify what they refer to as “conversion killers” on your site or sites. Knowing where your customers get stuck, where they linger, and where they appear to be lost as to what to do next is essential. Once you’ve identified these sticking points, you can set WebHooks to automate actions in response to what your customers are doing as they do it, with instant notifications for your team members. Woopra’s stated mission is “To help organizations put customer insight at the center of every decision.” Woopra’s reporting tools help you do just that. Behavioral profiles for every customer give you the ability to turn data into “actionable insight”. Woopra’s Funnel Reports help you to pinpoint where your customers hesitate or even quit, and then allow you to track the effect of the changes you make in response. Finally, Woopra’s retention reports let you know who’s coming back, and why or why not.

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