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About WooBoard

WooBoard offers companies of any size the opportunity to take an active role in employee recognition. WooBoard’s platform was designed specifically to be used within a team environment. Businesses looking for a customized solution to employee recognition value WooBoard’s functionality and responsiveness. Consistent employee recognition helps build loyalty, engagement and improved productivity.

WooBoard’s platform is unique in that it was designed specifically for use within organizations. Businesses implement WooBoard to communicate company victories (called “woos”) by individual team members or entire departments. WooBoard’s services are user friendly and accessible via web or mobile devices. Businesses are able to set up custom company values within the branded interface that are then applied to top performers as a means of instant, visible recognition. As a result, companies are able to boost employee morale and increase productivity. WooBoard allows employees and teams to create user profiles and exchange “woos” in a fashion similar to popular social media platforms. Selected WooBoard users with administrative privileges have access to their company’s culture snapshot, which evaluates the progression of company values over time and visually represents trends. This information provides insight into the performance of individuals and groups, simplifying the process of employee development.

WooBoard is an ideal employee recognition solution for businesses looking to improve employee engagement, better understand their unique corporate culture, and boost productivity. One of WooBoard’s customers, Jessica Trad at Azure Group, noticed a significant reduction in hierarchal barriers, which effectively enhanced the performance of her entire team. Many other satisfied companies note that WooBoard is a powerful method of encouraging employees while reinforcing core company values.

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