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About WebMedicPro

WebMedicPro is an electronic patient care reporting system that works on any operating system or device, including iPad, Android, PC, Mac, smartphones, and even e-readers like Kindle or Nook. WedMedicPro generates complete, real-time electronic patient care reports in a system optimized for a mobile environment but also usable on any device. WebMedicPro is natively built on the NEMSIS 3.0 data dictionary using stacked architecture and is synchronized through secured web services and communications protocols. WebMedicPro allows for organic creation, supports multiple instances and is completely integration-ready. Clients with monitors, CAD systems, and any other instrument or system can use the software.

WebMedicPro additionally offers the AmbuPad™, an all-in-one ePCR field instrument for medics. The ePCR device natively includes connected hardware, up-to-date software, an intuitive interface, and real-time data collection. All operating functions for the device are managed by WebMedicPro, eliminating the need for IT staff, paperwork processing, paper storage, capital expenses, maintenance fees, and cellular data service fees. The AmbuPad™ features a point-and-click interface, on-the-fly data validation, the ability to take and attach pictures and fax, portability, and long battery life. It is NEMSIS v3.3.4 compliant, operates on state-of-the-art mobile and web systems, consists of a data-ready device similar to a cell-phone, and enables private and secure cellular data communications. It also features a searchable NEMSIS¬†3 data dictionary. The device creates patient reports and documentation and expedites data submission and collection. It includes mobile fax capabilities for getting reports to hospitals and prescriptions to pharmacies.

WebMedicPro offers customization of forms, devices, and other features to adapt to an organization’s needs.

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